Uncovering the Greatest Scandal in Aviation History (Part.2)
3 Years Since the Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370


Inspection: What Are They Trying to Hide?

When we review the reactions of those responsible for the disappearance of Flight MH370, such as Malaysian authorities and Malaysia Airlines, we can see the trace of the cover-up operations conducted by them.


Inspection 1: Why Do They Keep Ignoring the South China Sea Debris?

“It would be most logical to search the place where the aircraft was last known to be,” says aviation expert Desmond Ross. “But very little energy went into the search of the South China Sea.”

In fact, there were many sightings of aircraft debris in the South China Sea, but no detailed investigation was ever conducted since Malaysian authorities claimed every time that it was a false lead, albeit without any proof.

The very day MH370 went missing, a New Zealander working on an oilrig off the coast of Vietnam saw “an aircraft falling in a fiery ball” against the night sky. This testimony matches the time and angle of the aircraft when it disappeared off the radar. When the witness passed the information to Vietnamese authorities, however, he was suddenly fired without convincing reason. The day after the aircraft disappeared, China’s earth observation satellite captured three floating objects that could be debris from MH370 (see Image 1). However, the next day, the Malaysian government announced that Chinese authorities had said the satellite images were released by mistake and “did not show any debris from MH370”.

Another satellite image taken several days later, showed a large object under the water (see Image 2). According to the former U.S. pilot who found it, the object was the perfect size of the missing Boeing aircraft.

In February 2016, fishermen saw debris near Khanh Hoa, the district in the south central Vietnamese province. Upon receiving the information, the mayor of that town said, “A piece of debris possibly belongs to the Boeing MH370 of Malaysia Airlines”, according to Germany’s DPA news. But soon thereafter he backtracked, saying that he had never said so, and no DPA reporter had ever contacted him for comment. In addition, a Japanese man who had tried to gather information on the debris from local people told us, “They refused to say anything about it as if they feared something.”

The Liberty asked the Malaysian government why the search in the most logical place – the South China Sea – was cut short. But we haven’t yet received any response to date.


Inspection 2: Insufficient Wing Repairs?

As we have shown in previous chapters, the Malaysian government has concluded that MH370 had crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, based on unreliable information and evidence. Do they have any motive to make us believe the aircraft crashed there?


Dodgy Aircraft

6 months before the incident, the Federal Aviation Administration of the U.S. discovered a cracking in the fuselage skin beneath a satellite antenna on a Boeing 777, the same model as the MH370 aircraft. An inspection of 42 other Boeing 777s revealed some local corrosion. The FAA warned airline companies worldwide that the damage, if left unchecked, could lead to rapid decompression and loss of structural integrity of the airplane.

Besides, the right wing tip of the aircraft was damaged in a minor collision with another aircraft during taxiing at Shanghai Pudong International Airport back in 2012. After the repair, it was cleared to fly again by aviation authorities.
“Faulty repairs of parts of an aircraft could cause greater stress on other parts of the aircraft leading to a greater chance of accidents,” says aviation attorney Steven C. Marks.

As you can see, MH370 was carrying many risks, but Malaysia Airlines has so far refused to disclose the maintenance record of the aircraft. In addition, three weeks after the disappearance, a suspicious fire broke out in the Avionics maintenance hangar of Malaysia Airlines, and destroyed parts of the repair record.

In March 2016, families filed a lawsuit demanding disclosure of the maintenance record, and in February 2017 the High Court ordered Malaysia Airlines to do so. The airline company has yet to carry this out.

If MH370 crashed because of poor maintenance and authorities are trying to hide this through a ‘southern Indian Ocean theory’, this could be the greatest scandal in aviation history.





The Problem Was the Aircraft, Not the Pilot

Steven C. Marks

An attorney in Florida, U.S., Marks is experienced in aviation-related cases such as Air France Flight 447 and Silk Air Flight 185. He also has been involved in a lawsuit on the MH370 case.

There are three common reasons for aircraft crashes: problems with weather conditions, problems with the pilot, and problems with the aircraft itself.

First, the MH370 was flying at a high altitude so it wouldn’t have been affected by weather.

The Malaysian government and media speculated that the pilot may have hijacked the plane, but there is no proof for this. The pilot had no physical or mental health problems, and there is no trace of anything suspicious being done by him. He was highly proficient and experienced.

People have tried to blame the pilot because he did not transmit any problems to traffic control. However, when a problem occurs during a flight, the pilot focuses first on stabilizing the aircraft. They may change course if needed, and after the aircraft is stabilized they contact traffic control and report on the situation. It is wrong to doubt the pilot just because he did not transmit this information to traffic control.

A Disastrous Problem with the Aircraft

If there were no problems with the weather or the pilot, the only possible cause would be the problem of the aircraft. The aircraft carried communication tools such as transponders and ACARS. If they suddenly stopped working, there must have been a disastrous problem with the aircraft.

