A Taiwan Invasion Is Pure Madness
An Interview With Sheng Xue

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The Liberty interviewed a Chinese pro-democracy activist who has fled to Canada after the Tiananmen Square incident in June 1989 and has since been advocating for China’s democratization. We asked her view on current global affairs.


Canada-based Chinese Pro-Democracy Advocate

Sheng Xue


Sheng Xue escaped to Canada after the Tiananmen Square incident in June 1989. She has received numerous awards as a journalist and an author. She is a former representative of the Federation for a Democratic China (FDC), a global Chinese pro-democracy organization. Today, she serves as the Vice President of the FDC, Vice President of Canadian Coalition Against Communism and Manchukuo State Advisor.

――In January, Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), a China skeptic, was elected as Taiwan’s next president.

Mrs. Sheng: What Xi Jinping fears most is the development of democracy in Taiwan, which makes Xi Jinping feel desperate, and the result of this election is actually a victory for democracy.

All legal voters have the right to vote for the president. This choice shows that people care about Taiwan’s future and the entire international community. When people elect their local MPs, they care more about their own interests and daily life. This is why the DPP does not have a majority of the seats in Congress. There is also a third party, the Taiwan People’s Party, founded in 2019, which won 25% of the voters. This means young people are looking for change. That’s why I say that democracy is the real winner as a result of Taiwan’s election.


Chinese Communists Fear Taiwan’s Democracy. The Taiwanese Are Not Scared.

――I found a very interesting article in New York Times, which was written by Michael Beckley at AEI (American Enterprise Institute). He said in his article, “There is a belief that the United States can head off the possibility of Chinese aggression by voicing its opposition to Taiwanese independence. However, this time, Taiwan provokes China simply by being what it is: a prosperous and free society.”

Mrs. Sheng: If we look back from the ’90s until now, China has intervened in the election process from the beginning, not only this time. Why is that? Because the Chinese communists really fear democracy in Taiwan, not only its independence. So, they have threatened Taiwan very much and every time there’s an election, and from 1996 to 2024, after every election they couldn’t take any action. That’s why I said that Xi Jinping must be very hopeless, and very, very sad about the whole process because Taiwan is much more well-known to the whole world, not only by its name but also based on the perfection of its democracy. According to the Global Democracy Index report released by the British Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Taiwan’s democracy index continues to rank first in Asia.

The Chinese communists want to exert their power over Taiwan, but they are losing, and losing by a lot. Especially with concern to Taiwanese, they are not that scared anymore. I was in Taiwan from Jan 5th to the 15th, and I talked with young people. They said, “Well, it’s been the same situation for several decades, and whatever the Chinese government is doing, it doesn’t matter to us. We have our own lifestyle, we will choose our own leader, and we will continue our democracy.” So, this is the whole reality.


‘Tyranny Is the Backstage and Fortress of Terrorism’

We see that the United States has a much stronger relationship with Taiwan and a weakening relationship with China. Especially for the last few years, the U.S. has passed several bills in the legislature to ensure that Taiwan has been protected, especially this time – on the day before the election, the United States passed two bills. Of course, it was clearly to show the stance of the United States towards Taiwan.

In the past two years, the United States has simultaneously strengthened its relations with Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, and even Vietnam. This means that the United States realizes that it must take some more effective action in Asia to contain the Chinese Communist Party. Because of the events on September 11th, 2001, the United States has had a very strong policy against terrorism. However, terrorism is not there by itself alone, but supported by dictatorships.

So, in those subsequent years, I have said many times on different occasions, “When you want to fight terrorism, you must first fight against dictatorship and tyranny, because tyranny is the backstage and the fortress of terrorism.”

Now 23 years have passed. We have an even worse situation. Terrorism is still there, and at the same time, authoritarian tyranny poses the greatest threat and wreaks damage upon the world. Chinese communists are making much more trouble. The United States is losing its power in the Middle East and giving up. That is very sad. Why is that? Because the Chinese Communists are making much, much more progress in the Middle East. They even pretend to be the peacekeepers there, but of course, the CCP is doing the opposite.

Now the United States realizes it has made a big mistake since 9.11. The U.S. needs to have a long-term will, and that will must be to defeat communism and terrorism together.


