An Economic Revolution based on God’s Teachings
Master Okawa's Osaka Lecture

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, gave a public lecture entitled “Faith and Prosperity” at Osaka-jo Hall in Osaka on the April 11th.. Around 11 thousand people gathered at the main venue, while the lecture was also broadcast live via the Happy Science relay network to various facilities throughout Japan.


What Obama’s Hiroshima Visit Signifies

On the morning of the lecture newspapers announced that President Obama decided to visit to Hiroshima during the next G7 summit in late May.

Master Okawa expressed his concerns that Obama may visit the site and not apologize for dropping the atom bomb during WWII, but instead promise Japan to abolish nuclear weapons. If this is true, Japan would not be able to arm itself for defense, and the U.S. nuclear umbrella would be no more. It will mean announcing to the world that the U.S. will no longer be able to defend its associated nations.

Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, just announced that they would not use nuclear weapons unless they are threatened by invasion forces. While they will continue to develop nuclear weapons, they explained that they would fulfill the duty of creating a nuclear-free world by preventing the spread of nuclear usage. It almost sounds as if they wish to appear as a superpower.

Without the nuclear umbrella, Japan would be unable to protect itself against China and North Korea’s nuclear weapons in case of an attack. Master Okawa criticized politicians’ lack of a sense of crisis in a situation where independent arming of nuclear weapons is the only way Japan can protect itself.


Building the Future Economy through Economic Revolution

Master Okawa also spoke on the themes expressed in the topic of “Faith and Prosperity”. He said, “We are undertaking spiritual, political and educational revolutions simultaneously. And with this, we need to put our energy into an economic revolution”. He added that it is important to act according to what God expects of human society. If we forget this, we cannot establish justice. We must make advancements in politics and economics based on God’s teachings. Religion and politics must never be separated. Master ended the lecture by saying that the ideal future of Japan as a religious nation lies in prospering according to God’s wishes.


HRP 7th Anniversary of Founding: “That Policy Sounds Familiar!”

Before the main lecture, the 7th anniversary of the founding of the Happiness Realization Party was celebrated. Head of the party, Ryoko Shaku, greeted everyone and introduced the principle policy proffered in 2009: “Our financial policy aims for 3% inflation. We will supply an abundance of capital to the market through introducing 0% interest and other quantitative easing.” Does this not sound familiar? She said. “Yes, its Abenomics”. Shaku pointed to the fact that the Liberal Democratic Party copied the Happiness Realization Party’s policies.

For a while, after Abenomics was introduced, economic conditions improved, and the employment rate rose. The Nikkei Stock Average also rose above 20 thousand yen. Abenomics became a miserable failure; however, since Prime Minister Abe raised the consumption tax to 8%, conditions have worsened and stock prices have dropped.

Shaku said, “the consumption tax will be raised to 10% in April of next year, but it will create huge damage on the economy because 60% of the Japanese economy consists of consumption.” She claimed that the tax should be lowered to 5%. She also touched on the North Korea nuclear problem and historical issues that need revising: “We can no longer rely on the government. Please entrust it to us.”
The Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Shiga, and Kyoto candidates for the next House of Representatives elections were also introduced at the event.

In his lecture, Master Okawa additionally spoke on the following points:

  • How Japan is behind in its perception of religion
  • Similarities between China and North Korea, and current society in Japan
  • The difference between liberalist economics and state socialist economics
  • Problems in education and mass media
  • Symptoms of state socialism in the government

The full lecture can be viewed at your local Happy Science branch.

An Economic Revolution based on God’s Teachings
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