“If President Trump Loses, Then The U.S. Will Have Lost to China in a Virus War”
Master Okawa Lectures on the Progress of the U.S. Presidential Election

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Main Points of this Article:

  • The media’s disdain towards Trump has harmed U.S. national interests
  • Hong Kong and Taiwan are greatly distressed
  • Japan should complement the U.S., who is losing the global leadership

On the 8th of November Master Ryuho Okawa, CEO of Happy Science, gave a lecture titled “On the U.S. Presidential Election”.

The election is in turmoil. Mr. Biden made a one-sided “victory declaration,” despite Mr. Trump’s intention to take legal action because he suspects voter fraud. There is a high possibility that a final conclusion will not be reached until January.

However, the major U.S. media outlets have all reported on “Biden’s victory,” trying to make it a reality. Japan’s media is following suit.

This situation was observed and analyzed by Master Okawa as an “in progress” event as he lectured on the actions that the U.S. and Japan should take. This lecture will be available from the 10th of November in Happy Science temples and branches throughout Japan (contact information at the end of article).


The Media’s Disdain Towards Trump Has Harmed U.S. National Interests

Master Okawa emphasized that if nothing changes and President Trump ends up losing, then “it will signify that the United States, and not just the Republican Party, have lost to the virus war that China set up.” He stated that the U.S. media and U.S. citizens are unaware of this fact.

Master Okawa pointed out that the coronavirus was a biological weapon, citing the following statement made by Dr. Satoshi Omura, a Nobel Prize recipient in Physiology or Medicine and a Professor Emeritus at Kitazato University: “It is highly unlikely that the novel coronavirus came about naturally. Instead, much evidence points to the possibility that the virus was man-made.”

Mr. Omura said that four sections of Covid-19’s DNA sequence was identical to that of AIDS, and that “there is a low possibility that the virus originated from nature. There are many pointers that indicate that it may have been man-made.” Furthermore, an army raided the virus research center in Wuhan, where the virus originated, and destroyed all evidence as well as dealt with the people involved, so it is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the virus (Japanese magazine “Chichi” December Edition, 2020).

In other words, there is a high possibility that China allied with the World Health Organization (WHO) and covertly set up a virus war against the U.S. as the Trump administration raised tariffs against them and initiated a trade war. China put responsibility for the virus damage on Mr. Trump to make his approval ratings drop sharply. In short, they set up a trap.

President Trump blamed the coronavirus on China. That was backed by scientific evidence as stated above, but the major media condemned Trump’s views as “unscientific.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Biden, Mr. Trump’s opponent, has already been cajoled by China. In fact, the New York Post was planning to spread the news, part of which described how “Chinese money was flowing into the Biden family,” as an October Surprise. However, amazingly, the major U.S. media outlets concealed this information, and many U.S. citizens never found about these facts.

In addition, there was the “Black Lives Matter” movement that also dropped Mr. Trump’s approval rating. It is said that Chinese Communists led this movement. Major media also ignored this fact and instead continued to criticize Trump. Even Reverend King in the heavenly world shared his views that BLM is different in character to that which he led during the civil rights movement, rather it was a trap to bring victory to Vice President Biden.

Things are moving advantageously for China. The media’s disdain towards Trump ended up hurting the U.S. national interest.


Hong Kong And Taiwan Are Greatly Distressed

What if a Biden administration, desired by China, emerges victorious?

Master Okawa predicted that “for about four years, the U.S. will not be able to take world leadership.” They will move towards harmony with China and Europe while the international community will be led by the opinions of Germany, he described.

There might be the possibility that China will be reprimanded for its oppression of human rights and increasing hegemony from a human rights perspective, but it is not clear that any hard action will be taken to change this reality. Hong Kong and Taiwan are greatly alarmed by the current flow of events.


Japan Should Complement the U.S., Who Is Losing the Global Leadership

In light of these insights, Master Okawa recommended the following three actions:

  1. The U.S. and its media should examine the coronavirus from a more scientific standpoint. There is a high possibility that this coronavirus situation is a war initiated by China, and in that case, it is the second deadliest war by death toll and only surpassed by the Civil War. Considering the seriousness of the situation, it is only natural to thoroughly pursue responsibilities.
  2. Throughout the presidential campaign, Mr. Biden consistently criticized President Trump. However, as a person running for president, he should express the stance that America should take in the international community and the media too should evaluate this insight.
  3. To prepare for the possibility that the U.S. loses its world leadership, Japan must assist in defense and diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific Ocean regions to protect its peace and freedom. It should protect the peoples of Hong Kong, Mongolia, Tibet, Uyghur and Taiwan, rethink its suicidal constitutional compliance and urgently think of a response.

The international community must come together so that Mr. Xi Jinping does not become “the second Hitler.” Master Okawa concluded the lecture by stating, “No matter what happens, we must focus on carrying through with what we can do.”

In the lecture, the following various points were also covered:

  • What happens when we analyze coronavirus infections in the U.S. and India?
  • What eating habits are common between countries with a low spread of the pandemic?
  • The problem with the Trump administration’s media strategy
  • Is Trump unscientific when he denies climate change theory?
  • The terror of the Biden administration’s economic policy
  • The problem with Prime Minister Suga’s perspective and a thought regarding the “Science Council” issue
  • Fraud from mail-in ballots and the deficiencies in U.S. election policies

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