Some speculate that the pilot intentionally cut off communications, but there is no proof to support this speculation. Even if the pilot did cut connections to hijack the aircraft, the air force would treat it as a suspicious aircraft and shoot it down, so there’s no reason to think that this occurred.

Malaysia Airlines has been withholding information and continues its refuse to disclose it. We can infer from that that they don’t want us to know the truth.

The point here is that manufacturers end up playing an extremely important role in investigations to establish the causes of aircraft failure.

That is why, when we’re defending the interests of the victims’ families, we cannot rely only on official investigations, because representatives of firms that are potentially responsible for the accident conduct them.

I was an attorney representing bereaved families of the Air France flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009. The investigations for the case were coordinated by a French official agency (the Bureau of Investigations and Analysis, or BEA, by its French acronym). However, both the French government and Airbus SAS were interested parties in the accident. In order to probe into the truth, we believe that a re-examination by an “independent institute” is necessary, on top of official investigations by such organizations as a government, an airline company, and a manufacturer, while it may be difficult to conduct.

It may be difficult, but to reach the truth, in addition to the public investigations by the government, aircraft and manufacturing companies, we need an independent investigation team to reinvestigate the case.



Those Responsible Have a Duty to Disclose the Truth

As you can see from these verifications, the story told by the Malaysian government that MH370 went off course due to a hijacking or other problems with the pilot and plunged into the southern Indian Ocean, is unfounded.

Instead, it is highly possible that the aircraft crashed into the South China Sea where it disappeared off the radar.

The Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines have not complied with the families’ demands to make all information public. They have likewise ignored The Liberty’s questions.

The Boeing Company and Rolls-Royce Limited (the engine manufacturer) are expected to have information that can lead us to uncover the truth, but both companies still maintain silence. To comfort the souls of 239 passengers and their families, and to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again in aviation history, the government and the relevant companies must honestly face what has really happened and disclose the truth.


The Crash Point According to Remote Viewing

On 8 March 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing along with 239 passengers. 5 days later, Happy Science’s spiritual research uncovered where the aircraft had crashed, and why.

Edgar Cayce

(1877 – 1945)
American mystic and spiritual healer. He used self-hypnosis to diagnose people’s illnesses and see into their past lives. He could see into the causes for illnesses that were deemed incurable at the time, and cured them. He became known as the “Sleeping Prophet” and is the best known psychic in the U.S.

Spiritual powers such as clairvoyance have been also used in the area related to national strategy. For example, classified documents the CIA released in January this year describe in details that they used ‘remote viewing ability’ in the military operations during the Cold War. They are said to have recruited people for remote viewing training projects, and conducted verification tests. The KGB also had psychics to do ‘remote viewing’ to compete with this.


Cayce’s Spirit Describes the Incident

Five days after the MH370 went missing on 8 March 2014, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, summoned the spirit of Edgar Cayce – the “Sleeping Prophet” – to have him read the aircraft’s whereabouts.

The spirit of Cayce described the incident as follows:

“I think it’s the left wing: it suddenly got broken in the middle in flight, and flew apart. . . . The aircraft goes into a tailspin. There’s no time to notify the passengers. The situation does not allow the pilot to contact air traffic control.”
He denied the ‘southern Indian Ocean theory’ and said, “It is now deep under the South China Sea just beneath the route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.”

He also denied possibilities of it being terrorism. “I think there was a problem with the aircraft. It has had an accident before, and was repaired. But the repair seemed insufficient . . . it was an accident,” he said. According to him, almost all the passengers were dead before the aircraft hit the water.


For the Sake of the Families

Even now, three years after the incident, many families are still suffering as what happened to their loved ones is yet unknown. They can have no closure. In order for them to make a fresh start in life, the truth needs to be revealed. We believe that verification of each piece of evidence will definitely lead us to the truth.

It is also important to learn the religious truth to overcome the pain of bereavement.

Happy Science teaches that the essence of human being is a soul, which lives on in the other world after its body’s demise. We humans are born again and again to this world to refine our souls.

When the families learn this spiritual knowledge and live their own lives courageously, the souls of the victims will be able to rest in peace.

We pray that the truth is revealed, and that the pain of the victims and their family members will be relieved.


What is a “Spiritual Reading”?

“Spiritual Reading” is one of the 6 Abhijna (the six major psychic powers of Buddha), which is unique to those with high levels of awareness. It is an ability to go into another’s mind and read their conscious (mind reading) thought. The psychic can also send part of their soul to a specific location, and observe the situation (remote view), or look through someone’s body like a CT scan and have conversations with their internal organs to detect lesions (physical reading). This time, Master Okawa called on the spirit of Edgar Cayce and had him conduct a ‘remote viewing’ on the incident.



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