File020 The Frontline Base of Aliens in Our Solar System
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“Do aliens and UFOs actually exist?” That is a debate from the past. Mystery Watcher, Junko Torihara, brings her unique perspective to decrypt the great mysteries of the world that have been ignored even by the Japanese media.


Mystery Watcher

Junko Torihara

Junko Torihara was born in Kyoto, 1964. She authors UFO-related articles for The Liberty Web. She has had strong interests in UFOs and spiritual topics from a young age and has spotted UFOs on several occasions.

Three years have passed since the announcement of the U.S.-led Artemis program, which will conduct human spaceflights to the Moon in preparation for building a Moon base in 2028. The Artemis 1 moon rocket is scheduled to be launched this year.

Last December, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that Japan will put its first Japanese astronaut on the moon. Japan has already decided to participate in the Artemis program, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) started recruiting astronauts for the first time in 13 years. The excitement and anticipation for space is increasing day by day.


The Apollo Astronauts’ Frightening Experience

The Moon has been regarded as a taboo subject for nearly 50 years since 1972 when the Apollo program was canceled. The “official” reason for the cancellation is supposedly the enormous cost associated with the program, but that’s not why.

Prior to Project Apollo, unmanned probes such as the Lunar Orbiter had uncovered artifacts on the Moon’s surface. It seems that Project Apollo collected data on several fleets of UFOs, bright flash-like craters, dome fleets, multiple tunnels and more. Thus, the true aim of the project was to investigate alien traces, even envisioning encounters with space beings.

Furthermore, there is even a testimony of the aliens intercepting a ballistic missile when the U.S. conducted a secret test to launch a ballistic missile into the Moon to counter the Soviets (*1).

(*1)”Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge” by Steven M Greer

This is shocking enough, but astronauts who landed on the Moon had further “frightening” experiences — direct contact with aliens. Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa used his spiritual abilities to conduct a remote viewing of the dark side of the Moon, and a space being who knew the truth behind the cancellation of Project Apollo came forth (*2). According to the space being’s testimony, many astronauts went mad because the space beings used advanced technology to enter the human spirit and give them pseudo-experiences of human-eating aliens turning into humans. Out of unfathomable fear, they thought, “We can’t stay here long.” This is why Project Apollo was canceled.

(*2)”A Remote Viewing of the Dark Side of the Moon” (The original text is in Japanese. It has not been translated to English.) by Ryuho Okawa


There’s a Modern City of the Size of a Million People in Underground Mars

The ongoing Artemis project is proceeding with an exploration of Mars, besides the Moon, in scope. Master Okawa’s spiritual reading further revealed that Mars has a great underground city that can’t be compared to the Moon (*3).

The underground city on Mars is supposedly a near-futuristic city as large as that of a million-person populated-city, and it is reminiscent of Manhattan in New York and Amsterdam. Despite the city being underground, there is a bright artificial sun in a “sky” so vast that you won’t feel the ceiling. There are oceans and rivers, and many living creatures such as fish exist. R A. Goal, a space being that appeared in the spiritual reading, pointed out that Earthlings will also live on Mars in the 2100s. He suggested that these records will be useful for reference.

Pyramid-shaped structures were photographed on Venus and the dwarf planet Ceres. Images captured by the Voyager probe also show a large UFO sitting on the rings of Saturn. It’s only natural that the more advances we make into space, the more we can’t ignore the existence of extraterrestrial life. Area 51, a U.S. military base, and a top-secret base in China’s Gobi Desert have already been provided technology from aliens, and it was found that aliens, including malicious aliens that support China, have started to battle for space territory (*4).

(*3)”Marsー Dream Reading – Spiritual messages from R A. Goal -“(Recorded: February 17, 2021)
(*4)”CHINA’S SECRET MILITARY BASES”、 “The Interpretation of Dreams – Reading by Edgar Cayce”(Recorded: May 28, 2021)


NASA’s unmanned probe, Voyager, captured a UFO that appeared on Saturn’s rings (image from YouTube).

Japan’s landing on the Moon is bound to attract attention from various space forces. Japan’s ignorance for these things is inexcusable once it begins to get in contact with extraterrestrial life.

File020 The Frontline Base of Aliens in Our Solar System
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