What’s Behind President Park’s Pro-China Policy?
Her Policy Could Bring About a Dangerous Crisis in East Asia.

When South Korea’s first female president (Park Geun-hye) visited the U.S. in May, she received a warm welcome from U.S. President Obama. Her tour gave the appearance that relations between South Korea and the U.S. are good. In their discussions, the two heads of state agreed on the goal to make the Korean Peninsula nuclear-free. President Park also made a speech to the U.S. Congress.

After her trip to the U.S., President Park also visited China from the 27th of June, where the Chinese Head of State Xi Jinping and President Park staged a “Sino-Korean honeymoon”. It took the form of a “united stand” on historical issues between Korea and China and on the issue of the containment of Japan. During their conversations on the 28th, President Park requested Xi Jinping to commemorate the Korean freedom fighter, An Jung-geun, with the erection of a statue on the site of the assassination at Harbin Station. He became famous for his assassination of Ito Hirobumi, a man who served as Japan’s first prime minister.

What are the true intentions of President Park who’s hurrying to take a pro-China line and exclude Japan? For example, what was the meaning when she asked for “correct historical awareness” from Japan in the Korean / U.S. summit and hinted at cooperation between the U.S., China, and South Korea?

Even though unity between the democratic nations of the U.S., Japan, and South Korea is essential to solve the North Korean missile problem, there is a danger that the foreign policies of the Park administration, which promote a “Sino-Korean honeymoon”, could lead to a dangerous crisis in East Asia. Therefore, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of the Happy Science Group, summoned the spirit of An Jung-geun on the 29th of June for a public spiritual message. However, during the course of the conversation, none other than the guardian spirit of PresidentPark suddenly appeared. Her “true intentions” shocked the entire world (Note 1) (Note 2).

Note 1: These spiritual messages were channelled through Ryuho Okawa. However, please note that because of his high level of enlightenment, his way of receiving spiritual messages is fundamentally different from other psychic mediums that undergo trances and are completely taken over by the spirits they are channelling.

Each human soul is comprised up of six soul siblings, and one acts as a guardian spirit of the person living on earth. People living on earth are connected to their guardian spirits at their innermost subconscious level. They are a part of people’s very souls, and therefore, exact reflections of their thoughts and philosophies.

However, please note that these spiritual messages are the opinions of the individual spirits and may contradict the ideas and teachings of the Happy Science Group.

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What’s Behind President Park’s Pro-China Policy (Korean-language version)


Holding a Grudge Has Made It Impossible for the “Anti-Japanese Hero” to Return to Heaven

Modern South Koreans hail An Jung-geun, the executed assassin of Ito Hirobumi, as an “anti-Japanese hero”. On the other hand, however, the assassination he carried out resulted in the finalization of Japan’s movements to annex Korea. The summoned spirit of An suggested that he has not yet realized that he’s dead and is still wandering the earth. This is no doubt because of his deed that led to Korea’s destruction. An’s guardian spirit said, “I get the feeling that many people bear a grudge against me as I seem to hear a chorus of protestors coming out with ‘this country has suffered terribly because of you’.”

This spiritual message clearly demonstrates that the Korean mentality, which holds on to hatred for Japan and makes An a hero, is a path that leads to hell.


A “Secret Agreement” Was Made at the Sino-Korean Summit!?

At first, An’s spirit answered haltingly to the questions of his interviewer, but in the midst of the conversation, his awareness cleared and he started to talk about Marx and Nietzsche. The participants thought it was rather strange and ascertained that another spirit had drawn near and was whispering to An. The spirit, that in fact entered into An’s consciousness, and started to talk, was none other than the guardian spirit of President Park, who was on a visit to China at the time.

During those two days, President Park held a total of more than 7 hours of top-level talks with the Chinese. They agreed on denuclearizing North Korea and implementing a Sino-Korean FTA, and even went as far as the two heads of state, who are avowedly “anti-Japanese”, making promises to contain Japan. President Park’s guardian spirit spoke about the discussions with Xi Jinping below.

– What was your promise? With Xi Jinping?

Park Geun-hye’s guardian spirit (Herein after referred to as PGS): To be perfectly frank, measures against Abe.

– Specifically?

PGS: That we must absolutely and conclusively prevent Japan from rebuilding its strength and reviving its military. For the sake of this goal, I promised to form a de facto alliance with China and to do what China says if it keeps its promises to prevent Japan from invading us.

– You actually spoke about preparations to arrange a formal, military alliance with China?

PGS: This is a backroom deal rather than an open military alliance because it involves America’s prestige. Potential cases exist where the U.S. might actually protect us. South Korea still must to court both the U.S. and China at the same time.

