“Russia’s Isolation Will Lead to Closer Ties Between Russia and China, and to the Revival of the Cold War”
"A New Message from the Guardian Spirit of President Putin"

President Obama, who will visit Japan on April 23rd, had his guardian spirit summoned, and on the day following when the spiritual message was recorded, the guardian spirit of President Putin of Russia appeared to Master Ryuho Okawa. He wished to discuss being called evil by President Obama for having annexed the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine.
This spiritual message is the second from Mr. Putin’s guardian spirit, the first occurring in March 2012. He was asked about the problem with the Ukraine, the situation in the Northern Territories, in the Korean Peninsula, diplomacy with China, and various international political issues.


What are spiritual messages?

“Spiritual messages” is a phenomenon wherein the words belonging to spirits from the spiritual realm are channeled down. The ability for this belongs to those with a high level of enlightenment, and is different from a “psychic phenomenon” (the phenomenon where one loses consciousness and enters a trance, and the spirit alone talks). Further,, in cases of non-Japanese spirits, it is possible to send spiritual messages by selecting words out of the spiritual medium’s native language, thus enabling communication in Japanese. For more information→ What is Master Okawa’s super spiritual power, “spiritual messages”?


What is a guardian spirit?

The human soul is, as a principle, composed of six entities, and one of these “soul siblings” in the spiritual realm acts as the guardian spirit. Thus, the guardian spirit is actually a part of one’s own soul. Therefore, the “spiritual message of the guardian spirit” comes through accessing a person’s subconscious, and its content can be thought of as that person’s true thoughts in the subconscious mind. →Read more


Sanctions Against Russia Causing Closer Ties Between China and Russia, and Revival of the Cold War

The date of this recording, April 18th, is coincidentally exactly one month after President Putin signed the treaty of the Crimea annexation. Russia has been criticized by the international community for sending in their military and forcibly annexing Crimea.

On the Ukrainian issue, the guardian spirit of President Putin stated, “that area is Russia’s backyard.” He insisted that annexing Crimea, which had became independent from Ukraine due to a referendum, is not a problem. He stated that Ukraine had been struggling economically and they sought help from Russia. He stated that America and the EU, because they cannot help Ukraine, ought not to intervene.

Currently, Western countries, especially the United States and Britain, have been heavily criticizing Russia’s incorporation of Crimea, and have brought forth tough sanctions such as prohibiting Russia from participating in the G8.

The guardian spirit of Putin asserted that if the West, and even Japan, would further threaten Russia, they would have to ally with China for economical reasons, even if that is not what they really want.

If Russia and China united, their nuclear missiles would outnumber America’s. “You should think about how would America — if both Russia and China, launched nuclear missiles — be able to fire back,” he stated. “It would mean going back to the state of cold war,” if not a global conflagration. Considering nuclear strategy and security issues, America’s advantage would largely be lost, he analyzed.

Such a scenario means shaking up the “Asian Pivot” strategy of America’s, from its roots. At the same time, the tension in East Asia would escalate. A close tie between China and Russia would be a terrible situation for Asian countries who are already weary of China’s aggression.


With Closer Ties Between Russia and China, Japan’s Diplomacy Issues All Get All Solved!

Japan must also keep pace with the West. But in order to hold back China’s military expansion, Japan should avoid putting hardline pressure on Russia.

Furthermore, economically, there are big merits for building a friendly relationship with Russia. And one must also examine the Northern Territory problem as well..

Regarding the Northern Territory issue, the guardian spirit of Mr. Putin stated, “If Japan invests several trillion yen (to the Far East area) then we would return the Northern Territories.” He even gave a concrete price range, saying, “We don’t intend to ask for more than the earthquake reconstruction is going to cost.” The reconstruction costs of the great earthquake have been calculated at about 23 trillion yen. It is a price that is well within the range of possibility if Japan pushed for investment in Russia from both the private and public sectors.

Additionally, the guardian spirit of Mr. Putin stated that to return the Northern Territories would show the world that Russia does not have territorial ambitions and also restrain Korea with their illegal occupation of Takeshima, and China who is claiming sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands.

He stated that, “If they were returned” since, “to have taken them in the aftermath of the war, was done in bad faith, then the Takeshima and Senkaku problems would suddenly start to move along, putting Korea and China in a difficult position internationally.” And if the relationship with Japan can be strengthened, then Russia would support Japan without disrupting the Japanese-U.S. alliance, and would protect Japan, he further opined.