The Cost of the Ukraine War and Israel-Hamas War: If US Fulfills Its Promise, China Cannot Invade Taiwan

――Some experts predict that Xi Jinping will invade Taiwan by 2027, which is the start of his fourth term, right? What are your thoughts?

Mrs. Sheng: The invasion of Taiwan is the dream of every CCP leader. If they ever could have invaded Taiwan, they would have done so a long time ago. Xi Jinping indeed is a very crazy one. He wants to establish his own power and he wants to establish power in the military, but let us review what he has actually been able to establish.

The Rocket Force was established by Xi Jinping in 2015. Commander Li Yuchao, deputy commander Liu Guangbin, and former deputy commander Zhang Zhenzhong have been dismissed following an investigation by the Central Military Commission’s Discipline Inspection Commission. Deputy Commander Wu Guohua died suddenly and mysteriously, and dozens of other generals are also under investigation.

I don’t think that Xi Jinping has the ability, even though he dreams of occupying Taiwan, he doesn’t have the ability. In an interview broadcast on CBS’s “60 Minutes” column on Sunday (September 18, 2022), US President Biden once again made it clear that the US military would defend Taiwan. The “Taiwan Policy Act” introduced by the United States in 2022 equates Taiwan to the status of a major non-NATO ally. It demonstrates the United States’ effort to promote Taiwan’s security, ensure regional security, and further deter the PRC from invading Taiwan.

The Taiwan Policy Act is the most comprehensive adjustment of U.S. policy toward Taiwan since the United States severed diplomatic relations with the Republic of China in 1979 and the Taiwan Relations Act came into effect. This bill has greatly improved U.S.-Taiwan relations in terms of diplomacy as well as military affairs, and has impacted other fields. I think this is a serious policy.

I believe Japan will take some action as well. Also, India… last year, the media reported that India was studying how to respond to a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Senior Indian officials said that if the CCP invades Taiwan, it will provide logistics for Taiwan and even open a second battlefield on the Sino-Indian border. The Chinese military will have to split into two parts to deal with the West and the South. So, I don’t think China has the ability. The only chance of invasion is if Xi Jinping is crazy enough.

The United States has pledged to assist Taiwan militarily, but now the United States is indeed encountering a lot of trouble. The Russia-Ukraine war has cost the United States a lot of money. Hamas raided Israel and triggered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the United States has been involved.

Now the United States must deal with the Houthi armed forces. In addition, North Korea frequently launches missiles, which threatens peace on the Korean Peninsula. If the CCP attacks Taiwan, in this case, whether the United States will have enough resources to respond is a question.

Of course, the whole world is facing a lot of trouble, and most of the trouble is now caused by the Chinese Communist Party, not only concerning Taiwan and in the South China Sea, but also in the Middle East and in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Without Xi Jinping’s commitment, I don’t think Putin would have launched an aggressive war against Ukraine.


China’s Economic and Political Decline Surrounded by ‘a Perfect Ring’

Thank God, it’s not too late. China’s economy is declining rapidly, and the global democratic camp has begun to guard against the CCP and decouple from it. This should slow China’s aggressive steps to support Russia and take military action against Taiwan or in the South China Sea. Moreover, the CCP has many action plans in the Middle East, and it will be more difficult for Xi Jinping to accomplish them now.

Once the CCP loses its ability to act radically, it will also face more severe movements for national and regional freedom and separatism. We have seen that areas around China including Southern Mongolia, East Turkestan, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Manchuria have movements to restore their national sovereignty. In addition, there is support from Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, India, and Taiwan. People can clearly see that these are 10 countries and regions, which surround China. This is a perfect ring surrounding China. What I call the “One Ring One Buckle” strategy is to connect the resistance movements and national restoration actions in these countries and regions surrounding China.

Overall, from Japan, Korea, Manchuria, Southern Mongolia, Mongolia, East Turkestan, India, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, I call it a ring. The Manchurian State Restoration Movement is the buckle that closes this ring. This ring will contain the CCP, and limit the CCP’s power to expand around the world. There is no doubt that this will make the CCP highly nervous and frightened.

We know that Xi Jinping has a global strategy called “One Belt One Road”. It is expanding the CCP’s political influence, and economically kidnapping and deeply penetrating many countries. We have the “One Ring One Buckle” strategy. All regions and countries in this ring should join forces and act together, which will effectively contain the CCP’s expansion into the world, and accelerate the CCP’s decline and collapse.


