Chinese Spies among Google’s Executives!!
Google Sold Its Soul to China. Here's Why. [Part2]

Google is dazzled by China’s market. What would happen if China were taking advantage of this and sending in Chinese spies to steal AI technology for weaponization?

Fei-Fei Li is an AI researcher. She was born in China but immigrated to the U.S. when she was 16. She worked hard despite poor situations and majored in physics at the prestigious Princeton University. However, as she began to show her talent, she suddenly returned to China. It is a mystery as to what happened there.

A year later, Dr. Li returned to the U.S. and began studying the technical fields of AI. She showed talent and became famous in the industry for building the world’s largest image recognition database.

With this fame, Dr. Li joined Google in 2016. In fact, she joined Google Cloud as its Vice President and Chief Scientist of AI/ML.


Google Begins AI Research in Beijing

“I want to start basic AI research in China.”

Right after entering the company, it is reported that Dr. Li made the following suggestion to CEO Mr. Pichai.

In 2017, Dr. Li created an AI research center in Beijing and became its chief. Subsequently, she also arranged a partnership between Google and Tsinghua University. Google and China had suddenly become an AI research partner.

This must have been an extremely “appealing” situation for the Google executives, who wanted forgiveness from the Beijing government so they could move towards reentry. In fact, Dr. Li’s recruitment may in part be because of just such an intention.

However, this situation was also as “appealing” for China. It is terrifying when viewing the actions of the Xi Jinping administration and Dr. Li’s works happening at the same time.

In that same year, the Chinese government surprised the world by announcing that “they will lead the world in AI by 2030” in their “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan.” In addition, Tsinghua University was honorably chosen as the center of AI weapons research. In this “memorial year,” the world’s leading AI company built a research center in Beijing and announced their research partnership with Tsinghua University. Google had brought luck right to China.

Are Dr. Li’s movements by mere coincidence?

Maybe not. When she took office as the director of the research center, she made a speech to not forget their original intentions and hold tightly to their mission. This was the party slogan revealed by the Xi Jinping administration the same year. Furthermore, Dr. Li also stated that “China has already awakened.” It is possible that she was motivated by strong patriotism.

Dr. Li was said to have ties with the Communist Party’s United Front from the beginning.

She was patronized by nation-owned media as “one who officially returned to the nation, bringing Google AI along with her.” She was also listed in Chinese government’s “top 10 women” with others like Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam.

Google added such personnel into its executive line. It is highly likely that its AI technologies are completely overtaken. U.S. official’s concerns mentioned above preside in this as well.

When asked about the credibility of Lee’s work and technology provision to the military, security expert Gen. Robert Spalding, who served as a senior executive in U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State, and National Security Council (NSC), told our magazine:

“Without a doubt. Because they have civil-military fusion. All civilian commercial companies in China must support the military in China by law.”


The Possibility of Japan’s SDF Being Shot down by Google’s AI

Let us talk about one such possibility. Google’s principal investigator, and a Chinese researcher, jointly published a paper on AI technology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This technology directly related to improving the accuracy of a touch panel for aiming missiles in Chinese stealth aircrafts.

It is quite possible that the Japanese Self-Defense Force will be attacked by Google’s AI and Japanese lives lost as a result.

The Chinese military also intends on using AI to pilot unmanned aerial vehicles and boat units in a cyberattack or a surveillance attack. It is not difficult to imagine Google’s technologies contributing to this cause.

Chinese Spies among Google’s Executives!!
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