Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan Was Predicted Since Biden Victory
Space Being Yaidron Speaks on Today's Earth

Global affairs, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, have been destabilized since President Biden took office. In recent days, the Taliban took immediate control of Afghanistan. It must not be forgotten that Myanmar’s military coup took place in February. The world is straying away into the opposite direction of democratization.

Amid these trends, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa recorded a spiritual recording of a space being known as “Yaidron,” in a recording titled, “The Spiritual Message of Yaidron: How to Prevent the Fall of the World”. Yaidron is a space being that is responsible for protecting El Cantare, who has currently descended on Earth as Master Okawa. This space being has lived through Earth’s history as well as through the rise and fall of her countless civilizations.

Yaidron’s spiritual message captured the current state of confusion on Earth from a literal “universal” perspective, and it exposed China’s plot that is looming behind the stage.


Taliban Takeover Had Been Predicted

As U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban seized control of the Afghanistan capital Kabul. The possibility of persecution of the people who helped the U.S. is now starting to increase.

“Of possible outcomes that have been predicted since last year’s presidential election, things are moving at the lowermost end of the spectrum. You shouldn’t regard it as a coincidence,” Yaidron said. He pointed out Biden’s appeasement policy, adding that “The reality is, the world will become increasingly divided.”

Yaidron raised two points behind the Taliban’s temerity: for one, they have the support of China’s military logistics; two, Russia is siding with the Taliban as their “guarantor.” Moreover, Myanmar’s military coup and the Taliban uprising in Afghanistan have begun a chain reaction to destroy the system of democracy through military dictatorships, according to Yaidron.

“A world war is currently ongoing,” Yaidron said. According to Yaidron, it is a battle of superiority over which is the most effective: the movement for democratic values that the U.S. and Europe upholds, versus the efficiency of a communistic, uniform control.

Iran, who is currently receiving U.S. sanctions, resumed fuel exports to Afghanistan. The prime minister of Pakistan is also welcoming the Taliban, as key players of Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative have joined hands. The issue is dependent on the extent that other countries beside Iran will be a part of this movement, including Africa and Southeast Asia, according to Yaidron.

The Aim of the ‘Flip-Side Universe’ Is to Convince That China is the Most Advanced Country

China is backed by evil-natured space beings from the flip-side universe who extend inspiration to China’s leadership and plans on ruling Earth, according to Yaidron. Their end game is to allow pro-China countries to prosper, while those who took anti-China stances will be left to perish.

“China is the world’s most advanced country; they can overcome the coronavirus; furthermore, they possess top-class technology and enough economic power and military strength to save the world.”

This is the narrative that the malicious space beings behind China want to tell, Yaidron pointed out. On top of this, he says the evil force plans on engulfing Islamic countries. Here’s the blueprint: China will target the fragility of the Islamic belief system and turn Islamic countries into materialistic nations built upon equality, before pulling them into their web.


Countries That Don’t Protect Themselves…

“American troops cannot and should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that Afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves,” said President Biden in August regarding the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Certainly, before the 2020 presidential election, Mr. Biden’s guardian spirit made the following comment: “There is no reason for American troops to threaten Beijing and order them to ‘Return the Senkaku Islands’ if Japan won’t fight for the islands out of fear for friction with China.”

After noting these comments, Yaidron raised the possibility for Japan being the new U.S.-China battlefield. China aims for the U.S. to make a retreat to Hawaii; in such a case, Yaidron believes that Japan will face the threat of invasion from either China or Russia, or both for that matter.

Further, there are many Japanese factories in China to this day.

“If the U.S.-Japan alliance conducted joint operations, all Japanese automobile factories in China would be confiscated. Everything will belong under China’s ownership, so [Japan] won’t be able to use them,” Yaidron warned.

While Japanese firms are making an exodus from China into Southeast Asia, China is setting up a trap to compel these firms to think otherwise. This includes intentionally spreading the coronavirus in Southeast Asia or causing a military coup that would urge Japanese firms to exit from Southeast Asian countries.

“Up until this point, everything has moved the way it had been anticipated,” Yaidron said.


The State of Affairs on Earth From This Point On

With all that was said, Yaidron declared that he plans on bringing down China. China is planning to conquer the world, but it is expected that China’s economy will collapse when the fronts are fully extended after advancing into various countries, Yaidron said. At the same time, there are hopes that Jewish capital in the U.S. will strike back and regain economic leadership from Chinese capital.

Yaidron said that it is important to continue sending strong opinions from Japan, such as to save Hong Kong and Taiwan, and to save Myanmar from the military coup.

“An American president that is far too ‘Japanese,’ that is, Biden, is trying to alter the course of history yet again. We must raise awareness among Americans. It means that Japan must send a strong message on what actions the U.S. should take,” Yaidron said.

The following points have also been covered in the spiritual reading:

  • What about Donald Trump was Xi Jinping so afraid of?
  • Will the India’s encirclement by China be completed?
  • How are the flip-side universe beings pulling the strings behind the scenes?
  • The reason why Islam gets caught up in China’s trouble
  • In what way can the political situation in Japan impact the world?
  • What is China’s weakness?
  • Why does “evil” exist in this world?
  • What is the situation in the Islamic spiritual world that is not particularly monolithic?

This article only introduces a portion of the spiritual reading. If you’d like to watch the complete recording, please visit the link here to find a nearby Happy Science facility or contact your local branch today.


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Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan Was Predicted Since Biden Victory
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