Is There Egotism and Impurity in the Imperial Family?
Goddess Amaterasu's Discomfort 

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Japanese citizens are becoming increasingly discontent with recent troubles surrounding the imperial family. For example, Imperial Highness Princess Kako’s speech at the 7th National High School Student Sign Language Performance Koshien received criticizing comments such as, “You haven’t worked after graduating from college. What are you doing?”

Previously, Princess Kako was reported for dancing while exposing her belly button, and her “personal lifestyle” was focused on in the news. Princess Kako also spoke on her older sister, Princess Mako’s marriage issue, saying, “I hope that my older sister’s wishes will be fulfilled.” She seems to be lacking awareness that her father (Imperial Prince Fumihito) became crown prince.


Imperial Family’s Mission Is Bridge Building Between People and Gods

On Sept. 23, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa conducted a spiritual reading. In which Goddess Amaterasu spoke on today’s imperial family in Japan.

“Even within the imperial family, there is human greed and egotism in the air. The imperial family is originally a place to build a bridge toward God, but this function has faded. For the most part, they consider themselves equal to royal ancestors of foreign countries.”

Originally, the Emperor of Japan was the highest-ranking priest for Japanese Shintoism on Earth. The imperial family has been respected for acting as a religious intermediary between the gods in Heaven (Japanese: Takamagahara) and the people on Earth. If today’s imperial family has forgotten the foundational mission to serve the public by taking part in religious acts and wishing for happiness and peace of their citizens, they are inviting great trouble. The desire to enjoy worldly leisure like other citizens will cause great disasters. Goddess Amaterasu added the following in the aforementioned spiritual reading:

“Japan became a developed country by harmonizing the orthodox way of god’s will in Japan with Shakyamuni Buddha’s Buddhist teachings, and leading its people. [Members of the imperial family] should not forget this fact.”

Many citizens of Japan are in pain to see the imperial family on the cover of gossip magazines, when they are supposed to be a sacred existence. We urge today’s imperial family to lend their ears to Goddess Amaterasu’s words.

Is There Egotism and Impurity in the Imperial Family?
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