North Korea’s Harsh Religious Oppression
Believers Discuss the "Power of Religion"

Key points in this article:

  • In North Korea, people in possession of the Bible are arrested and often tortured to death
  • Despite the odds, some believers risk their lives in missionary work to support their underground churches
  • Religion is the light that saves people from their suffering: the last stronghold that protects the people from despotism

North Korean law forbids religious activities by any organization because it is a “latent provocation against the state authority”. Daily NK, a U.S. news site specializing in North Korea, published this story. Below are some points discussed in the article:

  • “North Koreans repatriated from China face harsher punishments if they are known to have interacted with Christians”.
  • According to witnesses, authorities are known to arrest Christians and kill them by locking them in a freezer stripped naked, or implementing 5 days of continuous torture by 5 men.
  • Defectors who converted after being helped by Christians in China return to North Korea for missionary work. They discovered that many of the believers in the underground church were people working in respectable establishments.
  • The defector explained that the word “Truth” in the Bible means “Light”, and shedding light on the darkness in North Korea will reveal how the Kim family has been long deceiving its people. The power of religion, he says, is one important factor in the destruction of the dictatorial regime.

The Constitution of North Korea guarantees the freedom of religious belief, but this is opposite to what is actually happening.


Battling Fear to Continue Missionary Activities

Some people may find it inconceivable that a North Korean Christian who once succeeded in defecting would returning to North Korea to support the underground church. If the authorities discover what is being done, believers will be thrown into a living hell.
Knowing this, they still choose to hang on to their beliefs, and it shows how much religion and faith can become the light of salvation for the people.

On the 20th, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science recorded the spiritual messages of the guardian spirit of Kim Jong-un. When asked for his ‘final message to the world’, Kim’s guardian spirit said the following:

“I want to spread North Korea’s Juche ideology to countries that lack uniqueness, like South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. I think this ideology is the next ideology – after Marxism – that will take command of the world.”

By “Juche ideology” he is referring to the ideology advocated by North Korea’s first supreme leader Kim Il-sung: forcing all people to bow down to an absolute authority in order to maintain their dependence.

In other words, it is to take away people’s freedom and infringe upon their basic human rights. The people have been brainwashed to support Kim’s dictatorship. In once sense the Kim regime is a cult unto itself.

In his book “The Great Unification of Politics and Religion”, Master Okawa explained that a particular group of Christians are forming an underground support team to help people defect. He said:

“Religion is the only thing capable of assuming the role of helping people out of a despotic and dictatorial military state . . . when a state begins to travel down the road of tyrannies and atrocities causing great unhappiness to its people, religion becomes the final stronghold that will protect the people.”

Anti-religion and materialism cannot and must not overpower true faith. There are people out there risking their lives to continue missionary activities. Indeed the power of religion is the key to the destruction of the Kim Jong-un regime.

North Korea’s Harsh Religious Oppression
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