Hold An Autonomous Nuclear Deterrence Capability!
~Times when the U.S. cannot guard Japan are coming~

The U.S. theorists who endorse Japan’s nuclear armament

Of course, the U.S. does not want Japan to hold nuclear weapons, considering its strategy to control the world. In that case, Japan needs to persuade the U.S, to agree with Japan’s nuclear armament, and there are two points for that. One is to claim that intentionally putting only Japan in an unfavorable and dangerous position is upsetting the balance of power in East Asia. Another is to claim that the U.S. policy that does not allow Japan, the only atom-bombed country, to arm with nuclear weapons is unfair, while it is tolerated in the one-party dictatorship countries around Japan.

In fact, the above-mentioned views were already stated by the U.S. theorists of the realist school, the mainstream faction of international politics, such as John Mearsheimer and Kenneth Waltz. I think that the U.S. scholars on international politics are pragmatic enough to have developed the theory, which endorses Japan’s nuclear armament. Therefore, what is needed is to just propose the theory to the people. I am unpopular in Japan as “a dangerous opinion maker who wants Japan to hold nuclear power”, but I am merely introducing the opinions of such famous U.S. scholars, not stating wild views. Please think about this issue calmly, and then you will sense that their views are right to the point.

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Hold An Autonomous Nuclear Deterrence Capability!
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