What America and Japan ought to do for the sake of the Prosperity of the Korean Peninsula
“"The Spiritual Message of King Gwanggaeto' --The Crisis and Future of the Korean Peninsula--"


What are spiritual messages?

“Spiritual messages” is a phenomenon wherein the words belonging to spirits from the spiritual realm are channeled down. The ability for this belongs to those with a high level of enlightenment, and it is different from “psychic phenomenon” (the phenomenon where one loses consciousness and enters a trance, and the spirit alone talks). Further, in cases of non-Japanese spirits, it is possible to send spiritual messages by selecting words out of the spiritual medium’s native language, and thus have them understood in Japanese. For more information→ What is Master Okawa’s super spiritual power, “spiritual messages”?


With US President Barack Obama’s visit to Korea imminent, Master Okawa called forth the spirit of Gwanggaeto, and inquired about the escalating crisis in the Korean Peninsula and about the spiritual background of Japan and Korea’s relationship.


The Reason Why the Korean Peninsula has been Split for so many Years

King Gwanggaeto was the 19th King of Goguryeo, who possessed the areas from the northern area of the Korean Peninsula to northeast China. Goguryeo experienced a golden age during King Gwanggaeto’s reign, and he is still today considered a hero in Korea. The spirit of King Gwanggaeto, speaking on the current situation where the north and south are still split, stated that “their nation frequently splits, as they have a tendency to be excessively boastful or self-deprecating, and are extreme in both directions”, and reflected that this is due to the fact that “they lack confidence in themselves and are unable to take responsibility.”

Furthermore, the spirit of King Gwanggaeto revealed a surprising truth about his past, saying that he had been born in Japan numerous times, notably as a renowned Japanese military official during the Russo-Japanese War. As he believed that “if Russia conquered the penninsula, then it would all be over”, he stated that he thought if their relationship with Japan was strengthened, that would lead to a better future for the Korean Peninsula. He also touched upon the spiritual situation of Japan and Korea, and stated that Korea lacks any original gods. The lack of confidence exhibited by the Koreans mentioned by the spirit of King Gwanggaeto may have roots in this spiritual background as well.


High Expectations toward Japan to Save the Korean Peninsula

The spirit of King Gwanggaeto also touched on the situation in North Korea, saying, “Chinese rule over North Korea would be highly undesirable”, and warned of the dangers from China. However, he did not have much hope in President Park Geun-hye of South Korea, and saw through her thoughts by pointing out that “she is afraid of the imminent invasion from (North Korea and China)”.

Concerning the abduction of Japanese by the North Koreans, he stated that it was ultimately due to “American indecisiveness,” and that President Obama’s appeasement strategy only buys time. Without the re-emergence of a strong America, it would not be possible to stand up to China.

However, when President Obama visited Korea, he stated that, “Japan’s use of comfort women is a significant violation of human rights”, sympathizing with President Park’s “anti-Japanese sentiment” which only served to widen the rift between Korea and Japan.

In this situation, Japan, which has historically supported and aided Korea, must take the leadership role. Resolution of the abduction issue, together with a strengthening of economic ties between Japan and America through the TPP is urgently called for.

What America and Japan ought to do for the sake of the Prosperity of the Korean Peninsula
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