Bedlam in Britain
Brexit Is The Right Choice

The people of Britain demanding Brexit. (Ink Drop /

Britain is in uproar and confusion abounds around the Brexit debate.

In March, the House of Commons rejected PM Theresa May’s EU withdrawal deal for the second time. Later the House further rejected the no-deal Brexit, the proposal to sever ties with the EU without a transition period, and agreed to extend the deadline set for the 29th.

PM May requested the EU to accept the postponement, and if all 27 countries in the EU agree, Britain’s withdrawal with be postponed (at the time of writing, 18 March).

There are a few scenarios we can expect. The House could eventually accept PM May’s deal. Britain could open renegotiations with the EU. Britain could choose no-deal Brexit after the postponement. They could do another nation-wide poll. They could do a general election. Or they could even discard the idea of Brexit itself.

Difficulties await whatever the future.


The EU: An Impossible Dream

But one thing is clear: Brexit is the right choice. For Britain being part of the EU means being bound with regulations that jeopardize the country’s sovereignty. For example, the EU has a regulation that a state’s budget deficit cannot exceed 3% of its GDP, and all countries within the EU have to stick to this regulation. The Yellow Vest movement in France protests against economic austerity.

Britain uses their own currency – the pound sterling – that allows them a little more freedom in advancing monetary and fiscal policies compared to other member states, but for the past 10 years they have increasingly been forced to adopt austerity measures. From this year they will adopt the fiscal stimulus approach.

The EU imposes other heavy burdens on Britain, including providing support for smaller states and accepting a quota of EU immigrants. The EU’s vision for politically and economically unifying countries with different languages and cultures was an impossible idea to begin with. Brexit could trigger a “withdrawal domino effect”.

If a far-right party comes to power at the European Parliament elections scheduled for May, the collapse of the EU would be no mere fantasy.

Japanese auto manufacturer, Honda Motor Company, decided to close its factory in Swindon, Great Britain in 2021. To stop other businesses from closing their British factories, the country must ease the confusion and lose no time in signing trade agreements with various countries. They must attract businesses and investments through a “Britain First” policy.

Japan should also cooperate with the U.S. to strengthen relations with Britain to compensate for temporary losses they might incur as a result of Brexit. This will contribute to the diplomatic mechanism that will save Japan from China’s expansionist ambitions.

A U.S.-U.K.-Japan triumvirate can work to establish a new world order.

Bedlam in Britain
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