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Last November, we saw a dramatic change in U.S. politics.


Gene Ward

Republican member of the Hawaii House of Representatives



Motohisa Fujii

Director General of International Politics Division, Happy Science

The Surprising Presidential Race

Mr. Trump won the presidency. And it was a really surprising outcome for most Americans. President Trump was regarded as just an outsider, and not taken seriously, when he announced his decision to in for the presidential race one year and a half ago. So it was no wonder people could not imagine he would be eventually elected.


Interview with the Honorable Gene Ward

We recently had an opportunity to interview State Rep. Gene Ward, a prominent Republican in Hawaii. It is commonly known that Hawaii is where Obama was from, and also is a solid blue state where the GOP has no seats in either the U.S. House or Senate. We believe that Mr. Ward is one of a few precious conservative voices in Hawaii. His Interview is as follows:

Fujii: What do you see the with the Trump administration?


Trump as a “Different kind of an American”

Ward: I think the biggest surprise is that the White House has never had a real businessman in it. It’s always been lawyers, senators or governors. Generally, it is people who have come to the government, not outside the government. I think the only businessman who’s come before this President, is Harry Truman. He was a retailer. He went to the Congress and to the courts. The only one who kind of parachuted in was General Eisenhower, because of his heroic deeds in World War II. In Europe, he was head of the allied forces.


Trump as an Entrepreneur v. Government Insiders

So, Trump is a different kind of an American who has never been in the White House. Entrepreneurs and business people think differently than people in the government. Government (people) think and behave in a certain way. They have an expectation of certain things; whereas businesspeople … “OK. Let’s move this thing” … “Let’s get things going” … “You do this” … “You do that” … that’s the point of it.


America Adjusting to Trump

I think people are adjusting to Trump’s style: The way he speaks, he’s not a bureaucrat. He doesn’t talk like a lawyer. Obama was an orator and a lawyer. Trump is straightforward. What people don’t know though, is his background. His mother is Scottish. The Scottish are very tight on money so they know money. His children are very smart, intelligent and good-looking. The word is: We learned in Cleveland when we were at the Convention: You can’t fake good kids. Something good has come out of Trump.

America is still adjusting because no one like Trump has ever been in the White House. They think entrepreneurially. They act entrepreneurially. We had always had politicians and bureaucrats in the White House, as well as lawyers – everything but business people.


The Situation in Hawaii

Fujii: What do you see the situation in Hawaii now?

Ward: There’s 6 of us out of 76 – six in the House and none in the Senate; the only place in the United States.

Fujii: The Liberals are very strong.


Republican Values and National Principles

What’s encouraging in Hawaii is that the values of Republicans are the national values and the national principles that govern America. We know that there are just the six of us in office. We have the same values and principles as the ones who are now running the White House, running the Congress, running the Senate – thirty-three governing offices are Republican.


A New Day for Hawaii and America

So, America is Republican. Hawaii is not! So, we share the fact that America is being governed by a Republican administration. We have access to the White House. We have access to the Congress as much as the Congressional delegation who are Democrats. It’s a new day. Even though we’re in blue, blue, purple Hawaii, America is red. That’s the big difference.


How History changed Representative Ward

Fujii: You have a high respect for the Founding Fathers.

Ward: Yes, because we’re so far away from the Founding Fathers. This reminds me: In the beginning, it’s not about you – it’s about your country. Jefferson reminds me: “The common sense of the common people for a common good.” President John F. Kennedy changed my life by saying: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” I was in the Peace Corps many, many, years ago. I served in Borneo for two years. I also served in East Timor as the Country Director. Kennedy had a big influence on my life. I was a Democrat until President Reagan. I changed Party when Reagan told me about things that were important – some of the principles – some of the values. I said: “Hey! I’m thinking like Reagan so I must be a Republican.” So, I changed over.

Fujii: Do you think the Obama era was very liberal?


Obama v. the True Spirit of America

Ward: Yeah. Quite Liberal. Obama was trying to get something out of the Government. Remember, as John F. Kennedy said, “Don’t ask the Government what it can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Government.” Under Obama, it was: “Find out what you can get from the Government.” The government is going to be working more for you, watching over you and doing everything for you. It’s going to watch over you like big brother and big sister. That’s not the spirit of America. The rugged, self-reliant individual.

Like Japan, you work hard – the “Bushido” spirit. You are strong. You persist. You don’t give up. That’s the core of America that we were losing – I think under Obama, it slipped a bit.


U.S.-Japan Relations

Fujii: What is your opinion on US-Japan relation?

Ward: Extremely important, exceptionally important. The relationship between Japan and the U.S. is very, very, strong. It will remain strong. There’s no doubt whatsoever.


Interview’s Comment-The Hope for the Restoration of American Values under President Trump

During the Obama administration’s eight years, liberals became more dominant in American society than ever before. However, according to this interview, this idea doesn’t seem to be consistent with the traditional values fostered since the era of the Founding Fathers.

At this beginning of the Trump presidency, we are looking forward to seeing agendas that will restore American values and the spirit of America.

Conservative Voice from Obama’s Native State
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