Hong Kong Situation Intensifies
Demand for Peaceful Protest




Protest Against “Anti-Mask Law”

In early October, the Hong Kong government launched the Emergency Regulations Ordinance, announcing an “anti-mask law” that prohibits protesters from wearing masks or other facial coverings. Tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong protested against the regulation — “Bring back Hong Kong” and “Now is the time for revolution.”





Intensity of Protests Increases

Once the regulation was announced, some demonstrators have intensified their counterattack on the police by vandalizing subway stations and businesses associated with pro-Beijing tycoons, igniting fires with flame bottles and using explosive devices. With that said, there are instances of police officers pretending to be demonstrators.

A Hong Kong demonstrator said the following to our editorial department.

“Many Hong Kong people expected internal reforms within the regime. During the 2014 Umbrella Revolution, they held back to avoid losing opportunities for negotiations with the government. However, the Umbrella Revolution failed. The Hong Kong government doesn’t want to talk, so unless we resist, they will hand over our rights to China.

China is leading public opinion by reporting the protesters’ behavior as violent. In addition, despite the police being disguised as protesters, they’re making the demonstrators look radical and justifying police violence to arrest them. Minimal action is necessary to prevent China’s indiscriminate suppression.”




Fear for the “Second Tiananmen Incident”

Ever since protests began, over 2,500 people have been arrested (as of Oct. 17). The Hong Kong Basic Law (equivalent to a constitution) has a provision that allows intervention of mainland China if Hong Kong is out of control. The possibility of China’s military intervention is said to be unlikely but not impossible.

China’s tactic would be to manipulate the Hong Kong people to resent the Hong Kong government and the police, using their rebellion as justification for crushing the protests.

As of mid-October, approximately 130 days have passed since the beginning of the Hong Kong demonstration. It’s about time that a “second Tiananmen incident” may occur.


Next Steps to Take


To Receive International Support

The radical aspects of the Hong Kong people just show how severe their dilemma is. How can we prevent a second Tiananmen incident after understanding the situation?

If you act radically, it will be difficult to receive support from other countries so it is better to focus on peaceful demonstrations. Shift to a tactic of “igniting global public opinion through non-violence” and don’t give Chinese authorities an excuse to use physical force.

Additionally, the international community must offer support to Hong Kong. For example, respective countries can make laws to support Hong Kong. The House of Representatives of the U.S.; Parliament passed the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act,” which assesses Hong Kong’s autonomy. Each country should follow their steps.

Another thing is for countries around the world to cooperate in building an encirclement of China. By criticizing suppression of human rights by Chinese authorities in Hong Kong, we can create an encirclement through speech.

When a Chinese person visits another country, people in that country can also enlighten the importance of “freedom, democracy and faith” and create internal reform.

Countries around the world must cooperate to force China’s transformation and bring peace to the world.

Hong Kong Situation Intensifies
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