Lockdown Instigated by Chinese Propaganda


The seemingly well-intentioned idea that the Covid-19 pandemic can be artificially controlled carries a danger of totalitarianism.


Many people instinctively felt that the restrictive Covid-19 policies were mistakes when their freedom was suddenly limited by the pandemic. However, to clearly articulate the wrongs in the policies are difficult, and many must have been frustrated from this.

The argument for lockdown (“state of emergency” in Japan) has divided the world in two. Those who resist the lockdowns are viewed as stubborn, anti-scientific, people, while those who limit social activities are moral and righteous.

However, there have been many papers that deny this argument. For instance, a study published by the U.S. Johns Hopkins University in February revealed that the mortality rate only decreased by 0.2 percent from the lockdown, suggesting its complete ineffectiveness. Meanwhile, it also created many other problems including the rise in the unemployment rate, the deterioration of the education system, increase in domestic abuse, destruction of democracy and the tremendous economic and social cost that it incurred.


Free Nations Continue to Implement Totalitarian Nation’s Policy

Why was the basic medical principle, which argues that human immunity can overcome diseases, overthrown by policies to artificially suppress infectious diseases in the first place?

This began with China’s “success story” of its lockdown in Jan. 2020 that stopped the spread of the pandemic. In addition to this, other measures including vaccine passports, vaccine requirements, mass PCR tests and quarantining, which were implemented with the help of pressure from the media—all of which trivialize human rights—were enforced by China and announced as achieving spectacular results.

The majority of the nations around the world did not necessarily believe that China’s policies were a success. However, these same nations did not think twice about implementing its policies for themselves. Even Australia, who strongly condemns China for its human rights issues, have used the totalitarian nation’s measures against its own citizens, even oppressing its protestors when they sought freedom.


More And More Governments Follow China’s Methods

Objectively speaking, the more a country “imports” China’s Covid-19 policies, the more their freedom is taken away and they are “China stained.” Master Okawa warned, “we must be careful of the incoming totalitarianism that will come disguised as an ‘emergency’”; we are facing this exact problem right now. No media reports this, but China’s skillful propaganda is the reason why the world followed President Xi Jinping’s policies.

WHO, which has many stakeholders with China, praised China’s policies on Jan. 30, 2020, when the world entered turmoil(*1). Bruce Aylward, a Senior Advisor to the Director-General of the WHO, has strongly supported a Covid-19 policy similar to China’s (*2), which led to the Australian nation adopting a Chinese model as well. The basis of the U.K. and New Zealand government’s Covid-19 measures (such as social distancing and school closures) were based on infection data from China.

A team led by Dr. Neil Ferguson, who has advocated for the necessity of a lockdown in the U.K. and has had influence over Japan, made a surprising prediction: “In total, in an unmitigated epidemic, we would predict approximately 510,000 deaths in GB.” This shifted the U.K. public opinion to support the lockdown. Dr. Ferguson later admitted that he received the inspiration of a lockdown from China, and brazenly proclaimed that the world should use China’s methods as a model.

Meanwhile, China has shared posts on social media that criticize nations such as Sweden for not implementing a lockdown, hammering down the idea that the world should emulate China.

Everyone was persuaded by Chinese propaganda to implement policies, even when they have no scientifically known results. As a result, the freedom that we have fought so hard to gain in the past has easily been violated, leading to the spread of China’s totalitarian policies.


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Desire to Control Citizens Similar to China

Increasing voices in free nations began stating that we should assume that everyone was a carrier of the virus, and thus extreme measures including a ban on going out was necessary to maintain social order. However, at the core, this idea is identical to that of Chinese leaders, and even similar in regard to the information control involving the media. People gradually became compliant with the government, and those who did not were excluded.

A British scientist admitted of instilling fear in their citizens through totalitarian means to change people’s behaviors regarding Covid-19 policies (*3). Similarly, politicians and scientists have attempted to control its citizens by using fear. However, this desire is dangerous, as its thought process is similar to Chinese dictator’s.


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Dangers of the Resurrection of Totalitarianism

From this perspective, it is obvious that the ghost of totalitarianism is taking over, disguised in the phrase, “state of emergency.”

None of China’s totalitarianism, communism, nor complete belief in science seeks for its people’s happiness; instead, it aims to control the people.

Originally, the core of medicine and politics was rooted in faith in God. People in these fields humbly reflected if they were leading the right life in God’s eyes, and if they were spreading happiness to others.

Belief in God and keeping a distance from fear will boost people’s immunity (faith immunity). That is the power that can battle the “Communist virus.”

(*1) WHO’s Emergency Committee has welcomed the Chinese government’s leadership and political involvement as well as its commitment to transparency, evaluating its goodness not only for China but for the world.
(*2) Mr. Aylward refused to respond about Taiwan’s joining of the WHO as he gave consideration to China.
(*3) “A State of Fear,” by Laura Dodsworth. This book explores the process in which fear is used as a weapon to implement Covid-19 countermeasures by conducting interviews with politicians, psychologists, scientists, government advisers and journalists.



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Lockdown Instigated by Chinese Propaganda
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