Anti-racism Rallies Throughout the U.S.
White Supremacy Still Exists

Key points in this article:

  • White supremacy gave rise to worldwide Western colonialism and exploitation
  • The idea that “only whites are the chosen ones” is wrong
  • Knowing the equality of the soul is the way to eradicate white supremacy

In mid-August, anti-racism rallies were held in many places around the U.S. including Boston and Austin. Tens of thousands attended, some holding placards telling the KKK and neo-Nazis to get out of the country.

The demonstrations are not all for good purpose. Amongst the protesters were activists belonging to the Antifa groups who support violence, distorting the protests into ‘anti-Trump’ rallies attempting to create the image of a white supremacist President.

Racism in the West is a big problem that must be overcome. This article will look into the details of the white supremacy issue.


White Supremacy to Western Colonialism

“The whites are superior and therefore must rule the world”

This was the idea that led the British Empire, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal to invade Asian and African countries in the 16th century. They thought the locals were savages – more ape than human – and captured them to use and trade as slaves.

White supremacy refers to the ideology that white races are superior to all others. It was a philosophy that led the white race to create empires and colonies for close to 500 years.

In the U.S., black people were used as slaves for over 100 years. The words in their Constitution, “All men are created equal” implied that “all white men were created equal”.

The discrimination against colored people was also prevalent during WWII. President Franklin Roosevelt who endorsed the nuclear Manhattan Project called the Japanese people “yellow monkeys”. President Truman who gave the signal to drop the atom bomb on Japan, belonged to the KKK for a time.


Are the Whites the Chosen Ones?

At the root of white supremacy is the assumption that the white race was chosen by God.

For instance, Rudolf Steiner father of Anthroposophy said that the Atlantis civilization that prospered for over tens of thousands of years was situated in between Europe and America. The Europeans, therefore, are descended from Atlantis. While Steiner himself denied the idea of a chosen people, this sort of idea was used by Hitler to persecute Jews.

Happy Science teaches that people undergo continuous reincarnations: people are born in many times in different ages and regions around the world to create different civilizations throughout history. In other words, just because the white race founded the most recent civilization does not mean that they are the chosen ones.

European countries have long been predominantly Christian, but Jesus Christ himself was born in what is now called the Middle East. He was a colored person.

White supremacy coincides with Hitler’s ideology, which led to the Holocaust. The same idea led to the dropping of the atom bomb and worldwide scorched-earth strategies using incendiary bombs.

Europe and America have not sufficiently reflected upon the history of Western racism. The lack of regret has led to the continuation of white supremacy.


Human Souls Have no Skin Color Difference

But there is hope.

There is a philosophy that can defeat white supremacy. It is the understanding that, from the eyes of God, all people – be they white, black or colored – are equally glorious.

In January Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of Happy Science, summoned the spirit of Mohandas Gandhi the leader who fought against Britain for India’s independence through nonviolent civil disobedience.

He said:

“The body has differences. Skin color has differences. But the soul has no such difference. The soul has no color. People are born in this world as part of god plan . . . people born in the remote or recent past become souls when they return to Heaven, before they are born on Earth again . . . The physical body can be black or white or yellow; but the soul has no color. That is why discrimination by skin color is founded upon ignorance. It is meaningless. Through the eyes of God, we are all equal.”

As the spirit of Gandhi said, racial discrimination comes about through ignorance. Christianity does not teach the concept of reincarnation, but it is truth. Our souls transcend national borders and skin color.

If this truth can spread, people will realize the true meaning of equality. It will become the light of hope for overcoming racism.

Anti-racism Rallies Throughout the U.S.
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