“Religious Believers must make the Effort to Show the Right Path”
Master Okawa's Kyoto Lecture

On the 17th of April, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, gave a public lecture entitled “Becoming the Pioneers in History” at the Uji Culture Center in Kyoto. Approximately 1,300 people gathered in the main hall, and listened as the lecture was broadcast live via the Happy Science relay network to both Kyoto government and Shiga prefecture government facilities.

Master Okawa began by assuring the people of Kumamoto that he has no intension of criticizing them for the series of large earthquakes that have continued in Kyushu since the 14th. At the same time, he articulated that the Kumamoto and Miyazaki areas are the place of origin for Japanese Shinto, and that the Japanese gods have something to say about the politics of the country, and have thus caused the earthquakes.

Religion customarily seeks divine will as a cause for natural disasters such as huge earthquakes. On the 15th, the day after the magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Kumamoto, Master Okawa recorded the spiritual reading “The Divine Will behind the Kumamoto Earthquake”, to find the spiritual reason behind the disaster. It became apparent that the earthquake was the result of the accumulation of opinions held by the gods of Japan and the great spirits of people who caused the Meiji Restoration.

Kyoto is closely related to the Meiji Restoration. Master Okawa touched upon the fact that while the Meiji Restoration brought about much progress, after the war Japan became extremely materialistic; they began forgetting the importance of God and pride they exhibited for having fought against racism that had spread around the world. He expressed his desire for the people of Japan to try to remember and understand the people who fought with their lives and caused the Meiji Restoration to create a better world.


A Crisis Similar to the Meiji Restoration Period

The Meiji Restoration was triggered by societal class disparity, and the need for national defense against the colonizing threat from Europe and America.

The current situation is very similar.

While it was the Liberal Democratic Party that pulled Japan’s politics together in the post-war period, consequently contributing to the progress of the country, they have become arrogant due to remaining in power too long, and now have led to the creation of over 1 quadrillion yen (US$10.5 trillion) of debt.

Master Okawa commented that this large-scale debt occurred because the government adopted a ‘subsidy administration’: the government issued bonds using the peoples’ tax money and distributed it to organizations in order to gain votes in elections. The government has been saying that the people created the debt, but this is simply not true. Master Okawa explained that the Liberal Democratic Party incurred the debt in order to win elections.

North Korea and China are becoming more threatening, and Japan is in increasing danger. In January North Korea conducted a hydrogen bomb experiment, and they continue to launch missiles. China has been making man-made islands in the South China Sea and have deployed missiles and fighter aircrafts thus threatening nearby islands. The Japanese Abe administration, however, has done nothing save for passing the 2015 Japanese military legislation that permits the right of collective self-defense. This will be insufficient to counteract nuclear possessing countries in case of an incursion.

Master Okawa warned that we must impose nuclear abolition upon these countries or consider a concrete countermeasure in case of nuclear attack. Otherwise Japan may be doomed.. He added that surely the great patriots of the Meiji restoration would not just stood around and done nothing.

Master Okawa mentioned that some people refer to Article 9 in the Constitution of Japan in order to oppose strengthening national defense, but he reminded the audience of Article 13: each person has a right to the pursuit of happiness.

He said: “Please note that we have a right NOT to be one-sidedly invaded by another unjust country and have our lives, safety, property, land and airspace taken from us. We have a right to become free of these fears, and aim to attain happiness.”

Finally, Master Okawa referred to how the Christian church protected the Jews from Nazi abomination, and said that religion is the final stronghold to protect the country from tyranny: “Now is the time for religious believers to make the effort to show the right path for the country.”


The Happiness Realization Party will Answer to the Coming Age

Before the lecture began, a Happiness Realization Party presentation was provided by the head of party, Ryoko Shaku, and Happy Science Executive Director Eiichi Satomura.

Shaku began by addressing her condolences for the victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake, and announced that the Happiness Realization Party will be fundraising for the restoration of the area and people.

Asked why she supported the Kyoto candidates for the substitute election for the House of Representatives, she answered, “This substitute election is the result of a scandal caused by a Liberal Democratic Party member, and clearly indicates that the country’s politics has hit a limit. I have placed my expectations on new people and possibilities.” She added that, “there are times when the epoch ends and the common sense until then is strongly challenged. We are currently in the eve of the revolution. The Happiness Realization Party will answer to the coming age.”

The Party candidate for the Kyoto substitute election, Mitsuko Ooyagi, made it to the lecture venue amidst her busy schedule, and announced her reason for running. She said, “I want to regain true politics that is not two-faced . . . there are many people who cannot find pride in their country and see no hope for the future. I cannot stand still and watch this happen because I love Kyoto and I love Japan.” She noted that Kyoto was a place where many epoch changing events occurred, and declared:, “Let us, the people of Kyoto, create a bright future for Japan through our thinking and actions.”

In Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture, he additionally touched upon the following points:

  • How the spirit of the Meiji Restoration achieved what America’s dream of racial equality seeks to attain
  • The reason for the Liberal Democratic Party’s huge debt
  • The machinations behind the “My Number” system
  • The reason why Japan’s GDP hasn’t exceeded 500 trillion yen
  • That Prime Minister Abe plans a double election
  • The law separating religion and state opposes Article 14: equality under the law
  • The role Japan must fulfill for the world

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“Religious Believers must make the Effort to Show the Right Path”
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