‘Space War’ Remains Out of Sight: Earth Invasion Scheme Has Begun



A U.S. intelligence report, “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” has garnered attention.


According to a Pew Research Center survey from June, two out of three Americans believe in intelligent life beyond Earth — aliens. Some of these aliens have already come to Earth and have been found to be behind “natural” disasters, international conflicts and political movements, Master Ryuho Okawa’s spiritual power reveals.

We can no longer regard them as an occult. In late June, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a UFO report that attracted worldwide attention. It is a report in which the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF) analyzes cases of UFO encounters from various locations.

The following three points sum up the report:

  • 1. Of 144 reports, 143 remain unexplained.
  • 2. Some sightings appeared to “maneuver abruptly, or move at considerable speed, without discernable means of propulsion.”
  • 3. Potential explanations for the unidentified aerial phenomena include birds, balloons, U.S. government or industry developmental programs, foreign adversary systems or “other” explanations. For this category, the task force may require additional scientific knowledge or advances to analyze the phenomena.

Frankly, it appears that the Pentagon admits the existence of a life form with greater scientific and technology advances than human beings.


UFOs, From Sci-Fi to National Security

The reason why the U.S. government began serious discussions on UFOs was simple: unknown national security threats, far surpassing the technological capabilities of the U.S. military, were going in and out of territorial airspace.

This is a matter of serious concern. A few months ago, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa recorded a spiritual reading entitled, “The Interpretation of Dreams — Reading by Edgar Cayce.” The spirit of Edgar Cayce, a 20th century American prophet and psychic healer, conducted a dream reading for Master Okawa. The recording reveals that the coronavirus, wildfires, climate weapons, the ongoing decarbonization movement and antinuclear movement are works of malicious aliens as part of their invasion plan (a prelude to an invisible “space war”).

The following feature provides evidence that backs this claim. Whether you choose to believe it or not — that is (no longer) up to you. Gone are the days of endless discussions over the existence of space beings as the matter cannot be delayed any further.


Novel Coronavirus Was a Chinese Space Weapon

Think about this for a moment: how would you react if the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic is an alien-related phenomenon?

Aliens and infectious diseases are in actuality quite similar topics.

When Hernan Cortes of Spain overthrew the Aztec empire in the 16th century, it wasn’t the manpower of 600 soldiers that destroyed the indigenous society; it was the unintentional work of smallpox that they brought over.

In the 20th century, astronauts who landed on the moon on the Apollo 11 were quarantined for three weeks after returning from space. Concerns over the astronauts bringing back non-immune bacteria and viruses from outside of Earth were real “alien” issues in space exploration.

Master Okawa’s spiritual reading flashes the shadow of an alien that is hiding behind the coronavirus.


‘Zero Probability’ of Covid-19 Natural Occurrence

The Liberty has been repeatedly reporting that the coronavirus is a biological weapon that was created in China’s research facility. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for this claim:

1. A clear intent for biowarfare

About 20 years ago, China’s Minister of Defense gave a top-secret speech mentioning that they will utilize biological weapons in a war against the United States. An expert on the Chinese military, specifically in the field of biowarfare, pointed out that conditions for ideal pathogens of biological weapons are high toxicity, infection from person to person through airborne transmission and flexibility with environmental changes and transportation.

2. A discovery of the underlying virus

The coronavirus is a one-to-one match in the gene sequence of the E protein to the bat virus found by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) research team in Zhejiang Province between 2015 and 2017. Herein lies the foundation for weaponization.

3. Modifications that strengthen infectivity

The coronavirus has an amino acid sequence in the protruding part of the virus that can’t be created by natural mutation. Without this part, it is said that the infectivity to humans would not be so high. This is clear evidence that the virus is a man-made object.

4. The development of a racial virus

The PLA National Defense University’s Science of Military Strategy includes a section on new kinds of biological warfare per genes of specific ethnicities. In fact, the infection and aggravation rates of the coronavirus are high only in countries and regions that have a competitive relationship with China, including the U.S. and India. There are also studies that cite genetic differences as a factor to this geographical distribution.

These four claims point to a reasonable conclusion that the coronavirus is a biological weapon made in China.


‘Walked In’ Researcher Created Covid

Master Okawa conducted various spiritual examinations (References: “R.A. Goal’s Words for the Future,” “The Xi Jinping Thought Now,” etc.) to arrive at the conclusion that aliens were providing technology and support to Chinese researchers in the following process.

