U.S.-North Korea Tensions Intensify
Is Trump Aiming for Kim Jong-un's Bloodless Surrender?

Key points in this article:

  • Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea continue to mount as North Korea launches another missile and increases its nuclear capability
  • The true nature of this conflict is a battle between totalitarian countries (China/North Korea) and democratic countries of liberty (U.S./Japan)
  • The U.S. is justified in taking military action against North Korea in the name of humanitarianism and self-defense

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un shows no signs of ending his rampage.
On the 29th of August, North Korea launched a Hwasong-12, which flew over Hokkaido, Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean just 1180 km off the coast of Cape Erimo. Kim Jong-un threatened that this was a “prelude to restraining Guam”.

North Korea also boasted that it has the technology to turn the Japanese islands into dust in an instant. “The U.S. mainland is on our military target, and we are ready for launch. We just await the final signal,” they said.
This was the first time since 2009 that a North Korean missile has been fired over Japan. Some regions of Japan issued a missile warning J-Alert.

Since then, North Korea has claimed through its state media that it has built an advanced hydrogen bomb that can be mounted onto an inter-continental ballistic missile. If this is true, it represents a marked increase in North Korea’s nuclear capability.


The Guardian Spirits of Kim Jong-un and Trump

As tensions mount between the U.S. and North Korea, either side may strike at any moment.

On the afternoon of the 29th of August, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, recorded two spiritual messages to help us understand the coming impact: one of Kim’s guardian spirit in Japanese, and one of Trump’s guardian spirit in English.

This article presents some of the shocking ideas discussed in these spiritual messages.

Kim’s guardian spirit boasted that he would attack Japan and South Korea before attacking the U.S. because “the U.S. won’t quite be ready to strike us.” He was optimistic about his victory. He also revealed that North Korea possesses a greater number of missile bases than the U.S. realises, and these are connected with secret underground passages.

North Korea has stationed thousands of long range guns and rocket artillery units along the 38th parallel that could cause severe damage if fired at Seoul. They also have at least several hundred portable missile launchers.

Meanwhile, Trump’s guardian spirit hinted at a large-scale strike against North Korea. In early August, the living Trump responded to North Korea’s threats to attack Guam by saying that North Korea “will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen”. In this latest spiritual message, Trump’s guardian spirit explained the true intentions behind these words.


A Battle Between Totalitarianism and Freedom/Democracy

Realistically speaking, how should we look at a U.S. strike against North Korea? The October issue of The Liberty Magazine gives the following outline:

1. What will happen if the U.S. does not strike North Korea?

North Korea is currently developing nuclear missiles that can reach the U.S. mainland. When this is completed, North Korea will be able to attack all major cities in the U.S., and the entire country will have to live in constant fear of a nuclear missile attack from North Korea. The U.S. will no longer be a superpower, which will give the initiative to China, and North Korea’s aggression will escalate.

In other words, the collision between the U.S. and North Korea is a battle to decide whether the American values of freedom and democracy will prevail on Earth, or whether China and North Korea’s totalitarian deprivation of freedom and security will dominate the world through fear.


2. Why a U.S. strike is justified

So the question now is, is the U.S. really justified in taking military action against North Korea?

The short answer is: yes.

International law permits a country to make a preemptive strike against any forces that threaten them or their allies. Time and again, North Korea has stated that it intends to attack the U.S. and Japan with nuclear weapons. As soon as it can confirm that North Korea is preparing to attack, the U.S. can legally launch a strike in the name of self-defense.

It would only be illegal if the U.S. made a preemptive strike before confirming that North Korea is preparing to attack. The Kim regime, however, is a morally degenerated dictatorship; it is completely different to a country where a democratically elected leader decides to use nuclear weapons. In North Korea, an unpredictable dictator is about to get hold of a weapon that could kill millions of lives in an instant. Taking military measures to stop this threat is perfectly justified.

In some cases, the international community has supported these ‘humanitarian interventions’.

Take, for instance, the U.S. strike against Syria in April. As soon as Trump confirmed that Assad had used chemical weapons to kill civilians, he sent Tomahawks to bomb Syrian military bases. Many countries expressed their support after seeing that Trump’s decision was a humanitarian intervention.

The North Korean regime oppresses its people, sends them to concentration camps, tortures them and purges them. A well-known victim of this was the American student Otto Warmbier who was captured during his travels in North Korea. A strike against an inhumane country like this is justified beyond doubt.


A Bloodless Surrender by Kim Jong-un

In the preface to the printed copy of the above spiritual messages, Master Okawa said the following as a message to Kim Jong-un:

“I work in the hope that North Korea will end its missile and nuclear development, and accept a bloodless surrender as soon as possible. Decisiveness in protecting the people is an important quality for a state leader.”

Trump has been criticizing North Korea and hinting at his plan to take military measures. But it is not out of a love for war that he does this: it is his way of trying to bring Kim Jong-un to accept a bloodless surrender.

U.S.-North Korea Tensions Intensify
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