Restoration of the Coalition: Manchuria, South Mongolia, Eastern Turkestan, Tibet and Hong Kong

――In the Master Okawa’s book (untranslated), there is a spiritual message by Xi Jinping’s daughter, Xi Mingze. I can share a quote from Mingze’s spiritual message. She said “The linkage between Canada, United States, Britain, and Japan is the most fearful strategy for Xi Jinping.” Therefore, I think your point is really important. This encirclement of China is really strategically very, very important. How should you strengthen your strategy from now on?

Mrs. Sheng: Last June I attended a conference in South Korea, and I promoted the movement of the restoration of Manchuria. I imparted the idea for “One Ring One Buckle” because I have been thinking of how to defeat the Chinese Communists for decades. Look, every one of those areas: Manchuria, South Mongolia, Eastern Turkestan, Tibet, and Hong Kong all are occupied by the Chinese Communists. All regions are under the yoke of the Chinese Communist regime, and the resistance movements are still alive after decades.

We see that Tibetans in exile have a democratic government outside of Tibet and China, but still they cannot protect their people inside Tibet. That is very sad. Uyghur organizations are also very active outside of East Turkestan, and have greater and greater influence in the international community, but cannot protect the people in East Turkestan. There are millions of people that have been sent to the concentration camps, and the same situation is in Southern Mongolia, Manchuria, and now in Hong Kong.

So that’s why I said we need to have the state restorations of the coalition from Manchuria, South Mongolia, Eastern Turkestan, Tibet, and Hong Kong. Then we need to work in solidarity. We need to work together, and ask for the support and help from democratic countries like Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, India, and Taiwan.

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It’s Decision Time: Do You Stand for Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom, or Tyrannies of China?

Mrs. Sheng: I think it’s going to be a very powerful strategy that will make Xi Jinping sleepless because he will worry about how to deal with the situation. We, of course, will also have the support of United States, Canada, Australia, and European countries. This is the time for every country to choose which side to support. This is not like the situation in the 40s or 50s from the last century. At that time, people and countries were divided into winners and losers of the Second World War. But now, people need to choose if they stand for human rights, democracy, and freedom, or if they stand with the tyrannies of China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. So, this is very clear now. Of course, this is going to be the direction of the world.

Did you notice what Xi Jinping said when he was in San Francisco last November? “The earth is big enough for China and the United States to develop independently and jointly.” That meant he realized that he is not the one who can lead the direction of the world.

Before that, he always mentioned that humanity is facing a time of profound change, unprecedented in a century. Xi Jinping often said that the world should jointly build the “One Belt, One Road” initiative he had advocated, and build a community with a shared future for mankind, which was contigent upon the idea that he would be the leader of this trend and direct the whole world’s activites. However, what he said last November in San Francisco meant that he has realized that he couldn’t control the whole world just yet. He couldn’t do it. He decided to take a step back, and said “Okay, you are the leader of your world, and I am the ruler of my part.”

That was the dream of every Chinese leader, but Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin and Deng Xiaoping were much smarter than him. Xi Jinping was not born a smart person. So, he has shown the world what cards he has in his hand, and he has constantly displayed his ambition and arrogance. I think he has realized that, and so, he wanted to back up a little bit. He was asking Biden to give him some space, “Okay, you lead your world, and I will lead my world.” Of course, the whole world should not accept any tyranny.

This is a very important time that we need to work together to beat the Chinese communists. After Chinese Communism collapses, Russia won’t be able to hold out much longer. North Korea won’t be able to fight alone. Even Iran will soon give up because all of them have a lot of support from China.

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China’s Economic Growth Won’t End In a Democracy

――We know. However, western countries have weaknesses in terms of dependency on the economy of China.

Mrs. Sheng: Western countries are being too weak in their stance on China because there are so many people who still think and believe China will become a big country and a superpower. We know it’s beneficial for them to have a connection with China.

People should remember that in the ’90s, a lot of people said that the 21st century would be the Chinese century, but that turn of the century thinking ended. Probably for them, it was too short, too soon, but it was long enough for people who have been persecuted and who have been enslaved and who have been threatened, right? So, it was long enough.

