The “New Global Strategy” of the Emperor of the Mongolian Empire Who Aspired for a Global Empire
"‘Kublai Khan's Spiritual Message' --On the Global Empire, Right to Collective Self-Defense, Article 9 of the Constitution"


What are spiritual messages?

“Spiritual messages” is a phenomenon wherein the words belonging to spirits from the spiritual realm are channeled down. The ability for this belongs to those with a high level of enlightenment, and it is different from “psychic phenomenon” (the phenomenon where one loses consciousness and enters a trance, and the spirit alone talks). Further, in cases of non-Japanese spirits, it is possible to send spiritual messages by selecting words out of the spiritual medium’s native language, and thus have them understood in Japanese. For more information→ What is Master Okawa’s super spiritual power, “spiritual messages”?


Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan, the first emperor of the Mongolian empire, and twice attempted a “Mongolian invasion” of Japan during the Kamakura era. His ambition of global conquest resembles those of China today.
When the spirit of Kublai was asked about the relationship between China and Japan and Japanese self-defense, a terrifying “global strategy” was revealed.


Japan Is Already No Longer an Independent Nation

The conjured spirit of Kublai stated that “Japan is less than a bug”, and that “Japan is no longer a nation. It has no choice but to become a part of America or China”, clearly identifying Japan as his enemy, perhaps due to his experience of being repelled by Japan during the Mongolian invasion.

The spirit of Kublai, who calls himself a god, declared in an authoritative attitude that “the whole world is mine” and that “China and America belong to me as well”. As a revenge for failing twice in the Mongolian invasion, he was reborn in America as President Roosevelt during World War 2, and also alluded to the fact that he planned to drop the atomic bomb on Japan twice.

The current security environment surrounding Japan is more pressing than it was during the Mongolian invasion or World War II. China has taken effective control of islands that are in dispute with the Philippines and Vietnam, and is targeting the Japanese territories of the Senkaku Islands and Okinawa. Japan’s main ally, the United States, has a large fraction of its treasury securities held by China, and is therefore hesitant to take a firm position against it.

In this context, the push for Japan to authorize its own right to collective self-defense and to amend article 9 of its Constitution should be a pressing concern. However, Kublai Khan’s spirit states that “there is a 3-nation plan underway by China, Korea, and the United States to make Japan surrender”, and laughed at Japan’s attempts to strengthen its national defense, comparing it to a cornered mouse scratching at a cat’s nose.


Kublai Is Born In Modern China

Towards the end of the spiritual message, an even more shocking truth was revealed. The spirit of Kublai declared that he is Yaweh of the Old Testament, and that he reigns over humanity through fear. Furthermore, having incarnated in modern China, Kublai revealed that he is targeting the post-Xi Jinping leadership position.

Happy Science’s spiritual investigation has revealed that Mr. Xi is the reincarnation of Genghis Khan. If we consider history, by Kublai’s generation, China will have expanded its plans for achieving hegemony, and it is quite possible that America and China would become allies.

The relationship between America and Japan should be maintained, but the idea that “Japan would be safe so long as it remains dependent on America” is naive. Japan ought to pit itself against Chinese hegemony, and must quickly change its focus to that of “defending one’s nation on its own”.

The “New Global Strategy” of the Emperor of the Mongolian Empire Who Aspired for a Global Empire
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