File012 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Was “Walked-in.”
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“Do aliens and UFOs actually exist?” That is a debate from the past. Mystery Watcher, Junko Torihara, brings her unique perspective to decrypt the great mysteries of the world that have been ignored even by the Japanese media.


Mystery Watcher

Junko Torihara

Born in Kyoto, 1964. Authors UFO-related articles for The Liberty Web. Have had strong interests in UFO and spiritual topics since a young age and have spotted UFOs on several occasions.

2021 marks the eightieth year since the U.S. declared war on Japan. As August 15th, the day that marks the end of the war, approaches, various media outlets have started to feature stories about the Greater East Asia War. Many of you have probably seen them.

Many people believe that the Greater East Asia War was a hegemonic war between the two superpowers of the time: the U.S. and Japan. The Japanese leftist media, among others, believe that the Japanese government had gone radical, which justifies the American claim that the nuclear bomb expedited Japan’s surrender and therefore kept the number of war casualties down. However, the bomb was never used against a predominantly white nation such as Germany. It was dropped onto Japan, an Asian nation.
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In addition, two different types of bombs were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as though they were conducting “experiments” (*1). The criticism that “the nuclear bombs were unnecessary” remains strong on both American and Japanese sides.

There must be some reason that led the American government to engage in this kind of inhumane behavior.

On June 18, Happy Science CEO and founder, Master Ryuho Okawa, recorded, “Spiritual Messages from Metatron —The Light in the Age of Crisis.” This lecture revealed that the dark space being that has walked into China’s Chairman Xi Jinping — “Xi Jinping X” — previously walked into U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and planned for the use of atomic bombs.

During the presidential elections, FDR was anti-war. After he was elected, he tried to get the U.S. economy to recover from the Great Depression, but his economic policies did not have any noticeable effects. He then changed tactics, plotting for a war that involved Japan. He cleverly cornered Japan, made it look like they had orchestrated a surprise attack on the U.S. and gained the support of U.S. citizens for the war.

When aliens “walk-in” on someone, the target’s personality is said to change. FDR went from being someone who made “anti-war” campaign promises to a president who set up his successor to become the first-ever person to drop atomic bombs. This certainly has the characteristics of a walk-in.


Aliens Helped Create the Atomic Bomb!?

There is a document, the truthfulness of which still remains in question, that supports the theory of alien interference. This document, behind the scenes of World War, indicates that FDR had a strong interest in aliens and attempted to use alien technology to create the atomic bomb.

In 1941, prior to the 1947 Roswell incident involving a UFO crash, a UFO crashed in Cape Giardeau and was obtained by the U.S.. Roosevelt left the following comment in a document that describes this incident (*2).

“Consultation with Dr. Bush and other scientists on the issue of finding practical uses for the atomic secrets learned from study of celestial devices precludes any further discussion and I therefor authorize Dr. Bush to proceed with the project without further delay. This information is vital to the nation’s superiority and must remain within the confines of state secrets.”

The memo, which was written by FDR to the Special Committee of Non-Terrestrial Science and Technology in 1944, states that “Non-terrestrial KNOW HOW in atomic energy must be used in perfecting SUPER WEAPONS OF WAR to affect the complete defeat of Germany and Japan,” and that the U.S. should “take every advantage of such wonders that have come to us” (*3).

The Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb began in 1942, but at the same time a secret attempt was also being made to obtain and research extraterrestrial technology. FDR’s desperation to obtain the atomic bomb technology from space people may have attracted beings such as “Xi Jinping X.”

History is always written by the victors. Thus, there are numerous realities that were wiped out by the U.S. “Xi Jinping X” switched over from guiding the U.S. to helping China oppose the U.S. because of China’s brutality. Dark space beings may have pulled the strings of all vicious hegemonic warfare in the past.

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File012 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Was “Walked-in.”
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