South Korean President Moon Jae-In Is A Greater Threat Than Kim

Moon Jae-in’s victory in the South Korean presidential elections last May could prove disastrous. This article aims to uncover the character of the new president of whom we know little more than his pro-North Korea and anti-Japan stance.

“I will do everything I can for peace in the Korean Peninsula”, Moon Jae-in said in his inauguration speech. His quiet demeanor, proletarian impression and charming smile won the hearts of the South Korean populace. In the polls he stood 17 percentage points above his closest candidate.

Moon may look like he wants peace, but his ideology and policies show signs of danger.


Moon Was Arrested for Leading Anti-Government Protests

Moon was born in 1953 in the southeastern region of South Korea. His parents were both from North Korea, and his other relatives still live there.

While his family was poor, Moon did remarkably well in school, which allowed him to attend distinguished middle and high schools. But things didn’t go so smoothly there. During high school he was suspended 4 times for under aged drinking and smoking. He was nicknamed the ‘problem child’.

While he was a student at Kyung Hee University, Moon helped lead protests against the Park Chung-hee government. During a protect march he lost consciousness after being hit in the head by a police tear gas canister. He was eventually arrested.

After his release, Moon was forcibly assigned to military service with South Korea’s elite special forces, and endured tough training. After passing the bar exam at age 27, he practiced law in partnership with Roh Moo-hyun. When Roh became president, Moon remained close and served as his office secretary.

In 2012 Moon became a member of the National Assembly but lost to Park Geun-hye in the presidential elections by a narrow margin. In 2016, he was given an opportunity for revenge when Choi Soon-sil sparked the recent government corruption scandal. Moon was a strong proponent for Park’s impeachment and dismissal.

Aside from time spent inside the administration, Moon’s life has been that of a revolutionary who strictly censures the establishment.


Moon Used Anti-President Park Sentiments to Become President

This anti-establishment, anti-Park administration stance is central to Moon’s policy. Watching the people become increasingly infuriated over Park’s political scandal, Moon found his support rate increased the more he proposed policies that were the exact opposite of Park’s: ‘renegotiation of the Japan-South Korea agreement’, ‘ renegotiation of THAAD deployment’ and ‘friendship policies toward North Korea’, to name a few.

Moon won his way to the presidency by gaining popularity by negating every aspect of Park’s policies.


Making Empty Promises

South Korea has traditionally been a country that has leaned towards conservative politics, but what led to the overwhelming popularity of Moon – a leftist – was the peoples’ dissatisfaction. Especially in relation to income disparity and unemployment, dissatisfaction levels are extremely high.

This may be why Moon keeps making promises that are clearly impossible to carry out, such as, “The government will pay for all public education up until high school” and “We will make all school food free of charge”.

Moon’s popularity amongst people aged 25-40 is probably because of his promise of a quota system for employment obligations. In other words, he proposed an anti-capitalist policy to use the law to secure employment for young people.

In terms of financial revenue, he plans to heavily tax the wealthy and big family businesses. At the same time he paradoxically announced that he would destroy economic oligarchies to reduce wealth disparity. If those large-scale businesses are dissolved, who will pay the taxes he is proposing?

His diplomacy is also full of contradictions.

During the election campaign, Moon boasted, “When I become president, I will visit North Korea first, even before going to America”; but he flipped his stance just before the election when North Korea conducted their missile test and conservative candidate Ahn Cheol-soo began attracting attention. He said: “I will visit America immediately to discuss plans to resolve the North Korea problem.”

It is possible that he is realistically balancing the odds, but it is clear that he is a political chameleon, changing his stance to fit whatever will give him popularity at the time.


An Unwavering Anti-Japan Stance

Moon’s only unwavering stance is his intense anti-Japan sentiment.

He was the one pulling the strings when the Roh Moo-hyun administration confiscated property that South Koreans acquired with the help of the Japanese. Moon has been advocating for the eradication of pro-Japan powers in South Korea.

