“The Purge of Jang Sung-Thaek”:
The Spiritual Message of Kim Jong-Un Comes to Fruition

Jang Sung-taek (67), Vice Chairman of the National Defense Commission, and the second most powerful figure in North Korea, was sentenced to death for treason and corruption, and was immediately executed in December.

At the trial, Jang Sung-Thaek was called “despicable human scum who was worse than a dog.” He was also blamed for bringing the economic upheaval triggered largely by the 2009 currency redenomination and condemned as a mastermind who mislead the public.

However it was impossible to advance an economic policy like redenomination without the approval of Kim Jong-Un, the First Secretary of the Worker’s Party of Korea. Obviously, Jang Sung- Thaek simply lost the power struggle.

Jang Sung-taek was the husband of Kim Kyong-hui, the younger sister of the late Kim Jong Il, and the step-uncle of Kim Jong-Un. He had strong connections with China. In recent years, he put emphasis on domestic economic reform through assuming military interests such as mine development. Regarding the missile launch at the end of 2012 and the closure of the Kaesong Industrial Park in the spring of 2013, he expressed disagreement with the military.

His words and actions apparently angered the military. Choe Ryong-hae, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission has now taken over Jang Sung- Thaek’s position as number two. Here on, the North Korean military will increase its influence and the dictatorship of emboldened Kim Jong-Un will be strengthened, leading to “military-first politics,” and a “reign of terror.”


Is the Outbreak of “The Second Korean War” Possible?

In the public spiritual message conducted by Master Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group in December of 2011, the guardian spirit of Kim Jong-Un mentioned his intention to purge Jang Sung- Thaek saying:

” It is important to establish my leadership. If he gets in my way, I will send a hatchet man to him (Jang Sung-Thaek).”

The forecast concerning North Korea has revealed another stunning fact. It was about the outbreak of the “Second Korean War.”

In February, 2013, Master Ryuho Okawa summoned forth the spirit of Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, and had him see through the future of North Korea. In the forecast, Cayce said in the near future there would be a military clash between the North and South Korean Armies near the Military Demarcation Line, including the exchange of mortar and missile fire from fighter jets and tanks.

When the guardian spirit of President Obama was summoned in November, 2008, he clearly stated that the U.S. will cease to act as the ‘worlds police’. In September, 2013, five years after this spiritual message was recorded, President Obama announced the same thing. Many other spiritual messages have also come to pass months and years after their original presentation in spiritual form.

After the purging of Jang Sung-taek, North Korea announced in the “Worker’s Newspaper”, the Korean Worker’s Party official news source (electronic edition)” that they will continue to “launch various satellites,” illustrating their commitment to a hard-line stance. The Korean Peninsula continues to be in a heightened state of tension.

However, do not forget that spiritual messages often serve as warnings to humanity. They do not always mean that the future is already fixed or predetermined. A bright future can be created and prophesies for the future changed if people today realize what is right and take action.

Japan, the U.S. and Korea must make every effort to avoid the “Second Korean War,” and liberate the people of North Korea so that a unified democratic country can be built in the Korean Peninsula. To this end it is necessary to bring down Kim Jong-Un’s regime as soon as possible.

“The Purge of Jang Sung-Thaek”:
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