Why Our Religion Promotes Equipping Nuclear Armaments
Foreign Relations and Defense to Protect Peace in Asia

Why does a religion have to promote the strengthening of national defense, including equipping the country with nuclear armaments?

The answer is because peaceful life in Asia is being increasingly endangered everyday. North Korea already possesses nuclear missiles that threaten Japan and the U.S. In February, China deployed missiles to the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea in an attempt to secure their rule over the South China Sea.


Surpassing the US In 2050

China aims to surpass the U.S. as a superpower nation by the100th anniversary of the founding of their country in the year 2049. According to the plans of the Chinese Liberation Army and specialists, China’s next course of action is as follows:


  1. Annex Taiwan by 2020. This will allow them to block off the South China Sea and the East China Sea, located west of the First island chain (Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines), from U.S. intervention.
  2. Operate 6 aircraft carriers targeting initiation between the period of 2030-40. This will allow them to block of U.S. intervention from the area west of the Second island chain (Ogasawara Islands, Iwo Jima, Guam). China will then have complete control over the sea lane leading to the Middle East.
  3. Make the U.S. retreat to Hawaii by 2050 and assume domination and control over the western half of the Pacific Ocean.

North Korea is trying to establish a Kim Jong-un dynasty by using nuclear missiles, but that’s not all. Some critics predict that North Korea will use nuclear weapons when they attack South Korea. In other words, they plan to annex South Korea using nuclear weapons.

While the Middle Eastern conflict is unfolding in countries such as Syria, Asia is on the verge of catastrophic nuclear warfare between superpower nations.


Bound By Religiously Upholding Article 9 of the Constitution

In relation to all of this, Japan is rendered powerless by the binding power of Article 9 of the Constitution. It was the U.S. that promulgated Article 9 upon Japan in 1945. General Douglas MacAarthur was the instigator, and in his notebook was written “renounce war as sovereign right of the nation”.

That is, Japan was stripped of its most important sovereign right to protect the country. On the contrary, it was MacArthur that announced to the Japanese people in 1950 that “aArticle 9 is based upon the highest of moral ideals, but by no sophistry of reasoning can it be interpreted as complete negation of the inalienable right of self-defence against unprovoked attack.” (MacArthur, supra note 38, at 304). Japan, however, ignored this U.S. request to amend Article 9, which is where we remain now. Hence, Article 9 has been religiously upheld by Japanese Leftists influenced by heavy endorsement from the USSR and China.

Instances of this can be seen in a book “Unarmed Neutrality” written by the Chief Secretary of the Socialist Democratic Party of Japan from the 1980s, in which he argued that non-resistance and surrender is the most peaceful way to protect Japan when other countries decide to invade. The Socialist Democratic Party of Japan, however, was receiving monetary support from the USSR, and this was simply a reflection of what the USSR was demanding.

Currently, China is the most enthusiastic supporter of Article 9 in the Constitution of Japan. When the truth is revealed, it will be clear that China is pulling the strings behind the anti-defense policy, and anti-nuclear energy movements in Japan.


The Coming Age of Slavery

China is gradually devouring the Asia Pacific. Japan religiously embraces Article 9. A preview of the future that awaits was brought into reality when the Beijing government kidnapped book publication editors in Hong Kong: a future where China suppresses the freedom of the people. When this becomes true throughout the Asia Pacific, an age will come where freedom is dead, and people are slave to evil and surrender to injustice.

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, gave a lecture entitled “The Power to Guide the World” in February, warning Japan that a North Korean hydrogen bomb could kill between 1 to 2 million people. As a religion, Happy Science cannot let this evil prevail.


The Possibility that the US Army Will Yield to China

Master Okawa explained in his lecture that opinion and philosophy, foreign relations and national defense are important in the fight to prevent the people of Asia from becoming slaves.

In fighting using opinion and philosophy, we need to spread the realization that military power used to protect the freedom and happiness of the people is moral good. The U.S. deprived Japan of the sovereign power of self-defense because they assessed that Japan was an evil country that invaded others, but the truth is Japan destroyed the Euro-American colonization of Asia protecting them from slavery. What we want to do is to regain pride in Japan and finally convince the U.S. to apologize.