He even claimed, “it is irrational that the South Korean president should think of North Korea as an enemy”. Moon plans to hold talks with North Korea and negotiations about another “Sunshine Policy” to reunite the two halves of the same race.

And this reunion will be constructed upon one unified ideology: anti-japan.


Moon was seen canvassing in the city of Gwangju on 29 April towards the end of the election campaign.

Moon’s past life was the infamous Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.
He won the presidency with flying colors, but few can see the ambitions that lie hidden behind his friendly facade.

“We will arm the 80 million citizens of our newly reunified Korea with nukes and missiles, to conquer Japan – a country that cannot even amend its Constitution,” said the guardian spirit of Moon Jae-in in a spiritual interview conducted by Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, just 2 days after the elections.

Master Okawa has given over 700 spiritual messages, but this one was exceptional: Moon’s guardian spirit hid the truth of his past life, and continued to be insincere. Happy Science had to do 3 spiritual messages with the same spirit before he would reveal the truth.

“I am Mussolini, and the current president Moon,” he finally admitted. Indeed, he turned out to be the Italian dictator who created the fascist movement out of the ashes of WWI.


“We Will Repatriate North Korean Defectors”

Moon’s guardian spirit laid out his plan to reunify Korea and then colonize Japan.

First, with North Korea, he plans to recommence operations of the Kaesong Industrial Region and open their market. He will teach the North Koreans that “work = profit”, and he will allow families separated by the border to see each other again.

What comes next is far more dangerous.

Moon’s guardian spirit declared that, “If I can get to talk with Kim Jong-un, I will repatriate 3000 North Korean defectors.”

He plans a South Korean-led reunification of Korea (with North Korea holding nukes and missiles) all the while disguising the manoeuvres as civilian control.


“I Want To Make Them Semi-Slaves And Pay-Up”

“Our mission is to destroy Japan,” Moon’s guardian spirit boldly declared, saying he was born again to take revenge for WWII, and to complete his ambitions.

He outlined many ways he could colonize Japan, but his overall method seems to be to weaken Japan’s power by draining its money.

For instance, if South Korea displayed disregard for the North Korea problem, Japan would have to correct their trade imbalance, meaning Japanese money will flow right into South Korea. Other methods of draining Japan’s money were to ask for financial aid for a fake North Korea policy, or to make North Korea announce its sole target to be Japan.

“We will turn Japan into a semi-slave state to use their people as labourers for our profits. That’s the sort of class society I want to make.”

Master Okawa has recorded many spiritual messages of guardian spirits of the world’s political leaders. No matter how impossible they may seem at the time, all the national and international measures, ambitions and dreams that the guardian spirits spoke of have proved to be true. These spiritual interviews have overturned the ‘common sense’ of our times.


The Prophetic In Spiritual Messages

Barack Obama’s spiritual messages

Spiritual Message: recorded 5 November 2008 (two months before inauguration)
“I intend for America to abandon its role as ‘World Police’ . . . America will henceforth promise to not attack any country.”

What Happened Later:

Obama gathered significant support under his “Change” campaign, but ended up making America weaker. In the end, what used to be the world’s strongest country abandoned its responsibilities, and in September 2013, Obama finally announced that, “America is not the world’s policeman”. He failed to act against Syria’s chemical weapons attack.

Xi Jinping’s spiritual messages

Spiritual Message: recorded 21 October 2010 (two years before becoming General Secretary)
“China’s era has come”, he said, outlining his ambition to create a world empire like the Tang and Yuan dynasties. The Senkaku Islands problem was practice in giving Japan and America the jolt, he remarked.

What Happened Later:

In 2010, media praised him on his careful and adjusting political style, but after becoming general Secretary, Xi revealed the “Chinese Dream” of resurrecting the Zhonghua minzu (Chinese races). He also declared that the Senakaku Islands were Chinese territory, and began sending militia fishing vessels to patrol the area.

South Korean President Moon Jae-In Is A Greater Threat Than Kim
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