Why Freddie Couldn’t Go To Heaven

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“Bohemian Rhapsody”, the biographical film about the life of rock band Queen’s lead vocalist Freddie Mercury (1946-1991) has become a worldwide hit. It won best Motion Picture and Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama at the 76th Golden Globe Awards.

Queen was a legendary British rock band that was renowned for their innovative music that had huge hits around the world. Their lead vocalist was a superstar entertainer and genius, but outside of his glorious stage career he was a man haunted by loneliness.

Many people find it easy to connect with the film as it follows the protagonist through times of glory, setbacks and subsequent recovery. And the soundtrack uses songs by Queen giving an extra emotional boost.


How Does God See Gay People?

Recently, however, Happy Science uncovered a shocking truth. In January 2019, the spirit of Freddie Mercury appeared before Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science. “Did I suffer from AIDS because God was punishing me for being gay?” the spirit said. “Tell me: why have I lost my way after death?”

Freddie Mercury was a gay man who had relationships with many men and women, which caused him to contract AIDS. This eventually led to his death of a lung inflammation in 1991, and it is also depicted in the film.

Freddie was religiously Zoroastrian, so after recording Freddie’s spiritual message, Master Okawa summoned the spirit of Zoroaster to question him directly.

Zoroaster’s opinion is clear. The spirit of Zoroaster stated at the beginning that, “Gay is evil. Men have to fulfil men’s vocations, and women women’s.” According to Zoroaster’s values, gays are evil and ought to go to Hell, but Freddie has been saved from that fate because he continues to inspire countless fans around the world. Instead he has been condemned to wander the Earth as a wandering spirit.

Zoroaster said that the current global trend towards supporting LGBT is “a mistake: they ought to be punished.”


Should These Values Be Spread Around the World?

Of course society should be accepting of LGBT people. We cannot accept a world that discriminates or oppresses any people.

We must be wary, however, of extremism. If the LGBT community eventually becomes an absolute power to the point where the argument itself is suppressed and nullified, there must be a set of brakes so they don’t cross the line. LGBT rights must be set within the limits of happiness: the happiness of the country and of the world.

For example, if same-sex marriages continue to increase and fewer people have children, that country will stagnate and the future of humanity could be endangered.

In the case of Freddie, who was a highly influential superstar, Zoroaster said, “Public figures and influential people must live in such a way so that others can imitate them. At the very least, these people should not openly do evil in the eyes of society, nor contribute to the destruction of the future of humanity.”

For Freddie, it seems like the greater a hit the film becomes, the more his sense of “sin” as a Zoroastrian weighs down on him. LGBT rights should stay within the limits of increasing the happiness of the country and of the world.

Why Freddie Couldn’t Go To Heaven
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