– Did you make a backroom deal with China?

PGS: In economic terms, China is our number one trading partner, you see. A break with China would have a dire effect on the Korean economy.

– Do you think China is a free country or a totalitarian one?

PGS: I don’t really know because everyone has different values, but at any rate, it’s a country with a long history. The G2 era started, you know, with a Chinese leader’s visit to the U.S. for discussions. China is a free nation now. It’s clearly part of the West in economic terms.

– Then why did the Chinese government suppress the Nobel Prize winner (Liu Xiaobo)?

PGS: That’s a private affair, isn’t it?

President Park actually spoke about her secret agreement with Xi Jinping to contain Japan! She frequently expressed her vision of cooperation between the US, China, and Korea, and her aim to contain Japan.


After the Comfort Women Issue, They Played the An Jung-un Card

In its diplomatic relations with Japan, Korea has mainly tried to gain diplomatic advantage by raising the comfort women issue. However, this strategy is now wearing thin. In May, two Koreans, who claimed to be comfort women, promised to meet with Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, who had himself in quite the predicament over his declaration that “comfort women were necessary”. There was a faint possibility of Hashimoto apologizing in front of the cameras after the meeting, but the Koreans suddenly cancelled the meeting, and Hashimoto saved face.

Three days before the scheduled meeting, Master Ryuho Okawa interviewed the guardian spirits of the two “former comfort women” who had been due to meet with Hashimoto. The guardian spirits of both women revealed the truth about the comfort women issue, including that their testimonies were false. The Korean government had gathered the former comfort women together, paid them money, and required them to give their testimonies. This interview was published in a special edition of our magazine, which Happy Science members from all over Japan distributed in locations such as the South Korean Embassy in Tokyo. As a result, diplomatic channels abruptly cancelled the meeting between Hashimoto and the former comfort women.

However, once they saw the truth about the comfort women issue was likely to come out, the Koreans decided to play their next trump, An Jung-geun. In President Park’s spiritual message, her guardian spirit spoke as follows about how leaders broached the subject of a statue commemorating An Jung-geun at their summit meeting in order to venerate him as a symbol of opposition to Japan, and about how South Korea should fall into step with China and North Korea regarding their shared, anti-Japanese sentiments.

PGS: Because I’m such a genius, our next ploy is to oppose Japan while cooperating with China over An Jung-geun.

– Happy Science shot down the comfort women issue, and then you brought up the subject of An Jung-geun, didn’t you?

PGS: I thought up our next ploy. With this one, it’s possible that North Korea will eventually join in as well.
Why is President Park so scared of Japan? Her guardian spirit communicated the following.

– It was President Lee Myung-bak who made huge efforts to keep the U.S. from withdrawing from South Korea, wasn’t it? You could change everything in an instant if you showed that much leadership.

PGS: But I’m just desperately worried that Japan will someday come and take Takeshima.

– Please tell us your political philosophy.

PGS: I want to make it possible for the people who support me to survive. If I lose Takeshima, then I’ll be dismissed as president. I could become imprisoned or killed. I don’t want that island seized.

– Can you do anything to justify preventing the loss of Takeshima?

PGS: If China launches a full-scale attack on the Sentaku Islands, we won’t lose Takeshima. Japan will have its hands full dealing with China and the Sentaku islands. Japan and the U.S. will have their hands full, and that’ll keep us safe.
Koreans fear that Japan might acquire the defense capabilities to withstand China, and that, if Japan recaptures Takeshima, it might then go on to invade South Korea. South Korea’s extreme anti-Japanese stance stems from “anxiety” over its former colonial master.


“Of Course, We’ll Become Dependent Upon China.”

President Park is strengthening her pro-China line, but if we consider China’s avid military expansion and hegemony, then there’s the danger that the Chinese dictatorial system will eventually swallow up the Korean peninsula. When asked about such concerns, President Park’s guardian spirit came out with a stunning response.

– Either you could stop the U.S. from pulling out of Korea, or you could form an alliance with Japan. Unless you make such a choice, being swallowed up by a totalitarian state is the fate that awaits you. Can’t you see that the hostilities will begin with the Senkaku Islands, and that it’ll be your country next?

PGS: China is trying to take the Philippines and Vietnam, isn’t it? If China captures them, of course, it’ll seize South Korea as well. That’s why we’re trying to join the same economic bloc, isn’t it? After all, the whole of Korea has been a dependent on Chinese ever since the Joseon Dynasty.

– Are you trying to sell your own country?

PGS: Better to sell it than be conquered by Japan, isn’t it? You see, if Japan approves of Abe’s militarism, and it attacks North Korea, won’t South Korea be destroyed first in any event?
President Park’s guardian spirit seems to have nothing against South Korea degenerating into a Chinese dependency, but seems rather to see it as a normal course of human history.

