The Trump-Kim Breakdown
U.S. Prepares for Military Strike

Newspaper reports suggest that North Korea is thinking of suspending denuclearization negotiations with the U.S., and is now preparing to launch their missiles (at the time of writing, 18 March). These speculations began after the second Trump-Kim Summit.

Negotiations broke down as the two leaders failed to reach a denuclearization agreement during the Summit that took place in Vietnam in late February. “They [North Korea] wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn’t do that,” explained President Donald Trump in the post-Summit news conference.

Kim Jong-un demanded that all sanctions be lifted in exchange for allowing the U.S. to make inspections of one decrepit nuclear facility in Nyeongbyeon. On top of that, he insisted that the U.S. lift the sanctions first. In other words, he tried to have the sanctions lifted while continuing the operation of other nuclear facilities that are now developing nuclear warheads and undeclared highly enriched uranium.

Trump, sticking to his initial goal for North Korea’s complete denuclearization, decided that he could not agree to a compromise. “I’d much rather do it right than do it fast,” he said at the news conference.

After the Summit, National Security Advisor John R. Bolton told Fox News Sunday, “The maximum pressure campaign . . . of putting tighter economic sanctions on North Korea and enforcing those sanctions more effectively is what brought them to this point. And that program of maximum pressure will continue and, I think, will have a real impact on Kim Jong-un.” It seems like Trump has no intention of loosening his grip on North Korea.


“No Way We’ll Denuclearize”

Watching Trump’s news conference, however, can’t get us any closer to either leader’s true intentions. On the night of the Summit, founder and CEO of Happy Science, Master Ryuho Okawa recorded some top-priority spiritual messages of Trump, Kim and the soul sibling of former Japanese admiral Heihachiro Togo. (N.B. souls typically consist of one core spirit and 5 branch spirits called ‘siblings’.)

Kim’s guardian spirit clearly denied any intention of denuclearization, saying, “No way we’ll denuclearize. Are you stupid? Why would we discard what we’ve already made?” When asked about why he took a defying stance at the Summit, he replied, “Negotiations may continue until the end of this year, but after that they’ll end, because Trump won’t be president anymore.”

“I was at an advantage [at the Summit],” he boasted.

What we mustn’t forget is that Trump’s willingness to hold two summits with Kim was out of kindness: he was giving Kim a chance to start over. But Kim obviously misinterpreted the situation, thinking he was on equal ground with the U.S. He will have to pay dearly for his mistake.


Communist Dictatorships Are Unforgivable

Meanwhile Trump’s guardian spirit was furious that Kim was looking down on the U.S. He declared that he will never lift the sanctions, and that he has already long considered the military option. “I cannot forgive the existence of a communist dictatorship,” he said. “They cannot survive unless they embrace freedom and capitalism. I want to use North Korea as a real-world example [of what the U.S. is capable of] and to also teach China a lesson.”

In his message, the soul sibling of Togo predicted that the U.S. would deploy their stealth aircrafts from Guam to strike North Korea’s military facilities. This will happen on the one-year anniversary of the first Trump-Kim Summit, that is, in June.


Preparing for a Military Strike

If Kim does not change his ways, Trump would eventually bring an end to North Korea’s communist dictatorship, even if it means using military force.

This simply means going back to the original stance he had before the first Summit last June. Last year, the Trump administration had already prepared a detailed agenda on how to govern North Korea after they destroy the regime via military strike.

If the U.S. chooses to strike North Korea, they need to first nullify enemy radars with electronic warfare aircraft, and strike Kim’s communications facilities with anti-radar missiles. Once communications are cut and the U.S. takes command of the air, they can deploy stealth aircraft such as the F-35A and the F-22. These jets can strike North Korea’s secret nuclear facilities.

Free Joseon, the political group that is protecting Kim Han-sol (son of the late Kim Jong-nam) proclaimed that they are founding a government-in-exile for North Korea, and is aiming to overthrow the Kim Jong-un regime.

Some news reports suggest that Han-sol is now in Israel courtesy of the Trump administration. In other words there is a possibility that the U.S. has had a hand in founding the government-in-exile. The new government and their demands for the destruction of the Kim regime are putting a lot of pressure on North Korea.

Additionally, the U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises scheduled for this year have been cancelled. Trump tweeted that this is, “to save hundreds of millions of dollars for the U.S.” and that “Also, reducing tensions with North Korea at this time is a good thing!”

But this could hardly be true considering how the U.S. has recently increased their military budget. It could be a strategy to hide his preparations for the real military strike on North Korea.


A Complete Denuclearization for North Korea

As The Liberty Magazine reported in August 2018, the first Summit went along these lines: North Korea admits defeat, but Trump lets Kim have the honors of appearing to stand on equal grounds with the U.S. The agreement was for North Korea to gradually denuclearize and open relations with the international community, to achieve prosperity like that of Singapore.

But then Kim misconceived the plan and starting thinking he actually stood on equal ground with Trump, and radically changed his attitude thinking that Trump would compromise for want of diplomatic results. In the second Summit, Kim demanded that Trump lift all sanctions without denuclearization. Indignant at Kim’s arrogance, Trump has now changed his plans.

There is still hope for a bloodless dissolution of the North Korean regime as long as Kim reverts to the original plan. Kim’s only prospect for saving his country from ruin is for him to reflect upon his mistakes and decide on complete denuclearization. Then he must aspire to the kind of prosperity enjoyed in Singapore and Vietnam through gaining support from the international community.

That is the only road left for North Korea.

The Trump-Kim Breakdown
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