Japan About to Be Nuked?
North Korea, the Most Menacing Country in the World

The submarine-launched ballistic missile fired by North Korea on August 24. If the submarine were positioned closer, the whole of Japan would be within range.

In September, North Korea conducted 5 of the largest nuclear experiments to date. They claim to now be able to make nuclear warheads small enough to be attached to a missile, and as many as they want.

The submarine-launched ballistic missile that North Korea launched in August landed 500km away, inside Japan’s Air Defense Identification Zone. Specialists speculate that it can cover over 1000km depending on the launch angle, and could therefore easily reach the Japanese mainland.

It is said to be the world’s greatest military threat, as it can approach countries on a submarine undetected, and launch from under the water.

This and the September experiments lead us to think that North Korea is rapidly advancing its military technology.


The Japanese Have Been Taken Hostage

North Korea continues its nuclear development, not only to maintain the Kim ‘empire’, but also because they aim to reunify North and South Korea. It is likely that they will use their nukes to take hostage of Japan, so they can threaten the international community and demand certain conditions. Japan’s national defense is in dire straits.

While China approves of the UN sanction of North Korea, underneath they are providing support such as supplying oil, and buying North Korean iron and coal.


Japan to Strengthen Defense by Holding Nukes

Japan’s national defense is currently relying on the U.S. Nuclear Umbrella.
President Obama has, however, tried to instill a ‘no-first-use’ policy. U.S. nuclear deterrence is getting weaker and weaker.

In this sense, if Republican Donald Trump becomes the next president we can rest assured. But if North Korea deploys a missile that can reach the American mainland, they will be occupied in defending themselves: defending Japan will be off their to-do list.

Looking at the suspicious situation in Asia should be enough to discern the need for Japan to establish a policy so they can actually defend themselves.

In a public lecture in February this year, Master Ryuho Okawa founder of Happy Science spoke of about the need for Japan to equip nuclear weapons as a way to stop other countries from using theirs. The lecture received media coverage for this seemingly radical statement. But observing North Korea and China’s movements since August, it is now clear as daylight how crucial it is to equip Japan with nukes.

Japan’s politicians should properly assess Japan’s current position in world affairs and introduce policies that can protect its people, instead of being swayed by election results and internal political situations.

Japan About to Be Nuked?
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