‘Aspirations for the Future World’
From Master Ryuho Okawa's Missionary Tour in Australia

From Master Ryuho Okawa’s Missionary Tour in Australia

Delivered on Oct 14, 2012 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre Bayside Auditorium

Master Ryuho Okawa, a world teacher in the highest sense of the word, gave a lecture titled ‘Aspirations for the Future World’ on Oct 14, 2012 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre Bayside Auditorium.

In the past twenty years, it is well known that each and every lecture has never been the same since Master Ryuho Okawa focuses on topics that will be sources for his audiences’ happiness and progress, especially when he travels overseas.

What did Master Okawa say about ‘aspirations’ to the Australian people who are sometimes regarded as friendly, but are at the same considered laid back?

The following is an extract from Master Okawa’s lecture.


If the countries that do not believe in God spread all over the world, it will mean that people will not want to have aspirations. This will make the world worse off.

So, You must change your minds.

If you are good person in the eyes of God, you will live in a good world during the next stage of your life. If you are living as a bad guy in this world now, meaning from the point of view of God, you should expect to suffer after you die on Earth..

If you live in this world for several more years or decades, please preciously maintain your lives. You have diamond-like hours. Don’t be lazy with your time. You can polish the diamond within you.

The next world should be built upon this spiritual truth.

We, Happy Science, have love in our teachings, it’s almost same as Christianity, but we also teach about enlightenment. It’s almost same as traditional Buddhism. We also agree Islam that Muhammad received revelation from heaven, because it’s the same way that I receive revelation from heaven.

The appearances of religions differ, but their origins are the same. Their ages, their districts, and their people’s culture differ, and the teachings themselves change over time, but the main concepts are the same; love, mercy, tolerance, and belief. We have the same teachings within our organization.

The people, who live in Australia and New Zealand, may be content with the mediocre level of the status quo, but I’ll tell you that in the near future, I mean within the next three hundred years, this country, Australia, will become the center of the world.

You need to increase your population more, of course, and most importantly you should enrich your culture, intellect, and the spiritual essentials within you. You must have something great to share with the people of the world.

Based on a spiritual view of humanity that teaches our souls belong to God, Master Ryuho Okawa stated that we share some responsibility for the world 300 years from now, in which Australia will be the center of civilization.

The audience gave Master Okawa a standing ovation, and the Q and A session, which was held after the lecture, was also very lively.

We believe that the seed of the Truth, sown on this day, will surely grow. It will open up a prosperous future for the Oceania region three centuries from now.


‘Aspirations for the Future World’
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