In terms of foreign relations, Master Okawa has suggested prioritizing the strengthening of the U.S.-Japan alliance. For Japan to form an alliance with the greatest military power in the world means that other countries will not find it easy to attack. While this is true, President Obama’s idea for the U.S. to stop being the World Police is spreading amongst the U.S. military. The reason for this is the increasing danger for the U.S. military. China’s air-to-ship missiles now have better aim to effectively bring down U.S. aircraft carriers, and in a Taiwan emergency, the U.S. plan is to withdraw to Guam or Hawaii. Their plan is to leave Japan and Taiwan to fight for themselves and to enter the scene later.

Additionally, China has nuclear missiles that can target the major cities in the U.S., so if China pressures them to abandon Asia, we must be prepared for the worst-case scenario.


Taiwan Emergency

China is planning to annex Taiwan by 2020 and push the U.S. army out of the First island chain, so we have no choice but for the countries of the First island chain to work together to deflect China’s ambitions.

Japan ought to form an alliance with countries such as Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam. Every country is kept alive by the sea-lane leading through to the Middle East, so we must work together to protect the Asian seas.

The problem is ‘how would China carry out their annexation of Taiwan?’


Step 1.

China will create a naval blockade with explosive mines and threaten Taiwan with missiles.


Step 2.

Perform cyber attacks on Taiwan’s infrastructure.


Step 3.

Attack Taiwanese military bases, the U.S. military residing in Japan and the Japanese Self-Defense Force with missiles.


Step 4.

Disembark and conquer Taiwan.

China aims to make Taiwan surrender at the early stage of Step 1.


How to Protect Taiwan

If we were to establish a defense countermeasure backwards from Step 4, the development with the greatest consequences, it will become thus:


Counter Step 4.

Stop China from landing in Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands. In order to make China keep their distance, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force must deploy their surface-to-ship missiles (approx. range 200km) on the shoreline and gain air supremacy over the South China Sea by allowing the Japan Air Self-Defense Force to use the airports in Okinawa, which number over 20. Strengthen Ground Defense security crops on the main islands of the Ryukyu Islands, and have them conduct naval patrols of the area with helicopter carriers.


Counter Step 3.

In order to prevent China from launching their missiles, we must procure or make our own midrange cruise missiles that can reach China (approx. range 2000-3000km) and deploy them in various locations around Japan. Preparing security measures missiles that can reach central Beijing and Pyongyang will stop China from reckless missile launches.

The same could be said for nuclear missiles. We must gain nuclear-powered submarines equipped with nuclear missiles that can retaliate at any time (For more on how to become nuclear equipped, please see last month’s ‘Editor’s Monthly Column.) This will also work to counter North Korea’s nuclear missiles.


Counter Step 2.

Prepare defense and retaliation plans for surprise cyber attacks.


Counter Step 1.

Blockade Chinese Naval warships and submarines with explosive mines so they cannot leave their ports, and attack their Marine Corps submarines. Sell Japanese submarines to Taiwan before China makes a move, and work together to counterattack.


Send a Helicopter carrier to India

To the above, we would like to add the protection of the sea-lane with the help of the U.S. army. If Japan sends a fleet of helicopter carriers to India, they can help the U.S. thus strengthening the U.S-Japan alliance. This huge boost in national security will require large sums of money, but in this age of low interest rates and no decent place to spend, gathering 100 trillion yen in 10 years is not unrealistic.

In addition, Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan should be amended to retrieve the sovereign power of protecting its own country. The above countermeasures, however, are specifically designed to counter China, and Japanese political leaders must carry these out regardless of whether or not Article 9 is amended.


Peace under True Freedom

If things continue as they are, Japan and other Asian countries will be devoured by China and North Korea’s enslavement. As aforementioned, Japan fought in WWII and successfully freed Asia from Euro-American slavish colonization. Japan had many victims who willingly exchanged their lives for upholding their noble cause and Bushido spirit.

Now, 70 years later, Japan has the power to change the fate of a soon enslaved Asia, by regaining the Bushido spirit. We have the power to save the people of China and North Korea who are suffering under political oppression.

Religion is the source of the new Bushido spirit. Through it, we must promote and act to strengthen national security and realize peace under true freedom.

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Why Our Religion Promotes Equipping Nuclear Armaments
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