People in Japan, Canada and the United States thought if they provided China with the opportunity to have economic development, China would probably make the eventual step toward the democratic world, but everybody was wrong because people didn’t understand the nature of the Chinese communism. It’s different from any party, from any other form of government.


The CCP Controls a ‘Cruel Colosseum’, Strips Fundamental Human Rights

That’s why you see after 30 or 40 years, democracy, human rights, and freedom have not been realized in China, and the human rights situation is 100 times worse than what it was back then. There are a lot of disasters in China, which not only result from persecution. I’m trying to get people to understand the changing of the nature of human beings in China, which is one of the most horrible things that’s happening right now. It’s the biggest disaster not only for Chinese people but for the whole world.

――What do you mean by a change in the nature of human beings?

Mrs. Sheng: People mutate who have lived under this kind of pressure for so long, the pressure of which is too heavy and becomes unbearable. When Chinese Communists started the so-called reform and opening, it was an attempt by the CCP to save its power. The CCP had no plans to reform the political system. Instead, the reform only freed up the hands and feet of the people, and allowed them to create wealth for the CCP regime. The CCP still maintained firm control of the thoughts, words, and actions of the people.

China’s political system is an autocratic tyranny, and its economic structure has become a distorted competition system, in which the CCP controls everything. People are driven into a colosseum where they must fight for survival resources and survival opportunities. Everyone is fighting for their own livelihood, and this cruel colosseum is controlled by the CCP, which wields power over life and death. They turn people against each other, and there is a life-and-death competition between everyone.

People have no freedom, no right to speak, no right to choose their beliefs, no benefits from the state, no protection, no sense of security, no ability to protect their own dignity, no ability to protect their children and the elderly, no ability to change their situation or environment, and are without the means to resist government violence.

At the same time, the branches of religious belief, media and public opinion spaces, social and cultural environments, and even people’s daily lives and entertainment are all occupied by the CCP’s ideology. Those who have faith, do good deeds, spread the truth, and resist tyranny are all suppressed by the authorities. People are taught harsh realities every day.


What Is ‘Common Crime and Mutual Harm’?

Mrs. Sheng: Some people have an advantage in such an environment. They know very well that their advantage comes from the power granted by the CCP, so they are only loyal to the CCP, otherwise they immediately lose their advantage and even their lives. Those at the bottom of society are hopelessly fighting for a chance to survive. The fierce competitive environment only allows them to deceive and harm their own kind. Chinese society has formed a structure of “common crime and mutual harm”.

“Common crime and mutual harm” is a concept that I proposed in a WeChat group lecture in 2014. I think this accurately describes the nature of Chinese society. Everyone is in this situation, and many people are gradually forced to lose their human nature. People have lost their morality, faith, kindness, mutual trust, rationality, gentleness, logic, and even their basic thinking ability and common sense.

We see more and more people who suffer in this way. I never pretend not to understand the whole situation. China has 1.4 billion people. How big is the number of mutated people? When the number of such people increases dramatically, they will change the world.

Since many people are experiencing brutal persecution from the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party, and many people are desperate for the survival and the future of their children, or are unhappy in one way or another, so many people are trying their best to escape from China. People come from China to any corner of the world that will accept them. People carry these identities, these traumas, and these mutated values with them to various parts of the world. This is a big challenge for the world. I think Japan, like many other countries, is going through the challenge of hosting such people right now.

More importantly, the CCP treats its people as a stockpile, especially as weapons. Under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, no one has freedom. All the will and plans of the CCP must be implemented by specific people. In particular, capable Chinese people have become the CCP’s most powerful weapons, including many overseas scholars, experts and influential people.


Founded In 2004, What is the Ten Dollar Project?

――You established a Ten Dollar Project in 2004.

Mrs. Sheng: Yes, this was a humanitarian relief project that I set up on Christmas Eve in 2004. At that time, four young people were sentenced to 8 to 10 years in prison for their words and good deeds. That year, my husband suffered from a brain tumor and was unable to work. My financial situation was very bad, and I could not afford to donate much.

During the Christmas Eve party at my home, I launched this humanitarian relief project. It meant that anyone willing to participate should donate 10 dollars per month. This was not too much for the average person, but when accumulated together, it would help the four young men and their families who were incarcerated. This humanitarian aid project was later expanded to provide donations to more and more prisoners of conscience, and its operations have been constantly improving to this day.