  • 1. First and foremost, it’s none other than China’s State Chairman Xi Jinping who made the final decision to confuse and contaminate the free world through the use of a virus weapon. A space being of the dark universe, who has invaded civilizations to create totalitarian nations in various parts of the universe, has “walked into” Mr. Xi. (Note: A “walk-in” is a type of possession where aliens who come to Earth as spirits take over the bodies of living people and control them as a spiritual entity.) This is how Mr. Xi came to embody a burning desire for expansionism and guile that is far exceeding the human realm.

  • 2. In the process of finding the base for a deadly virus, aliens walked into Chinese researchers and teams, “guiding” the discovery of viruses suitable for weapon-making.

    It is extremely difficult to create a virus from scratch that matches the PLA’s military strategy. It is certainly abnormal to discover the perfect underlying virus in this vast natural world in the span of a few years.

  • 3. It is said that China’s lab researchers were walked in during the virus modification process for large-scale transmissions to humans.

    In fact, even if scientists from each country were able to work out a “reverse engineering” method and explain how a particular modification led to a stronger infectivity, it’s a different story than inventing this method from a clean slate. Thomas Edison experimented with 20,000 different filament materials for light bulbs — the modification of the coronavirus is no less of an astronomical challenge. It’s probable that space beings “used” the researchers’ bodies to lead them to the solution.

  • 4. The ultimate factor is that the coronavirus is an ethnicity-segregated virus. To this day, it remains unclear the reason for the difference in infectivity between Europe, the U.S. and Asia. The technology surpasses that of a Nobel Prize. Regarding this issue, the alien who walked into Mr. Xi revealed that China’s technology was granted, per Master Okawa’s spiritual examination.

You may be wondering why aliens are providing logistical support to China. It is the same logic as the European powers that were supporting the Shogunate and Satsuma and the Choshu Domains at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan, in an attempt to colonize them as a foothold. These aliens are helping China dominate the Earth, to later take over our planet as a whole in a puppet-liked manner. Their motive is not only the water and natural resources on Earth, but also a desire to control the planet and design their own civilization.


The Plague Is Also ‘Alien’

The spiritual examinations revealed that the particular alien had actually caused historical pandemics on Earth — the Black Death, which broke out in medieval Europe and wiped out one-third of the population.

The plague is said to be the first biological weapon used in the history of mankind. The origin for the plague was fortress Kafa on the Crimean Peninsula. In 1347, the Mongolian army, which had spread its footprints to Europe at the time, surrounded Kafa. The army shot the bodies of dead soldiers who had fallen from the plague – which was already widespread in Asia – with a catapult, one after another, into the walls of the castle. The infection in Kafa caused rapid deaths, resulting in a mass panic. Many people scattered throughout Europe by boat, which is said to have further spread the infection.

The above-mentioned malicious aliens had an influence on the Yuan dynasty, particularly on Genghis Khan, the spiritual examination reveals. It is unknown whether the Yuan dynasty was aware of the fact, but it is certainly possible that aliens provided and spread the space-produced Yersinia pestis throughout Europe.

An additional piece is that most plagues, unlike the coronavirus, are transmitted via blood. In this way, plagues, in the case of the most common bubonic plagues, are similar to AIDS. It remains a mystery why diseases with these complex transmission routes spread at such a rapid rate. Later scholars hypothesize an infection route in which fleas suck human blood, then proceed to move around with mice and suck people’s blood elsewhere. The Black Death destroyed Europe in approximately two years, however, crossing the Alps from the Italian peninsula in just half a year and crossing the English Channel in another half a year.

Is this possible with a flea-mouse relay? The historical event is so unnatural that some scholars argue the Black Death was not a plague, but another bacterium.

There is also a record that a bronze ship was spreading something from the sky before the spread of the infection. Perhaps there were non-Earthly forces that were helping the spread of the plague.

According to the spiritual examinations, malicious aliens launched a bacterial attack on Europe to make people think that praying to God will not save them. Therefore, the intent was to destroy the Christian faith. Malicious aliens show a dislike for religion, just as the People’s Republic of China shows hostility toward religion.



California Wildfires, Arson From Space!?

There is a particular viewpoint where UFO watchers say it’s easy to find a UFO: the site of a natural disaster. It is well-known that UFO sightings are concentrated before and after hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and large earthquakes. There are various theories as to the reason, such as “weakening disasters,” “its suitability for Earth observation” and “they themselves are causing natural disasters.”

