A Spiritual Interview With George Washington About The Future Direction of America

Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, recently conducted a spiritual interview with George Washington, the first President of the United States, to find out his views about the future direction of America. The Spiritual interview took place on September 22, 2016.

In a spiritual interview, Master Okawa is able to summon a spirit from the spiritual realm and have them talk through him while he remains fully conscious. Master Okawa has this ability as a result of his high level of enlightenment. The spirit is usually interviewed by three people who are present with Master Okawa. The spiritual interview with George Washington was conducted by Yuta Okawa, Managing Director of the CEO’s office, together with other interviewers from Happy Science.


Who Was President George Washington?

George Washington was the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. His strong leadership qualities helped America gain its freedom; ever a man of morals and strong principles, he resigned as Commander-in-Chief of the Army in 1787 rather than seize power, thus proving his distaste for dictatorship. He was elected President in 1789. Among his first programs was a move to satisfy all debts, federal and state, and implement an effective tax system.


Distaste of Faction

President Washington was not a member of any political party, and was against the formation of political parties. He warned against their evils, as he feared infighting, believing this would restrict progress and undermine government.


President Washington’s Foreign Policy

President Washington warned against foreign influence in domestic affairs and cautioned against “permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world”. He believed the U.S. must concentrate on America’s interests.

He also exhibited integrity, self-discipline, courage, absolute honesty and resolve.


Wealth Prevented Him From Becoming a Dictator

In excerpts from a presentation made on February 22, 2000 at the George Washington Club Ltd., in Wilmington, Delaware entitled “George Washington, Genius in Leadership”, Rev. Richard C. Stazesky, spoke of Washington as a man of wealth and saw this as a plus, as there would be less temptation for corruption.

He also opined that Washington lived and worked with the finest minds of his time for guidance – thinkers far better educated than he. He got most of his ideas from others, but was not dependent on them. He was an intelligent and intellectually astute leader. He was also marked by multi-faceted experience, ambition and had a well-deserved reputation as a patriot.

His charismatic style and energy instilled his vision in others and empowered a nation to move forward. According to Stazesky, “He was a political chameleon willing to change his colors to conform to the interests and ideas of his brilliant counselors”.


America: A City on a Hill

Rev. Stazesky also stated that “He also envisioned the nation as contributing to the uplifting and happiness in the years, even centuries, to come of the whole world”, adding, “This vision is now being fulfilled as an increasing number of nations of the world become democracies”.

Washington was a conservative, believing in the rule of law. He built a government that could be trusted by its citizens.


Volcanic Temper of President George Washington

Another interesting contributing factor to Washington’s success was his reliance on the contribution of his family and friends. And he had a “volcanic temper”, which he had to learn to control to lead effectively.


Addressing the America First Policy

In the spiritual interview, President Washington addressed the idea of an “America First” policy. He said such a policy should not be understood as an isolationist policy. He said we should create new power in the United Stated and rebalance the world. Washington’s view is that we should make America a dominant country again, and take on new leadership.


What Should Be America’s Immigration Policy?

Regarding immigration, President Washington believes America is still a melting pot, but one that must give entry to those who will love America, honor its laws, assimilate into society and help bring greater prosperity to the nation. Therefore, strengthening America’s borders would not be a show of exclusivity, but instead would illustrate a strength and commitment to keeping America safe for all Americans, whether native born or not.


Washington’s Views on Foreign Policy

When asked how he thought the United States should deal with the Islamic State, Washington underscored the importance of protecting Israel.

Washington also addressed the growing cooperation between China and Russia. He said China and Russia are cooperating in conducting joint exercise in the Spratly Islands to go against the United States. Washington thinks America should divide the two powers and that America should develop a new friendship with Vladimir Putin. Putin, Washington said, has great leadership and is more skilled at controlling his political power than President Obama.


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Since Obama became President in 2009, the U.S. has gradually withdrawn from its role as the world’s policeman. As a consequence, order in the international community is crumbling: the Middle East is now in greater chaos, and North Korean and Chinese military expansion has become unstoppable. President Obama’s overemphasis on human rights and overlooking the difficult geopolitical situation has turned the Philippines away from the United States. The debacle of the Trans-Pacific Partnership can be equated to the failure to participate in The League of Nations, despite President Woodrow Wilson having been its primary advocate.

What the world needs is a great America; an America that returns to its role as the leader of the world. If the U.S. continues to pursue isolationist policies with weak liberalism, there will be no strong referee in the world and we could end up losing law and order as nations such as China, Russia and America continue to dangerously compete with each other.

When Master Ryuho Okawa gave a lecture in New York City on Oct 2nd, entitled, “Freedom, Justice and Happiness”, he said, “The Red States and Blue States should both aim toward the same goal. America must be the protector of the world. This is your mission.” And he concluded, “Be great. With great power comes great responsibility.”

Whether the U.S. can unite once more to influence the world in the name of the American Dream is all up to the results of the presidential election held on 8 November 2016.

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A Spiritual Interview With George Washington About The Future Direction of America
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