This project has a five-person board of directors. Each director is responsible for different tasks. The decision to donate to a recipient requires a vote by each director. It is a one-vote, veto system, that is, decisions must be passed unanimously. We have a website where all donor and recipient information is posted. People can choose to use a pseudonym. https://shiyuan.ca/


China Has No Independent Judicial System

――As you said, there are so many people who lack human rights in China. There are also people who really don’t have the right to receive a fair hearing in the judicial system. Can you give us any specific examples of people who have really gone through this set of circumstances?

Mrs. Sheng: In fact, since China does not have an independent judicial system and all aspects of the law are under the control of the CCP, the outcome of any case can be affected by the interests of the CCP or the preferences of specific officials. Cases involving freedom of speech, human rights, persecution, political issues, and other related fields will undoubtedly be directly interfered with and controlled by the CCP. So, cases in all these areas are examples.


Fear of Providing Humanitarian Support

Mrs. Sheng: Moreover, the scope of the CCP’s persecution is so huge that humanitarian relief is very difficult. We want to give more support to those who are trying to resist the CCP. We cannot let them fight alone.

People who are willing to provide humanitarian support now also have more to fear. Even in Canada, people are becoming increasingly cautious about participating in this humanitarian relief project. I guess the same is true in Japan, where people are trying their best to avoid being targeted by the Chinese Communist Party. People know very well that members of the Chinese Communist Party are everywhere. They are in our society.

The CCP employs many people to work for them. Many Chinese people living in democratic countries such as the United States, Canada, and Japan, although their bodies are in a democratic environment, their souls and hearts are not there. They are still controlled by fear from China. So, people don’t even dare to participate in such charitable actions, but that will change as more and more people realize that Xi Jinping’s power is waning.

――Hong Kong activist Ms. Chow fled to Canada. She almost declared asylum in Canada.

Mrs. Sheng: She actually kept silent for some time, and then she openly declared that she was not going back to Hong Kong, and she had decided to stay in Canada. Of course, this was the right decision because we have seen that the persecution in Hong Kong has just been getting worse and worse.

Jimmy Lai is probably going to serve a life sentence in prison. Chow Ting is a young girl and she doesn’t deserve to be put in that position. So, people are very happy for her because she made the decision to live abroad, and we hope more and more Hong Kongese will escape from persecution.

Canada accepts a lot of Hong Kongers. Canada has Hong Kong Pathways, which is an immigration program specially designed for Hong Kong people. They can obtain permanent residence in Canada by studying or working. As far as I know, refugee applications from Hong Kong will also be heard faster and are accepted easier. I even know of a friend of mine who has helped tens of Hong Kongers to apply for residence in Canada, and all of the cases have been successfully heard.


Sheng’s Impression of Japan: ‘Perfect Balance Between Western and Eastern Civilizations’

――What is your impression of Japan, and do you have any expectations for future Japanese national policy?

Mrs. Sheng: This is a very good question. I told my friend Taku that this is only my third time to come to Japan. The first time was in 2008, and the second time was in 2017. Even though I can’t come to Japan often, I love Japan very much. I think Japan is a country with a perfect balance between Western civilization and culture and Eastern civilization and culture.

We now see that Western democracies are exhibiting more and more problems. For example, in countries like the United States and Canada, the problems may relate to their cultural concepts of full freedom, their notions of a more expanded democratic framework with increasingly specific and detailed human rights protections, their social environment that encourages individuality where individual extreme speech and behavior are protected and even encouraged. Everything that is not prohibited by law is equivalent to being allowed. Many more aggressive individuals can extend their words and actions into public spaces. We see a lot of very arrogant and provocative behavior.

Therefore, people who are more cultivated, more self-disciplined, and more concerned about others must give up larger public spaces if they are unwilling to confront the behaviors. We are seeing more and more unbridled radical behavior in public spaces, and the opposite is true of civilizations and cultures on the other side of the world, which are more self-censored, more timid in their self-expression, and more susceptible to the mercy of power.


