“Trump Will Strike Soon” Master Ryuho Okawa Predicts

Key points in this article:

  • Trump will soon make a short, large-scale strike on North Korea
  • The key is for North Korea’s collapse to lead to China’s democratization
  • The Happiness Realization Party predicted North Korea’s nukes and the failure of Japan’s policy of raising taxes back in 2009

On the 30th of April, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of the Happiness Realization Party (HRP) in Japan, gave a lecture entitled “The Truth: 8 Years Since the Founding”. In the lecture, which was given at Nissho Hall in Tokyo, Master Okawa made predictions about the military measures that U.S. President Donald Trump will take against North Korea.

Japanese critics and media are primarily proposing to resolve the issue through “talks”. Some think that Trump will do no more than pressure North Korea without taking military action.

Master Okawa rebutted these assertions by saying, “The U.S. will strike; and very soon”.

The “talking” approach of past U.S. administrations, and Obama’s “strategic patience”, only gave North Korea more time for nuclear development. It is clear that “talks” are not going to make North Korea give up its nuclear weapons.

If the tensions continue for too long, China and Russia may begin preparations to join in the military confrontation, and the battle could become even more chaotic. Trump does not have time to wait around.

Master Okawa commented on the scale of Trump’s strike. “It will be a short, large-scale strike,” he explained.


North Korea’s Collapse Must Lead to China’s Democratization

Master Okawa also suggested what path to take after the collapse of North Korea.
“It would be great if, once the military’s power is reduced, the North Korean people ignite a revolution for freedom and democracy.”
“It may look like there aren’t any people who would do that right now, but when the situation changes, people will come out. We will support those people and encourage their revolution,” he said.

Currently, Trump is outwardly showing a cooperative stance towards China’s Xi Jinping. But he plans to crush China’s military and economic dominance after he resolves the North Korea problem.

Considering this, Master Okawa stated, “North Korea will collapse, but what is important is that we establish an ideological encirclement network and create an international environment where China has no choice but to embrace freedom and democracy after witnessing the collapse of North Korea.” “We must motivate China to join in with the Western ideals; turn them away from their oppressive ambitions and have them bring Taiwan and Hong Kong’s ideals to Mainland China. Our battle of ideologies must go that far, and the HRP will continue forward with that in mind.”


HRP’s North Korea Policy Since 2009

Master Okawa’s lecture was given at an event to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the founding of the HRP.

One reason for HRP’s founding was a missile launch experiment that was conducted by North Korea in April 2009. At the time, the Japanese government reported that there was a “flying object”, implying that they could not confirm whether it was a missile or a rocket; but really it was an attempt to avoid friction with North Korea.

The HRP was founded because the government had shown that it was incapable of dealing with emergencies.

It took 8 long years before Japan plucked up the courage to use headlines such as “North Korea launches missile”, and for the government to start thinking about an anti-missile defense strategy.

In that time, North Korea continued its nuclear and missile experiments, and it has now reached the point where it has developed a nuclear warhead ICBM that could hit the U.S. mainland.

Master Okawa said that this delay in politics and public opinion was a huge problem for Japan.

He also commented on how Abenomics failed because of its policy of raising taxes, and the way out of this mistake is to learn from “Trumponomics”.

Master Okawa ended the lecture on a high note: “As long as the HRP exists, we will continue to see freedom, democracy and peace somewhere in this world.”

In the lecture Master Okawa also spoke about the following topics:

  • The situation regarding freedom of speech in Japan
  • Why we cannot separate religion and politics
  • Analyzing Trump’s abilities and character to predict his movements
  • What the U.S. fears about taking military measures
  • Potential revolutionaries that will emerge following the collapse of North Korea
  • The Japanese government’s speculation on fiscal reconstruction
  • The correct view of Japan’s fiscal situation
“Trump Will Strike Soon” Master Ryuho Okawa Predicts
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