Can a “Brain Dead” Woman Give Birth to a Baby?
It's Wrong to Believe that Death Occurs When the Brain Ceases to Function.

The AFPBB reported on November 14th that doctors at the University of Debrecen Medical Centre in Eastern Hungary announced a live birth to a brain-dead mother. The details were as follows.

A mother was declared brain-dead after she suffered a stroke in her 15th week of pregnancy. Three months later, she gave birth to a baby boy through Caesarean section.
“The baby was born in the 27th week of pregnancy. At the time, he weighed only around three pounds, but he was healthy. His family has been raising him at home ever since,” Bela Fulesdi, the president of Debrecen University’s medical science center told reporters. After doctors delivered the baby, four donors received the mother’s harvested organs.

Medical authorities have reported many cases regarding invalid patients such as that story about the brain-dead person. Specialists have been questioning the idea regarding whether hospital staff should label the brain dead as legally dead. For example, there has been a case in which a person who was declared brain dead lived for over ten years. In another example, a brain-dead child continued to grow and lived to over 20 years old.

To repeat Happy Science’s claim from The Liberty, it’s wrong to believe that death occurs when the brain ceases to function.

A human being is essentially a soul that dwells within a physical body. When a person dies, his or her soul returns to the other world and incarnates back into this world after a certain period of time.

Death occurs in humans when the soul leaves the body and the silver cords that link the soul and the body are broken, and it usually happens about 24 hours after the heart has stopped. A brain-dead person, whose heart is still beating, is not dead. Medical doctors have proven this point with several patient cases such as the ones mentioned above.

The desire to save sick people is praiseworthy, but when doctors remove organs from brain-dead patients, the souls of the ill experience agonizing pain and fear because they are still alive.

Despite the doctors’ noble intentions to rescue people, when they carry out organ transplants without spiritual knowledge, these same people commit grievous crimes.

The Internet audience has posted many comments about these news stories; several people have commented about how horrified they were. And good deals of other people have probably shared in their same feelings.

It’s difficult to regard a woman, who can deliver a baby, as “dead.” It’s natural for people to feel a kind of fear when they imagine doctors willing to remove organs from a woman who just had a baby.

Many scientists, including doctors, may deny the fact that humans are spiritual beings, but materialism is still wrong.

Heaven and hell exist as many religions all over the world have claimed. You would be arrogant to think that science, which has developed for the past 200 to 300 years, is right, and that everything, which science can’t prove, doesn’t exist. As long as you put too much faith in the rational mind, you’ll be increasingly unable to understand the true nature of the world.

Doctors need to study with humility about the truth of the spiritual world. If they continue to believe in materialism, they will never understand the dignity of the human soul in the truest sense.

Can a “Brain Dead” Woman Give Birth to a Baby?
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