The Purpose of Life


In this first of a series of eight, Master Okawa introduces us to Happy Science and discusses, “What is the Purpose of Life”, the core question of existence. Okawa teaches that we are all souls, connected analogously and in reality to a tree of life, which branches out into the cosmic universe. The tree of life is called, “El Cantare”, and is the origin of life on Earth.

Think about this tree as having branches that represent the nations, the ethnicities, the different sexes, the different religions, and all the “isms” that separate and join us together. The branches continuously divide. Think of the leaves as a life form that produces each of us. At the tip of the leaves, envision a core soul. From that central soul see other souls forming as creation occurs. We are all connected to one another; that is why we have the power to dissipate hate from the world and create a planet of love.

Our purpose in life is to learn the lessons gained through experience, the power of faith, the value of perseverance. This is the workbook of life. How you live each chapter is fluid and depends on the lessons to be gleaned. Know that fate is not fixed. We are a work in progress, going through life training.

But the essential lesson is that we live our experiences together; we are all connected; we have been together before and may be together again as we traverse the lessons of the soul in achieving the ultimate lessons of God or Buddha. The overriding purpose of life is to love, to follow the truth, not to develop attachment to the things of the world, but to make spiritual connections.

We are guests on this planet. Let us learn that there are no differences in the heart; there is no hatred that cannot be overcome with love, no real sectarianism, ethnicity, sexism or separatism of nations or nationalities. All souls are children of God.

This is the teaching of Happy Science. Join Master Ryuho Okawa in creating a global happiness revolution. Listen to his message and start to create your own happiness.

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The Purpose of Life
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