A Warning From Einstein – Is It Right to Abandon Nuclear Power? (Part 1)
An extract of a report on a public, spiritual message [See note 1]

 Against the backdrop of a rising anti-nuclear movement around the world, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and president of the Happy Science Group, summoned the spirit of physicist Dr. Albert Einstein, the creator of the Theory of Relativity, the basis for nuclear power, to ask for his opinion with regard to the current trends in nuclear power policy.
The greatest physicist of the 20th century hollered at those who deny civilization with the anti-nuclear movement. An extract of the report follows.

[Note 1] Master Ryuho Okawa channelled these spiritual messages. However, please note that because of his high level of enlightenment, Master Okawa’s way of receiving spiritual messages is fundamentally different from other psychic mediums who undergo trances and are completely taken over by the spirits they are channeling.
Human souls are made up of six soul siblings. They act as the guardian spirits of people on earth. People, who are living on the earth, are connected to their guardian spirits at their innermost, subconscious level. They are a part of people’s very souls, and therefore, they are exact reflections of their thoughts and philosophies.
However, please note that these spiritual messages are the opinions of the individual spirits, and they may contradict the ideas or teachings of the Happy Science Group.

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The Future of Japan Depends Upon the Operation of Its Nuclear Power Plants.

Master Ryuho Okawa: I’m compelled to issue a warning on the danger of the possibility of not being aware of those people who are participating in the anti-nuclear movement. I’m unintentionally wondering if Japan is somehow just a cog in a giant global strategy.

Since the withdrawal of American military from their bases on Okinawan soil, China has been exercising dominance over Ishigaki-jima, the Senkaku Islands, and as far as the Philippines and Vietnam. As a result, the oil supply lines from the Gulf of Aqaba have become extremely dangerous. I believe Japan is making a big mistake if it thinks that it can allow its tankers to carry oil without a security escort.

With a comprehensive understanding of the issue, I am of the opinion that it could be extremely dangerous to set a national policy based on these anti-nuclear demonstrators. I’m of the view that there’s a lack of composure among them.

Given Japan’s absence of military strength and its limited ability to express its opinion to the world, the appraisal of Japan has slipped to somewhere between first and second rate. I feel that changes in nuclear policy may trigger its decline to a second or third-rate country. For this reason, I am convinced that the next Prime Minister should be someone who reintroduces nuclear power operations and who is able to deal with the problem of national defense.

* * * *


Japan Shouldn’t Be Unarmed When China and North Korea Threaten It.

―― Dr. Einstein, you are heralded as the father of nuclear power, what are your thoughts with regard to the anti-nuclear movement in Japan and this country’s future?

The Spirit of Albert Einstein (hereinafter, Einstein): I feel like old thoughts from Rousseau are resurrecting in your society.
I consider myself indebted to Japan, and as a person who prays with all his heart in order not to encounter misfortune again; I swear that I don’t want Japan to be at the cutting edge of something very bad. You’re in a position where you must respond to a missile attack from China or North Korea, aren’t you? Therefore, I can’t say that Japan should be unarmed.
Since accidents are an inherent characteristic of science, it’s very important to proceed with research and development so that they don’t happen. If the issue is how to deal with the problem of the spread of radiation, it’s important to conduct research into a method that’ll neutralize it. I imagine it’s necessary to take a proactive stance about it.


New Minerals From Outer Space Could Possibly Produce Energy.

―― Considering your point of view, I’d be interested to hear what you have to say about new sources of energy, beyond nuclear power, and possible alternative energies.

Einstein: H3O is it. When a heterogeneous substance like H3O is isolated, a huge amount of energy can be produced. A basic method exists wherein scientists can develop a way of extracting energy by changing the composition of the molecular structure.

At this stage, the easiest substance from which to extract energy is uranium, but I think there’s a high possibility that apart from it, there’ll be a shift towards hydrogen energy. However, hydrogen is vulnerable, and the risks run extremely high in the event of attacks from terrorists.

Next, I wonder if the number one aim of space exploration won’t be to discover a mineral that could become the source of some new type of energy.


Japan Must Develop Weapons That Have the Ability To Neutralize Nuclear Missiles.

―― I think that the abolition of nuclear power equates to the removal of the possibility of having nuclear weapons in the future, and this act would lead to the creation of a gap in terms of deterrence. I’d like to hear your opinion.

Einstein: If there’s a technological gap in a military sense, world history definitely shows that there could be no other consequence than to become a colony or to transform into a dependent state. If things continue as they are, it’s blindingly obvious that Japan will be doomed to be a dependent state. If it fails to wake up, and does not make use of nuclear missiles, Japan must develop weapons that can neutralize the nuclear weapons held by the other side. Although it’s very hard to admit, Japan is already in the same position as the native Americans that the whites ruled.

If the people of Japan choose to resist, they should consider the use of robotic forces for defense. As an alternative, Japan could create technologies to nullify the operations of the other side’s manmade satellites, and neutralize guided missiles from the ground as well as take out missiles even after they’ve been launched.

It’s better to prevent this prosperous country with an advanced civilization from easily perishing since it has an economy of scale.


China’s National Strategy Conceals Its ‘Savagery’.

―― We discovered that covert Chinese operatives participated in anti-American demonstrations such as the anti-Osprey protests and the anti-nuclear rallies and so on. I’d like to hear your comments if you have anything to say.

Einstein: Someone obviously planned them. Rather than an organization based on an official announcement from China, it’s as if the people wished to move things further along themselves.

China’s great national strategy is to change the global map of influence. Despite the Obama administration’s belated actions, China is creating issues like the Senkaku Islands dispute around the world in order to establish bases in various places as far afield as Africa and the Pacific islands. In the case of Europe, I have a feeling that China wants to dominate it if things go well. China wants to split up Europe and America, and it wants to split up Japan and America, doesn’t it? Barbarism lies in China’s way of thinking.

A country that kills millions of its own citizens and reports absolutely nothing factual – that kind of country with its absence of freedom of information cannot inspire a feeling of confidence. Therefore, one cannot trust that country since it does not allow its own citizens the right to know.

A Warning From Einstein – Is It Right to Abandon Nuclear Power? (Part 1)
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