China harasses Taiwan over “One China”
How will President Tsai deal with this?

Taiwan is curious to know whether Tsai who will assume office on May 20th, will accept the “One China’ ideology in her inaugural speech for the new Democratic Progressive Party’s Tsai administration. On the 9th, the pro-independence group World United Formosans for Independence, had a press conference in Taipei, and said that Taiwan should not accept the ‘One China’ ideology as it endorses Taiwan as part of China.

According to a report on the 10th by newspaper Liberty Times, the former Taiwan Representative to Japan Lo Fu-chen stood up at the press conference and said the following:

  • The 1992 Consensus where Taiwan and China allegedly agreed to the ‘One China’ ideology is a fiction: it never happened. The Tsai administration must protect the standing of Taiwan rather than worry about the relationship with China.
  • A recent census in Taiwan found that around 70% of Taiwanese people thought of Taiwan as belonging to the Taiwanese, not to China.
  • The primary reason that the administration changed from the Chinese Nationalist Party to the Democratic Party was to re-establish Taiwan’s democratic values, and not the values of the Communist Party of China.


China stopped Taiwan’s participation in WHO assembly?

The World Health Organization (WHO) will hold a World Health Assembly (WHA) starting on the 23rd, and it is becoming a problem in Taiwan that they received their invitation to the WHA much later than every other country involved. The invitation to Taiwan from the WHO referred to Taiwan as a “Province of China” and “Chinese Taipei”. It is without question that the invitation makes considerations to China who does not accept Taiwan as a country.

It has been said that there is a secret promise between the WHO and China that Taiwan cannot join the assembly without China’s permission. China is trying to restrain Taiwan and it’s new DPP Tsai administration, for going against the ‘One China’ principle, through pressuring the WHO.


Protect Taiwanese Peoples’ Rights from China’s Harassment

For Taiwan, joining the WHA strongly related to the basic human rights of medical services and health. If they cannot speedily acquire new treatments or the necessary information and skills regarding sanitation and health, it will put the peoples’ safety in danger.

Taiwan has been the victim of much harassment from China, who is planning annexation. The international community must not and cannot ignore this sort of unjust treatment of Taiwan by China.

Japan and Taiwan do not yet have diplomatic relations, but they are connected through tourism, cultural exchange and aid during earthquake emergencies. Japan should really support Taiwan in its advancement into the international community.


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China harasses Taiwan over “One China”
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