Here, we’d like to gather attention on the last theory.

Master Okawa’s spiritual examination reveals that malicious aliens aiming at Earth, along with China, already under their influence, are trying to weaken enemy countries’ national power by attacking them under the guise of natural disasters. Among these phenomena, the one that was particularly suspicious were the unusual wildfires that occur frequently in some areas (refer to: “The Interpretation of Dreams — Reading by Edgar Cayce”).

Last August, the worst wildfire in history broke out in California. In just seven days, an area as large as two cities of Tokyo was burnt. The fire spread to a total of three states, including Oregon and Washington. As of mid-September 2020, the disaster recorded the largest area ever burned, equaling more than nine times that of Tokyo. Smoke from the forest fire turned the sky orange, and the images and videos that spread globally were as if we were seeing the scenery of Mars.


11,000 Abnormal Lightning Strikes in 72 Hours

When you try to trace the cause of these wildfires, there are many strange elements.

The first element is how the fire first broke out. The wildfire was first caused by an abnormal lightning strike phenomena that occurred in the entire area. In mid-August, severe lightning strikes struck California. The number of occurrences were approximately 11,000 within the span of 72 hours. The series of lightning ignited dry forests and thickets, creating a total of 560 fires in a week. Rob Mayeda, a meteorologist with NBC News, says it is rare to see such lightning strikes and thunder in California.

The culprit that “brought over” this thunder was a storm that traveled at a high speed of approximately 35 to 40 miles per hour. This is extremely suspicious — does it not seem like an “alien’s weather weapon”?

Many aliens already possess the technology to manipulate the weather, according to Master Okawa’s spiritual examination. For example, creating clouds around UFOs to hide the spacecraft seems to be basic technology. If so, it’s not impossible that there were UFOs in the thundercloud that caused arsonous around California.


Is China Developing Meteorological Weapons With Space Technology?

There is also the possibility that China, which received technology from space, is the culprit. Meteorological warfare isn’t sci-fi or an urban legend. Weather weapons are realistic weapons that were banned from use by the United Nations’ Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD Convention) due to the U.S. military’s attempt to artificially create rain during the Vietnam War.

China has actively been developing weather modification technology.

The country sprayed chemical substances in the sky and made artificial rain to produce a blue sky at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There’s even a “Tianhe project” in which fine particles of silver iodide are sprinkled in the Tibetan sky upstream of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River to make it rain.

In December 2020, the State Council of the PRC announced that it would expand weather modification programs such as artificial rainfall in an area equivalent to 1.5 times the area of India by 2050.

Based on China’s thinking process thus far, it is not hard to imagine that they would try to weaponize this weather modification technology. Like a virus weapon, it’s a game changer that attacks and burns opponents out without being noticed.


A Mysterious ‘Heat Ray’ Captured by Satellite

The California wildfires had an even stranger phenomenon.

The weather satellites of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration captured that a huge laser beam was fired twice toward the fire zone in the evenings from September 7 to 9, when the fire spread to three states and raged. After irradiation, it appeared the fire spread further (from YouTube channel “dutchsinse” ).

The rays were captured by the satellites as infrared rays (reflected by atmospheric dust, steam and clouds). Perhaps it was a heat ray caused by invisible light, that was not seen by residents.

However, these rays were glowing from the sky (space?) hundreds of kilometers away, off the shores of California and an inland area of Oregon, without any loss of momentum. It’s almost terrifying, and if it is visible to the human eye, it would look like beams of light shot out by UFOs in sci-fi movies.

Yes, laser weapons and directed energy weapons are being developed by the U.S. military and others. These weapons, however, are at a stage of struggling to intercept missiles several kilometers away at most.

The huge rays of light radiated by the forest fire suggest the existence of technology that has jumped over it in many stages.

Furthermore, in order to generate that much energy, a power supply facility equivalent to one whole power plant is necessary. Flying such things over the U.S. sky without anyone noticing is impossible with Earth’s technology in the first place. It’s possible that a malicious alien shot down this beam.


Laser Weapon From Space?

Again, there’s a possibility that China, whose technology was provided by aliens, is the culprit.