What Japan Needs Is a ‘Long-Term World Vision’ and Preparation to Take On Greater International Responsibilities

Mrs. Sheng:Japan is somewhere in the middle of the two situations. Japan has a complete system of freedom and democracy, as well as human rights protection and a complete welfare system. At the same time, Japan’s social environment is gentler, interpersonal relationships are more courteous, social life is more orderly, individuals have better public behavior, and the living environment is more convenient and cleaner. Vandalism of public facilities and objects are rare, whereas in the United States and Canada it is abundant. I think Japan is doing a great job. We need to promote Japan to the world, but Japan also needs a long-term will and a long-term world vision.

The structure of the international order after World War II was mainly dominated by the United Nations. The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council are the five founding members. They were the Allied Powers during World War II, that is, the five major victorious countries, namely the Republic of China, France, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and the United States. In 1971, the Communist Party of China replaced the Republic of China, and two of the five permanent members were communist tyrannies.

Since the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party of China are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and have veto power, this has made it almost impossible for the United Nations to do anything on many major issues for decades. Two of the five permanent members of the United Nations are autocratic tyrants. This is the biggest mistake of the international order after World War II, and has led to numerous long-lasting international problems. After World War II, Japan made significant contributions to the international community and the United Nations, but Japan has long been marginalized and ignored although the situation has improved in recent years.

I firmly believe that the United Nations needs reform. Perhaps Russia’s war in Ukraine will be a turning point in the realization that the structure of the United Nations needs to change. If Xi Jinping is crazy enough to launch an attack on Taiwan, then I think the United Nations cannot continue to function and must be rebuilt. Japan must be prepared to assume more international responsibilities. Japan should have more influence on the Korean Peninsula, in Northeast Asia, over Indo-Pacific strategy, and throughout all of Asia and in global affairs.


CCP Rule Leads to the Destruction of Morality and Numbing of Justice

――May I ask a final question which is related to a thing you mentioned? In China, why are 1.4 billion people somewhat fighting each other or opposing each other?

Mrs. Sheng: All policies of the CCP are based on the interests of the party, so there is no fairness at all. The rule of the CCP has turned Chinese society into a society that cracks down on good and promotes evil. People need to fight for each other’s resources, opportunities, jobs, and spaces for their own survival. It is a situation in which people are forced to be hostile to others. This is why we see so much fighting and a lot of harm in society.

Let’s look at the reality in China. If an old man falls, no one will dare to help. This is not an isolated case but a common phenomenon. There have been many cases where a child was hit by a car, and people have just passed by and watched. No one has helped the child.

Why is it this way? Because everyone has no sense of security, no protection, nothing is reliable, the law is deceptive, people don’t want to cause trouble, and people can only try their best to protect themselves. Entire societies are trapped in mutually hostile and hurtful relationships.

A normal society certainly has many altruistic people, but Chinese society is not normal. For example, Catholics, Christians, Buddhists, and Falun Gong practitioners have been brutally suppressed. There are many kind and altruistic people in these religious groups, but the CCP persecutes anyone who does not believe in the CCP. This is a textbook for society. Every day people see good people being persecuted and bad people being reused by the regime and getting better living conditions. Therefore, people gradually become numb and even start to do evil.

For example, in the Wenchuan earthquake, tens of thousands of children died in “rotten” construction projects caused by corruption, and those who spoke up for the children were also persecuted. There have been several school building collapses in the past two years, and many children have died. There have been all kinds of sudden accidents. People don’t know where the danger will come from, and they don’t know where the harm will come from. People cannot care about morality and altruism.

Chinese society is very sick. The reality is that when people live in this kind of situation for too long, people’s minds, their hearts, their thoughts, their perceptions, their actions and their words change a lot. People don’t trust each other. They see others as enemies. People will try to form a way to survive, and people will force out some techniques and skills in order to survive.

This attitude and way of life will follow people who leave China and go to other places. Therefore, they will use these skills even in safe and democratic environments. This is why we see people from China, even in democratic countries, who are deeply influenced and even controlled by the CCP, and have lost their ability to live freely and independently.

It might be better if people were to realize it, and then took the initiative to adjust. But if people don’t even realize that they have this attitude, they will continue to live on this way.

For example, there are about 1.8 million Chinese people in Canada, and there are probably more than 10,000 organizations established by Chinese people. Maybe only 0.1% of these kinds of groups or organizations are fighting for freedom and democracy in China. Most of them are pro-CCP. When people live with fear, even in a democratic environment, they are still controlled by the Chinese Communists.

A Taiwan Invasion Is Pure Madness
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