We saw from the cases of Tibet and the Uighurs that countries, China has invaded, have become subjected to strict military governing and mass killings that have resembled ethnic cleansings, and that local traditional culture and the use of the local languages have been restricted. Han Chinese migrations have also ensured the complete dominance of Han Chinese culture in the seized lands. However, President Park’s guardian spirit claimed that the Chinese invasions have instead boosted modernization for people like the Uighurs.


Serve the “New Emperor” of China and Cut Ties With the U.S.

If, for the sake of argument, South Korea came under the sway of China, the people who have been leading Korea up until that point might experience a purge. President Park could actually be in danger, but her guardian spirit insists that she has foreseen it and she still wants to draw close to China in order to protect her own safety.

– Your decision will decide the fate of your country, won’t it?

PGS: If I have a hotline to China’s Xi Jinping, then even if North Korea tries to invade my country, I can stop it.

– Oh no, no, no. A single phone call might enable you to escape, but the citizens of South Korea that you leave behind will face tanks, arrests, and imprisonments. What are your thoughts?

PGS: After unification, I’ll return from China, and I’ll become the president of unified Korea.

For the guardian spirit of President Park to show such a strong inclination to serve China inevitably arouses suspicions about the spiritual background of her position.

The spiritual message also revealed the amazing truth that President Park’s guardian spirit in a past life was a person with a very close connection to Genghis Khan. According to Happy Science’s previous investigations, in a past life Xi Jinping was himself Genghis Khan, and the reading made clear that Xi has ambitions to build a new Great Chinese Empire. People say, “history repeats itself”, but human relationships repeat themselves, too, especially throughout courses of reincarnation. Thus, in this life too, President Park is strengthening her link with Genghis Khan.

Speaking of which, what will happen to the alliance with America if South Korea strengthens its relationship with China? We could hardly believe our ears when we heard the response from President Park’s guardian spirit to a question about the U.S. / Korea alliance.

– Why don’t you strengthen your military alliance with the U.S.?

PGS: You know, I just don’t like blacks. I’m a racist. I hate the Japanese, too. My father (former President Park Chung-hee) was killed when he wagged his tail for Japan.

– It’s a definite verbal blunder for the head of state to say “I just don’t like Obama”,, You formed a military alliance and are under the patronage of the U.S., don’t you see that point?

PGS: He won’t be president for much longer, will he? It doesn’t matter. Poor old America, it’s in decline, and soon it’ll all be over.

– You believe that it’s no longer American-style thinking that steers the world, and that the global tide is now in favor of China?

PGS: Well, after meeting the Chinese leader, didn’t Obama say that he’d reduce America’s nuclear weapons by a third? America’s already lost, hasn’t it?

– Well, the U.S. actually has 7,500 nuclear weapons. China only has 240. Reducing them by a third won’t have any particular overall effect, will it? That’s why he did it. What’s your opinion?

PGS: China isn’t the slightest bit scared of the death of 100 million Chinese, while America is terrified that 100 million Americans might die. China could win for this reason if they were to wage a nuclear war.

Instead of talking about state interests such as national defense, what came out of President Park’s mouth was prejudice against people of color. Instead of protecting the hard-earned values of freedom and democracy that the people of South Korea gained through hardship on their way to modernization, President Park articulated her desire to secure her own safety inside the Chinese Empire. These are her true colors as she draws closer to China’s Xi Jinping.


South Korea Is on the Road to Destruction

It’s essential that Japan, the U.S., and South Korea cooperate in handling the problem of North Korean nuclear missile development, and aim to dismantle North Korea’s political system. However, we can see that President Park hasn’t even noticed how dangerous the security environment surrounding her own country is, and that she’s taking the path of cozying up to the “historical suzerain state” of China in order to survive, a path that will lead her country to ruin. When we consider future relations with South Korea, the significance of the true intentions of President Park’s guardian spirit will be of tremendous importance for world peace.


In this spiritual message, new truths also surfaced along the following lines:

  • An Jung-geun’s ideological background.
  • The relationship between the circumstances of Ito Hirobumi’s assassination and the anti-Japanese mentality of the Koreans.
  • President Park’s view on the outcome of the battle for hegemony between the U.S. and China.
  • Her current relationship in the spirit world with her father, former President Park Chung-hee.
  • How President Park would deal with a North Korean invasion.
  • Whether South Korea intends to cooperate with China on the Senkaku Islands issue as well.
  • President Park’s shocking past life.

What’s Behind President Park’s Pro-China Policy?
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