What highlights the suspicion is a remote spiritual viewing conducted by Master Okawa in 2012. An unusual structure has been found in the Gobi Desert of China. Looking through the contents, there was a UFO base in the basement with an area as large as several Tokyo Domes. It turns out that aliens working with China are providing military technology to counter the U.S. The technology provided included ones that can attack the U.S. fleet from space and stealth technology that can’t be captured by radar. If this is the case, China has the capacity to launch high-power laser weapons from space over the U.S. without anyone noticing.

For what purpose did the aliens, or China, set off a fire in the mountains of California — which neither serves as a political function nor a military facility? We’ll get to that shortly.




A mysterious “pattern” found on Google Earth near the border between Gansu Province and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. A huge UFO base exists in this basement.


A Shocking Strategy to Weaken Earthly Residents — Revealed by Spiritual Examinations of Decarbonization and Anti-nuclear MovementM

First, you must weaken the opponent before attacking. This is a fundamental battle tactic.

However, the malicious aliens’ strategy to weaken residents of Earth, revealed by Master Okawa’s spiritual examinations, was far more sophisticated and clever than we had imagined. One move is to aggravate the decarbonization movement, dry up energy and collapse the civilization of developed countries (Reference: Spiritual Reading, “The Interpretation of Dreams — Reading by Edgar Cayce”).

The abnormal wildfires that we mentioned previously may have been targeting people on Earth to make us voluntarily advocate the global warming theory and creating a trend towards decarbonization. In fact, California wildfires have already become a global warming icon.

“If you are in denial about climate change, come to California,” says California Governor Gavin Newsom.


NHK Director in Japan Also ‘Walked In’


Japan public broadcast NHK Director Kentaro Yamashita produces the first episode, “Global Warming is Getting Out of Control: The Challenge of Decarbonization,” of a special feature titled “2030, a Turning Point for the Future” (2030 Mirai-he-no-Bunkitenn). Photo is taken from a video on the NHK official website.

The same walk-ins used to provide Covid-related technology is also being used to trigger fears about climate change. As pointed out in our April issue, Master Okawa’s spiritual examination reveals that a malicious alien is “walking in” to the NHK director (Reference: Spiritual Reading, “Zoroaster: How to Fight Against the God of Darkness in the Universe”).

In early 2021, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK featured a New Year’s special titled “Global Warming is Getting Out of Control: The Challenge of Decarbonization” (Note: direct translation from the official Japanese title). This program seems to have had a considerable impact on Japanese public opinion, but NHK’s program was full of false facts and information manipulation even from experts’ points of views. The content was far from scientific. The directors who created the feature are Kentaro Yamashita (pictured below) and Erika Tachibana. Mr. Yamashita in particular has been contributing to events that insist on the theory of global warming, treating the global warming issue as if it were his lifework.



‘Invisible Hand’ Reaches China-Greta Mediator


Earth Justice representative Abigail Dillen (from the Earth Justice homepage)

There are others who play an important role in the decarbonization movement — they may be the next target of malicious aliens if not already.

For example, we’ve already pointed out in the past that the Chinese government is working behind Greta Thunberg, a global icon of decarbonization (see “China Sets Traps With Decarbonization” ). China is aiming to reduce the national power of Western developed countries.

One of the bridging organizations that connect China’s plot to Ms. Thunberg is Earth Justice, an environmental protection law firm based in California, with additional offices in Washington D.C., New York and other places. The firm is one of the organizations that lobbied vigorously for Ms. Thunberg to give a speech at the United Nations. The reality is the pro-Chinese law firm also encourages the reduction and withdrawal of U.S. forces in Japan.

After a series of suspicious actions, the U.S. House of Representatives Natural Resources Commission has raised the possibility that the office may be an agent of the Chinese government. They have sent a letter to Earthjustice President Abigail Dillen to request a response.

Individuals and organizations such as Earth Justice who connect the Chinese government – under the influence of malicious aliens – with global environmental activists, will play a key role in the strategy to weaken the people of Earth. We must continue monitoring their activities.


Aiming for Earth’s ‘Bloodless Surrender’ in a World Without Nuclear Weapons

An additional finding from Master Okawa’s spiritual examination was that even malicious aliens, space beings who want to take over planet Earth, are afraid of being counterattacked by humans with nuclear weapons (Reference: Spiritual Reading, “The Interpretation of Dreams — Reading by Edgar Cayce”).

