The 3rd “Attempt to Invade Japan” by a Leader in China, Revealed in “The Spiritual Message of Kublai Khan”

President Xi Jinping of China has been behaving outrageously in the East China and South China Seas. However, as revealed in the spiritual message of Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science, it has been revealed that the next leader of China will have been the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, Kublai Khan, in the past life, who had amassed the greatest territory ever and attempted to invade Japan twice. To prepare for the 3rd invasion, we will probe into this individual’s true personality.

China, as they clash with countries such as Vietnam and Philippines in the South China Sea, does not even try to hide their territorial ambitions and greed for resources. Who would have thought a few years back that China’s President Xi Jinping would be such a hard-liner.


Xi Jinping Was Genghis Khan in the Past

If we look back, wariness by the media, domestically and abroad, towards Mr. Xi before he became president, was low. Even Sankei Newspaper, which is usually critical regarding China, introduced him, saying, “(Mr. Xi) often borrows words from top leaders such as Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong, and his political style can be described as ‘cautious’ and ‘adaptive’.” (October 19th, 2010).

However, when Mr. Xi became Secretary-General, in December 2012, the Chinese violated international air space by flying over the Senkaku Islands, and insisted that the islands are “inherently Chinese territory.” In maritime territories, invasions by Chinese vessels have become the norm. In January of 2013, ships from the Chinese Navy pointed a firing radar (QUESTION: What’s a firing radar?)
toward a maritime self-defense force naval escort. China’s barbaric actions continue to be too numerous to mention.

It was Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science in his “Spiritual Message of Xi Jinping” of October, 2010,who saw through Mr. Xi before anyone and sounded an alarm. In it he revealed a “ferocious nature” that nobody had suspected, stating things like, “the Senkaku situation is just practice for shaking up Japan and America,” and, “the yellow race ought to come under Chinese rule.” He further revealed that he is the reincarnation of Genghis Khan, who established the Mongol Empire, and stated his ambition for world domination.

In 2012, when the identity of the next President after Mr. Xi became more certain, a second spiritual message was conducted. It was immediately after the nationalization of Japan’s Senkaku Islands. Massive anti-Japanese protests were held in China, but the spirit of Xi confessed that it was his doing.
In March of 2013, after Mr. Xi took office as President, he started an “anti-Japanese diplomacy” campaign, built the Ahn Jung-Geun Memorial Hall in Harbin as requested by President Park Geun-hye, and upon visiting Berlin stated that, “300,000 people were murdered (at the Nanking incident)”. His boldness exactly matches what was shown by the spiritual message.
The American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, also stated that, “Since President Xi Jinping, and the Chinese government has become more aggressive in displaying their power.” (May 9th, 2013 electronic edition).


The Next Leader Is Kublai Khan, Who “Invaded Japan”

Late April, the “spiritual message of Kublai Khan,” the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty and grandchild of Genghis who had amassed great territory, was conducted. The spirit of Kublai treated Mr. Xi as a small-timer, saying, “He’s a weak emperor.” He revealed that, as Japan’s strengthening of defense had come too late, “the three nations, China, Korea and America, are planning to make Japan surrender.”

As the session went on, it was hinted that the spirit of Kublai had reincarnated in modern China, and may be Hu Chunhua, who is the top leader in Guangdong and the front running candidate of post-Xi Jinping China

Hu Chunhua had worked in the Tibetan Autonomous Region for 23 years, and when Hu Jintao was appointed in Tibet before he was President, he supported the armed suppression of the Lhasa riot. Currently, his residence in in Guangdong is located where southern Song was before the unification of China by Kublai. Is this strange coincidence pointing to something?
Kublai of course is known for twice attempting to invade Japan, and the Mongol army had brutally murdered the elderly, children and women in Tsushima, Japan. The horror of the piercing of women’s hands then hung on the walls of the ship as human shields is well known.
If Hu Chunhua should successfully advance, then he will indeed be President in the spring of 2023, and this may mark the beginning of the “3rd Mongol invasion”. Japan and the rest of the world must prepare for this possibility now.
We asked Masaru Soma, who is familiar with China’s political situation, about who Hu Chunhua is.

The 3rd “Attempt to Invade Japan” by a Leader in China, Revealed in “The Spiritual Message of Kublai Khan”
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