“Chinese Regime Tries to Divide US. We Fight Back With the Power of Unity”
Interview With Sheng Xue, Vice President of Canadian Coalition against Communism

As the Hong Kong protests continue, people worldwide are concerned that there will be a severe crack down on the protesters by the Chinese government, just like it did in Tiananmen Square 30 years ago.

Sheng Xue, the prominent Chinese activist and writer based in Canada, left China in 1989, soon after the Tiananmen massacre. Since then, she is known for her activism — leading protests, lobbying governments and helping fellow activists with their asylum cases.

She shared with us her recent activities in Canada and also her conviction behind them. (Interviewer: Mayumi Kobayashi)


Vice President of The Federation for a Democratic China
and Vice President of Canadian Coalition against Communism

Sheng Xue

Raised in Beijing and moved to Canada in 1989. After that, she has been working as a journalist, writer, and human rights activist. She has received numerous prestigious awards including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, a Canadian National Magazine Award and the Canadian Association of Journalists award for Investigative Journalism. At the same time, she continued to write, published several books, and wrote stage plays and poems. In 2016, she also won a poetry award.


The Movement of Coalition Against Communism

–What is your main focus in your activities right now?

I very much love to introduce our new organization called “Canadian Coalition Against Communism”. This coalition was established in December 2018, but I have been working on forming this kind of coalition for many years. I have always been hoping for more people to stay together in solidarity to fight against the Chinese Communist Regime, because it is the evilest power in the world.

–Who are the members of the Canadian Coalition Against Communism?

So far, we have seven organizations joining us;

One Free World International,
East Turkestan Association of Canada,
Association of Anti-Religious Persecution,
The Council for Human Rights in North Korea,
Students for a Free Tibet Canada,
Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada,
Federation for a Democratic China.

We are very successful in having a coalition and I look forward to have more communities join us.


People’s Unity Is the Strongest Force

–What is the secret of the successful coalition?

I was trying to express my ideal about forming a coalition to establish solidarity for many years. I started working with other communities soon after I arrived in Canada such as immigration communities from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe.

I began to support Tibetan community from March of 1993. For a Chinese, it was very sensitive to support Tibetans at that time. Therefore, for many years, I was the only Chinese who stood in the Tibetan protest crowd.

I have helped Uyghurs since Mid-1990s. This is completely intolerable by the Chinese Communist Party, so even until now most Chinese still do not dare to be together with Uyghurs. I have supported the Falun Gong community since May of 1999. This group soon became the most powerful group to expose the evils of the CCP after being persecuted. Building good relationships with different communities and organizations made us possible to nurture mutual trust.

I always believe in the value of solidarity for the people under the persecution of Chinese tyranny. Otherwise, we don’t have the chance to win. Because the Chinese Communist Party is so skilled to divide us. They divide many people into many different pieces. That’s why everyone is so alone in China.

Since we are in Canada, we have the chance, ability, and responsibility to work together. Each organization has its own goal but we need to overthrow the Chinese Communist regime first.

The Chinese Communist regime is combined with Fascism, Communism and Terrorism. It is the combination of the evilest ideologies. And it has the ability to use money to buy people, technology, and everything they need to expand their influence. We should not provide the chance for the Chinese regime to become more powerful.

–How do you visualize China after democratization? Who will be the leaders of the democratic China?

Firstly, we don’t need to worry about the leaders of the democratic society. Because when people have the rights to express their feelings freely, they can naturally choose who is good for them. Enjoying freedom is the nature of human beings and I believe people are very smart.

But the problem is, if Chinese Communist Party stays in power for any longer, the Chinese people will lose their ability to think freely by themselves and to act as human beings individually. In those situations, China will need great support from the international community to be reborn as democratic China.

Ms. Sheng Xue participated in Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture entitled “The Reason We Are Here” in October 6th in Toronto. After that, Master Okawa had a lecture “Master Okawa’s Answers to Canadian Activists” based on the messages and questions from Canadian activists including Ms. Sheng Xue.


Master Ryuho Okawa in Toronto and Anti Communist Activists【Happy Science Official】


More People Are Starting to Resist

–You attended Master Ryuho Okawa’s Toronto lecture. How did you feel about it?

I feel that he clearly sees the problem of the world and he has vision, justice, and courage in his heart. It was really touching. A lot of religious leaders try to avoid talking about political issues because they don’t want to make conflicts and they are afraid of losing followers. But Master Ryuho Okawa is above that. He is facing challenges and he tells the truth from his heart.

He predicted that the Chinese Communist Party will end in 10 years! I was very encouraged.
We hope to make it happen as soon as possible.

We have seen that in China, more and more people are awakening and begin to oppose the rule of the Chinese Communist Party. At the same time, many groups of different faiths are being severely persecuted and they begin to resist. In addition, Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians and many people of different ethnicities are beginning to resist.

Taiwan’s democracy is getting more mature and has become a great threat to the Chinese Communist Party. It was at this time that the Chinese Communist Party cracked down on Hong Kong and Hong Kong people have no choice but to resist. Hong Kong’s resistance has made the whole world see the brutality and shame of the Chinese Communist Party.

Of course, the role of the United States is indispensable. Japan in Asia should take on more responsibility. We have the chance now and it’s a turning point so we cannot miss it.


Love for the People in China

1.4 billion people are under control by the evilest party. In addition to the extreme brutality and evil of the Chinese Communist tyranny, it monopolizes human resources, opportunities, life methods and living abilities. Therefore, many people are being transformed into a new creature, who are losing the normal judgment of human beings. They don’t know what is right or wrong, what is good or evil, and what is beauty or ugliness. They lose their understanding of common sense.

China has almost one-sixth of the world’s total population. If we don’t work together to liberate the people from the evil tyranny, this world will be a very dangerous place. Why did I spend 30 years fighting for it? I love those people in China but they are suffering under the rule of tyranny. There are many good people living without dignity. I can’t give them up. This love drives me to work harder for the people there.

“Chinese Regime Tries to Divide US. We Fight Back With the Power of Unity”
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