We Are Now Living in a Transitional Age for Our Civilization

This Q and A session was delivered on Oct 9, 2012 at General Headquarters of Happy Science.


I’d like to ask a question on a political issue, regarding the United States of America. It seems that the U.S. is wavering between the two positions concerning to international security and their role as the world’s policeman. One stance is that of the hard-liners, the traditional hawks who would like to keep America’s role as the world’s policeman; the other posture is a very soft approach that would prefer the U.S. military to retreat back to the mainland. My question is, “Why are they wavering from side to side without taking a stand?” Thank you.


Master’s answer:

1.Obama’s Past Incarnation and His Tendencies as the U.S. President

This is about war and peace. It is a big problem, and so it should be my theme for another lecture. I need a lot more time to teach about these things. I do recommend, however, our 2012 book, which was published in English; it’s the spiritual teachings of Montezuma and Quetzalcoatl. I originally penned it in Japanese in 2011. The book was translated from Japanese into English, and re-issued this year.

In the book, I wrote that King Montezuma of the old Aztec Empire – the last king of the Incan and Mayan people – said that he is the same soul as, or the past incarnation of, Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America. Montezuma was the last king; the Spanish destroyed the Mayan Empire as I noted in the book. So, Obama has karma from that time. He has love in his nature, but his love sometimes appears as weakness to those around him. Obama gives too much love to others, and he thinks too much of other people.

In this world, though, evil things, evil figures, or evil-possessed people sometimes exist; they were known as the colonizers or intruders at times in our recorded history. The Spanish people and the Caucasians have acted as the intruders throughout the past several hundred years. Montezuma was killed, and Aztecs were destroyed back then. Montezuma later reincarnated in America as a Native American spirit; at that time, the white Protestant Americans murdered him.

Now, Montezuma has become the President of the United States, and as Obama, he wants to save the poor and the weak, which was the starting point of Obama’s business as a lawyer. In contrast, his mental tendency favors saving people from being destroyed, without making greater goals, e.g. how to build a great nation, a great civilization, and how to counter evil intrusions by empires in order to create a balance of power and world peace.

That is to say, Obama is not concerned about how to create world peace and equilibrium between two great countries. He originally lacked these kinds of thoughts and attitude as Montezuma, because in the past he studied teachings that said to give away one’s Earthly life is a gesture welcomed by God.


2. We Are Now Living in a Transitional Age for Our Civilization

Christianity, for the last two thousand years, taught like that; to give away your worldly life to others was good. In the political history of western people, though, their actions have been quite different. They had another, different aspect. They sought after justice and the power of their empire or country, and they wanted to destroy or massacre the old-fashioned, religious people in Africa, Asia, and South America who were possibly possessed by spirits. They had such kind of tendencies in reality.

This is the difference between pure Christians and the people who emerged out of Christian countries as politicians such as those people who dealt with international politics, the international politicians and scholars. This is a big issue.

Why does Christianity have such a kind of crusader policy or thinking in it? They, of course, experienced the history of the crusades between Islamic and Christian countries. It may be their karma. From a bird’s eye point of view, however, I dare say that a time shift is now occurring as I noted in my 2012 book.

The Caucasians, or the white-colored people’s civilizations, are sinking; they are being submerged into the water we call history. There is also occurring a new power, the power of colored peoples. Whether it will be yellow or black is not certain, but the power of the colored peoples is now emerging.

One force is in China, another is in Japan, and yet another is found in the Islamic countries. The conclusion will be made by history itself, so I am unable to declare clearly and predict the future at this point in time. As you said, though, a shift in favor from the role of world’s policeman towards an isolationist attitude marks just such a transition between civilizations. Whatever or whichever civilization becomes the predominant one, and prevails, will make a new history on Earth. So, it is the time for a change.

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We Are Now Living in a Transitional Age for Our Civilization
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