The Decline of White-Centric Civilization and America’s Future
World Teacher's Message No.237

Excerpt from Q&A Session (9 October 2012 at Happy Science Headquarters)

The Question:

The U.S. seems to be having a dilemma as to whether or not to reassume the role of World Police, or to convert to national particularism. Either way I think Japan must stand up to protect itself, but I am still curious as to why the U.S. is in this sort of situation.


Master Okawa’s Answer:

I take this as a question about ‘love and war’, ‘love and peace’ and ‘war and peace’. This is a theme that I must speak about at length in my future lectures. It will take a long time to teach.

I recommend taking a look at my book, “2012 Will the World Really End?”

it is comprised of two spiritual messages: one of Emperor Montezuma of the ancient Aztecs, and the other is of Quetzalcoatl, a Mesoamerican deity. I wrote it back in 2011.

In this book, Montezuma said that he was actually the last Mayan king who was defeated by Spanish invaders. He is the same soul as that of U.S. President Barack Obama; in other words, one of his past lives.

So, Obama has accumulated karma from his life as Montezuma. He is a loving soul, but sometimes this love becomes a weakness, and he gives too much love or believes too much in the goodness of other people.


Love Without Justice Brings Defeat

But it is an undeniable truth that there is evil in this world, and there are evil people or people who have been possessed by evil spirits. Such people are historically known as settlers or invaders.

For the past several centuries, the invaders were mainly the Spanish. When they invaded the Americas, the Aztec civilization was destroyed and Emperor Montezuma was killed. After that, Montezuma was born in America as a Native American, and this life also ended at the hands of a white Protestant.

In this life, he has become the President of the United States of America. His soul tendency can only be shaped and elevated according to how and whether he can save the destroyers and invaders. But even during his early years as an attorney, Obama was always thinking of saving the poor and weak.

In other words, he is not thinking about the things that are crucial as the leader of a superpower nation: how to create a great country and civilization; how to face evil invading powers; how to maintain peace through power balance; and how to balance the two great superpowers [China and the U.S.]. This is because the religious experiences from his past lives tell him that sacrificing his own life is God’s will.

I think he is mistaken.

For the past two millennia, Christianity has been teaching that sacrificing yourself for others is an act of goodness. But if we look at the history of the Western world, their actions appear to be completely the opposite. There is another facet to their nature.

Their leaders believed in the justice and power of their empire and countries, and their desire to destroy the peoples of Africa, Asia and South America because of their ‘antiquated and evil religion’. The West’s current actions still reflect this. This is the difference between truly pious Christians, and the politicians and international theorists of Christendom.

We need to challenge this notion.


A Time of Change: Decline of White Civilization

We also need to question why holy war ideologies and actions arise from Christianity.

Of course, historically speaking, the Crusades were a means to battle against Islam: this has something to do with their karma. But a panoramic view of their current holy war reveals that a time-shift is occurring. In other words, times are changing. White civilization is gradually sinking beneath the currents of history, and a new force of the non-Caucasian races has emerged.

It is hard to tell whether it will be the yellow or black people who will eventually come to power. It is highly likely, however, that it will either be China, Japan, or the Islamic powers. It is impossible at this current moment to prophesize who it will be. Only posterity can tell.

But the reason for America’s dilemma and hesitation between reassuming the role of World Police, or to adopting national particularism, as has been said, is that the times are changing. Civilization is shifting. Whatever civilization next begins to spread will start a new page in the history of the Earth. The times, indeed, are changing.


Will the U.S. Continue to Decline?

If the U.S. continues to decline, it will become an opportunity for China to fill that power gap. In that case, if Japan were to aid the U.S., this relationship would act as a powerful counter agent against China’s empire ambition. Whether this new evil empire, the second Greater China, rises to power or not depends on our determination. Japan should not depend too much on the U.S. administration, and instead, stand up for itself in order to protect the peace in and around Japan.

First, Japan needs the power of the legendary Orochi serpent along with aid from the neighboring Asian Pacific countries to defeat and reform the corrupt Red Dragon, China.

Next, there is a need for practical power. Article 9 of the Constitution is stopping Japan from attaining practical military forces: the Yoshida Doctrine is still effective. The crux of the issue lies in whether we can change Article 9.
Indeed this is very difficult because in Japan, Leftists are very influential among the press and pressure groups. But this is why Happy Science’s political party, the Happiness Realization Party, has long been attesting to the indispensability of national defense.


Japan Can Protect the World Through Prosperity

Japan must start supporting the U.S. military power, which is now on the decline due to fiscal deficit problems. And Japan must prosper under the right financial policy. Japan needs to advance and progress much more: it is outrageous that the economy has not grown for the past 20 years. In that time, China has grown 8-fold.

I think that economic growth can itself become a defense mechanism. Japan needs economic growth and national defense: a practical defense power that can support the declining U.S. We must do everything we can for ourselves and for the neighboring countries in the Asian Pacific.

East Asian countries are waiting, expecting Japan to regain national defense power. God wills us to suppress evil forces, and spread goodness. Please, let us not forget this.

The Decline of White-Centric Civilization and America’s Future
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