The spiritual examination points out that there is a suspicious event going on — an anti-nuclear movement that is advocating a world without nuclear weapons. Just a side note, it is already known that the Chinese government’s scheme network is behind this movement, as it aligns with China’s plan to reduce the U.S. and Russia’s nuclear weapons.

In October 2009, it was decided that U.S. President Barack Obama was to win the Nobel Peace Prize for advocating a world without nuclear weapons. This decision came at an unusually rapid rate, only nine months since the Obama administration took office. Later on, Mr. Obama tried to streamline the defense budget, only for China to do the opposite. As the U.S. military became leaner, China pushed forth with military expansion — especially increasing the power of nuclear weapons. It was as if things rolled in favor of China by coincidence, but Master Okawa’s spiritual examination reveals that the Chinese government had Mr. Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize (Reference: Book, “The Xi Jinping Thought Now”).

In 2010 when Chinese democratic activist Liu Xiaobo received the Nobel Peace Prize, the Chinese government exerted intense pressure on the Nobel Committee through Norwegian politics to sabotage the award, Geir Lundestad’s “The World’s Most Prestigious Prize” uncovered. His book is one amongst others to uncover China’s behind-the-scenes scheme.

It’s not too difficult to imagine that China set up the Obama Peace Prize using pro-China Norwegians. We need to prepare under the assumption that China, or malicious aliens, have already reached this territory.


Nuclear Abolition Organizations Cooperate With Soka Gakkai (SGI) Around the Globe


ICAN Secretary General Beatrice Finn (from Wikipedia)

Another concern is the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), a nongovernmental organization, that also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. The organization has a close relation with a Japanese religious organization Soka Gakkai, the primary guide for establishing Japan-China diplomatic relations.

Beatrice Finn, the secretary general of ICAN (pictured below), visited Japan —the only country in the world to be bombed by a nuclear weapon— for the first time in January 2018, the next year after receiving the Peace Prize. Ms. Finn stayed for about a week, giving lectures in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

During such a tight schedule, Ms. Finn visited the Soka Gakkai General Headquarters. She met with SGI executives, an international organization of Soka Gakkai. Ms. Finn claims that SGI is an important partner who have been sharing hardships since the birth of ICAN, and that she has met with numerous SGI members wherever she visited. She thanked SGI and mentioned how she has been developing anti-nuclear movement campaigns in cooperation with SGI all over the world.

Although SGI is only one of the forerunners of China’s strategy to weaken the U.S. military’s nuclear forces around the world, this might be a convenience for malicious aliens.


‘Savior-class Aliens’ Responsible for Defending Earth, Out of Sight From Humankind

Behind major natural disasters, international conflicts and political movements, events that may turn the tides of humankind, therein exists the scheme of malicious aliens. More caution is needed, especially regarding the expansion of China’s hegemony and China’s manipulation of public opinion around the world.

There may be concerns that the fate of the Earth is desperate under the target of malicious aliens, with advanced science and technology. The good news is, we’re not one-sidedly attacked.

According to Master Okawa’s spiritual examinations, there are countless aliens who are coming to protect Earth. The Galactic Federation monitors and defends this planet every day, and “savior-class aliens,” R.A. Goal, Metatron and Yaidron, respectfully interconnected with Buddha, Jesus and Moses, among other figures, have been protecting Earth since ancient times. Not only do they possess advanced science and technology, but also advanced enlightenment (higher level of understanding of the universe) and spiritual power. In fact, these savior-class aliens have repelled malicious alien forces many times in other galaxies. Earth has been attempted to be invaded many times in the past, but these savior-class aliens have fought for the God of the Earth and protected this planet each time.

These existences do not show themselves to the human eye because there is a “space agreement” that outlines the following principle: we shall not intervene in the civilizations of other stars. They are responsible for defending Earth with a tolerable range that does not deviate significantly from the agreement. To this day, various approaches are being taken to eliminate the influence of malicious aliens — out of our sight. Malicious aliens also have no choice but to extend “invisible hands” behind the scenes for this reason: the agreement and the deterrent power of defending aliens.

If the residents of the Earth are overtaken with the same values of malicious aliens, being scientism and totalitarianism, if we take their side, the defense savior-class aliens can’t protect us anymore. This is just what malicious aliens are aiming for. Humankind should try not to give in. We must be prepared to accept our “space brothers.”



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‘Space War’ Remains Out of Sight: Earth Invasion Scheme Has Begun
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