We Are Now Living in a Transitional Age for Our Civilization

3. The Future of America Depends on Which Side Wins

The next U.S. presidential election will foretell the future of America. Republicans or Democrats, whichever party wins will slightly change the outcome. If the Republicans win, they will continue their policies that support America’s role as the world’s policeman.

If the Democrats win again, it will mean that the U.S. will decline for another four years. If this happens, Chinese power will increase tremendously. At that time, Japan can help the United States of America. In addition, whether or not the Japan-U.S. relationship can provide enough barriers against a unilaterally thinking country, an empire of evil tendencies, the new great China, depends on our will. We should not think too much about, or depend too much upon, United States policy. We should make up our own mind, and just protect the peace of Japan and our neighbors.


4. We Need to Prevent China’s Evil Ambitions by Cooperating with Other Asian Countries

First, we should prevent the evil tendencies or evil deeds of the, massive, expanding country – the red dragon, China by the dint of the Yamata-no-Orochi-like power of Japan and with the cooperation of other Asian countries’ forces. The next thing is down-to-earth power which we must have.

We do not have enough real power because of Article 9 and the Japanese doctrine that began with Prime Minister Yoshida. Our main political issue should be, “How can we change Article 9 of our Constitution?” It is the next problem. It may be challenging, because in Japan there are a lot of left-wing powers in the mass media and other pressure groups. It is extremely difficult. However, Happy Science and the Happiness Realization Party are ardently calling for the need for self-defense. The attitude of Japan will gradually change.


5. Economic Growth Itself is a Defensive Power

We must first provide for the decline in the military force of America because of its financial deficit. We must prosper by having a good economic policy, and develop further, because we have had no economic progress in the last 20 years. At the same time, China has attained eight times as much GDP as they had 20 years ago.

As you can see, economic growth in itself is a self-defense power. We need economic progress and an actual self-defense force – to assist the now declining power of the United States of America. Whether they are Republicans or Democrats, it doesn’t matter.

We should act for ourselves, and for the love of neighboring countries in East Asia. Our neighbors are depending on our self-defense power in the case of an emergency. To sum it up, stopping evil and spreading good is also the wish of God. Do not forget this.

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We Are Now Living in a Transitional Age for Our Civilization
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