Russia Will Keep Aggressive North Korea in Check

The guardian spirit of Putin also promised that Russia could help Japan with North Korea who often behaves in an aggressive manner and thinks nothing of kidnapping Japanese citizens.

He also revealed that the dispatch of troops to Crimea demonstrates to North Korea that, “We are good at both a ground war and blitzkrieg operation,” thereby strongly pressuring North Korea by example.

Putin’s guardian spirit went on to talk about the concerning the capsized ferry carrying many Korean student travelers and others.

He explained that it is possible that North Korea may be trying to ensnare South Korea into confusion. He stated that, “North Korea has small submarines. It is possible that they are carrying out military exercises. To make holes in the bottom of a ship could be done by North Korea.”

From the execution of Jang Sung-taek, to the shooting of missiles, to flying drones into Korea, North Korea and their aggressive behavior is, at best, unpredictable. He sees that the Korean Peninsula is fraught with tension.

From the abduction cases by North Korea, to nuclear development, the problems have remained unresolved. That is because China has been protecting North Korea.

However, that America has not imposed the same level of sanctions they placed on Iran is also part of the cause. That the previous Bush regime took North Korea off the list of nations assisting in terrorism was unbelievable to Japanese.

As they have relations with China as well, America’s influence over the North Korean situation is decreasing.

Rather than continuing to place trust in America, who apparently are not doing anything about the aggression of the North Koreans, even while they are stationed in Japan, it makes it much more attractive to forge better relations with Russia who will keep North Korea in check from behind.


America Is Protecting the Post-War “Occupation Order”

Japan is in disaccord with China and Korea over conflicting historical accounts from the war. Even America voiced disappointment for Prime Minister Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.

It was revealed in the spiritual message recording of the guardian spirit of President Obama, done on April 17th, that Obama sub-consciously believes that the Yasukuni Shrine, which is causing so many problems between Japan, China and Korea, should be destroyed.

The guardian spirit of Mr. Putin stated that, “Those who do not understand the importance of Yasukuni Shrine, do not have the right to talk about international politics,” and that it is common sense on an international level to respect those who gave up their lives for the sake of their country. He stated that, Japanese troops after World War II were branded “Class A war criminals” but in truth, “America is the war criminal.” He asked to examine if, “America’s Tokyo Raids and nuclear bombing were worse than Hitler.” He insisted strongly that America is the one who ought to reflect back on their historical perspective.

If the historical awareness of Japan is to progress, America would have to repent for the atomic bombings and air raids they conducted against Japan. Then America’s post-war order would break down.

However, the guardian spirit of Putin expressed suspicion against America’s seeming opinion that, “To protect the post-war order is justice.”

For instance, even as China is a permanent member of the Security Council, they invade surrounding countries and turn them into “autonomous zones.” He coolly analyzed that, “America says it wants to keep the post-war order, but they also preserve the invasions that took place after the war.”

When inquired about how Russia approved the Assad regime that massacred Syrian citizens, the guardian spirit of Mr. Putin asked, “If the American troops had gone in, do you think the Syrian people would not have died?” If the American troops had gone in, they would merely have implemented an air raid, resulting in further casualties among the Syrian people. He postured that after the Syrian incursion, America would then turn their attack to Iran, catapulting an unavoidable quagmire in the Middle East.


Putin: “While America Is Decreasing Its Military Budget, Japan Ought to Ally With India and Russia to Contain China”

At a time when America is declining to be the “world police,” and are decreasing their military budget, the guardian spirit of Putin points out that, “It is necessary for surrounding countries like India, Russia and Japan to work together.” The more countries there are to confront and contain China, the better. Especially as Russia can keep China in check from behind, and as they still export arms to China, it is good to strengthen their ties with Japan, to cut off their supply line.

As President Putin hold office until 2024 at the latest, he would make a good partner with whom to share mid and long-term strategies. To stop the expansion of the Chinese Communist Party, which can be viewed as modern Nazis, we should look to Putin’s tough ways.

The importance of Japanese-U.S. alliance will not change for Japan. However Japan must leave behind the era of blindly following and constantly looking for America’s approval. Even if America’s direction is different, Japan must establish good relations with Russia. It makes good economic and strategic sense..


The guardian spirit of Mr. Putin also touched upon the following points and talked about his thoughts on international politics.

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“Russia’s Isolation Will Lead to Closer Ties Between Russia and China, and to the Revival of the Cold War”
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