“We wish to have a peaceful relationship with China, a major purchaser of U.S. Government Bonds”

“We wish to have a peaceful relationship with China, a major purchaser of U.S. Government Bonds”

“A New Message from Barack Obama: Interviewing the Guardian Spirit of the President of the United States” Recorded on April 17th, 2014

With China setting up an Air Defense Identification Zone that includes the skies over the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa, and with President Park Geun of Korea continuing to condemn Japan over historical issues, tension is rising in Asia. Under these circumstances, American President Obama will arrive in Japan on the 23rd of April to join Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for the Japanese-US Summit. After that, President Obama plans to also visit Korea.
Right before his arrival, on April 17th, Master Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group recorded for the third time President Obama’s guardian spirit’s spiritual message. He inquired about his true thoughts on the goal of his Asian tour, on the international situation and other issues.

※Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science’s video of “A New Message from Barack Obama-Interviewing the Guardian Spirit of the President of the United States-” Will be available for viewing across the country and across the world at both temples and branches of Happy Science after April 18th. It will also be available in bookstores across the country shortly.


What are spiritual messages?

“Spiritual messages” are a phenomenon wherein the words belonging to spirits from the spiritual realm are channeled to those with a high level enlightenment. It is different from a “psychic phenomenon” (the phenomenon where one loses consciousness and enters a trance, and the spirit alone talks) because these are done consciously and in an aware state. Further, in cases of non-Japanese spirits, it is possible to send spiritual messages by selecting words out of the spiritual medium’s native language, and having them understood in Japanese. For more information→ What is Master Okawa’s super spiritual power, “spiritual messages”?


What is a guardian spirit?

The human soul is, as a principle, composed of six entities, and one of these “soul siblings” in the spiritual realm acts as the guardian spirit. That is, the guardian spirit is actually a part of one’s own soul. Therefore, the “spiritual message of the guardian spirit” comes through accessing a person’s subconscious, and its content can be thought of as that person’s true thoughts in the subconscious mind. →Read More


The Reason Why The United States Cannot Continue to Be the “World Police” Is Due to Budgetary Restraints

The guardian spirit of Obama answered the question regarding the purpose of his visit this time around stating, “It’s for finding a solution to the dispute between Japan and Korea, and the crisis of a possible Chinese invasion, while putting America’s dignity on the line.”
President Obama had announced, “America will stop being the world police. “However, he asked that people not misunderstand this to mean that America has abandoned the search for resolutions of world conflicts. He insisted that America as a superpower can solve every problem through dialogue.

He stated that America intends to protect Japan as an ally, but the problem is money. “Without a budget, no police officer can work effectively,” he said, and that “If you can lend us money, then we can fight against your enemy. This is what our negotiation will be about next week.” He asked Japan, with its wealth, to please help America.

According to President Obama’s real thoughts, America intends to assert its presence regarding resolution of world conflicts, but due to a lack of a sufficient budget to accomplish every need, the reality is they cannot continue to be the “world police.” Such statements in President Obama’s spiritual message, in which he says any problem can be solved through “dialogue” and “persuasion”, reveals his naiveté.


Prime Minister Abe Is a “Suspicious Character,” Somewhere Between Churchill and Hitler

President Xi Jinping of China has been calling Prime Minister Abe, “Hitler,” for visiting Yasukuni Shrine, or advancing the right to exercise collective self-defense, among other issues.
By spreading the word that Prime Minister Abe is advancing militarism, Jinping is apparently trying to justify China’s military expansion.
It remains unclear whether the guardian spirit of President Obama understands this situation, but he has judged Prime Minister Abe to be “suspicious,” and “someone who is somewhere between Churchill and Hitler.”
The guardian spirit of Obama wishes Prime Minister Abe to be “President Park’s servant,” and not incite Korea over historical issues, but rather to make an effort to be friendly with them.
The cause of the current rift between Japan and Korea is due to the fact that President Park had been advancing the “anti-Japanese” line since taking office, while continuously avoiding a summit meeting with Prime Minister Abe. President Obama’s statements seem to reflect his misunderstanding that the cause of the deteriorating relations between Japan and Korea is due to Prime Minister Abe’s conduct.


“We can only pray to God,” Concerning the Problems Relating to Terrorism and Foreign Affairs

We further asked the guardian spirit of President Obama about various other international affairs.
First he commented on President Putin of Russia, saying, “He is pure devil. He is destroying the order in which the world has enjoyed peace since the end of the Second World War.” Hitler arose from democracy, but Putin destroyed democracy, and so, according to Obama, Putin is even more dangerous than Hitler.
He also stressed the dangerous facts that not only is Russia a big country, but that they have over ten thousand nuclear missiles.

But then it would seem that China, with their annexation of other countries with different religions and ethnicities as “autonomous regions”, their increase of military expenditure by two digits annually, and their possession of various weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear missiles, is far more dangerous.

“China gives us money. They buy a lot of American government bonds, so it is of necessity to maintain peaceful relationships with them.”
The guardian spirit of Obama placed importance on the U.S. relationship with China due to their financial assistance. He further revealed his true thoughts by saying that if Japan irritates China too much they may stop buying American bonds, putting the Obama administration in an economically awkward position, and urged Prime Minister Abe to try not to say anything that would cause strife and to “stay out of the way.”
He expressed disapproval of Prime Minister Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, and even said that he wanted the Yasukuni Shrine to be destroyed.

On dealing with Islamic extremists, he stated that they could only pray to God, and hope in earnest that peace could be realized with minimum expenditure.

From how often the guardian spirit of President Obama kept bringing up the problem of money, the difficult financial situation of America became apparent.
At the same time, President Obama’s lack of insight into Asian affairs was also made clear.

On Mr. Putin’s annexation of Crimea, Western media has labeled it as a “new Cold War,” but the Ukraine problem is merely an economical problem. In the spiritual message of Mr. Putin’s guardian spirit published in 2012, Mr. Putin revealed his true thoughts, saying, “For the sake of Russia’s future, I think we should align closer to the structure of Japan, America and Europe.” He has no intention of increasing the tension with the countries in the west.

In the spiritual message of former British Prime Minister Churchill, recorded in March of this year, Churchill’s spirit stated that China is in fact the real threat, and that they might possibly start a military conflict in places like the Philippines or Vietnam where they wouldn’t directly agitate Japan and America.
It is necessary to share the awareness with Western countries that the real Cold War is not with Russia, but with China. In this way, regarding the negotiations for TPP, we’d have to go beyond mere financial interests and think about creating a strategy for economically laying siege against China.

America tends to get drawn into war when Democrats are in power. They must understand that America as a superpower must use their power if they are to lead the world to “peace”.


The spiritual message also touched upon the following points:

  • The direction of American journalism
  • Is the Linear Bullet Train, in which Japan is investing much in sales, going to be purchased?
  • Why Caroline Kennedy was made to be the diplomat in Japan
  • Mr. Snowden the ex-CIA operative exiled in Russia

  • Resolution of the North Korea problem
  • The stance on the issue of comfort women
  • Domestic issues, especially what to do with “Obamacare”
  • What President Obama wishes to accomplish in the final two years of his term, and his vision post-retirement
“We wish to have a peaceful relationship with China, a major purchaser of U.S. Government Bonds”
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