What Is North Korea Planning With Its Hydrogen Bomb?

On January 6, North Korea announced that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, the fourth nuclear test since 2006.

While the world was still scrambling to figure out exactly what this test meant for the hermit kingdom and the rest of Asia, Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of Happy Science, performed an interview with the guardian spirit of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to decipher his true intentions.

As the first (and only) interview of its kind, this interview will give a clear view of what the North Korean leader is thinking, providing crucial insights into the future of East Asia’s security environment.


Who Are The Targets?

Those were the words of the North Korean leader’s guardian spirit, as he expounded on the achievements of his nation under his iron rule.

Questioned whether the test was indeed a hydrogen bomb instead of a fission device, he dismissively quipped that there were left-wing media and political leaders in Japan and around the world that would like to play down the test so they can justify their own inaction and incompetence.

He claimed that the latest test meant that North Korea has already succeeded in the miniaturization of a fission device, and that the next step is to test a ballistic missile capable of delivering the warhead.

When asked who his targets would be, he claimed that “Washington D.C.” would be within his sights, and certainly all of South Korea and Japan. By saber-rattling with nuclear weapons, he clarified his plans to “enslave” both South Korea and Japan to draw out economic aid, while deterring U.S. intervention. To press his point about the supremacy of North Korea in East Asia, he claimed that by the time the U.S. were able to retaliate, he would be able to vaporize all of South Korea and Japan.

During the interview, he claimed that it would be “after this test, I’d like to use a hydrogen bomb in a conflict”, while at the same time saying that he “would like to keep South Korea’s economic infrastructure intact” to make sure North Korea has access to the spoils of war. Against Japan, he casually demanded “$100 Billion” in order to avoid doomsday.


The World According To Kim Jong-Un

While his vision for East Asia seemed to show a rational if ruthless mind, capable of performing his own strategic calculations to achieve his own goals, his views on the intangible qualities of leadership and greatness seemed to betray his megalomania and narcissism.

Showing his contempt for leaders of democratic nations such as Mr. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Mr. Abe, all of whom he sees as weak and incapable of leading their respective nations, he seemed to be under the impression that neither American nor Japanese leaders had the courage to stand up to him, while describing himself as one of the towering figures in history. In fact, his view that “this is Obama’s last year in office, so he won’t do anything other than make empty statements” was the main reason for going ahead with the test at this time.

Despite his inflated sense of ego, his analysis of the geopolitical situation in East Asia showed a ruthless and cold-headed strategist.

If a conflict were to erupt in Asia, he claimed that Iran would fire its missiles against Israel in order to force a second front. While conceding that North Korean-Iranian cooperation has, thus far, been limited to technical exchanges, he displayed confidence in his ability to coordinate action with Iran.

He claimed that China was attempting to use North Korea as a proxy to deter Japan and South Korea while extending its own influence in South East Asia. This seemed to show Kim Jong-Un’s view of China-North Korea relations as rooted in geopolitical interests rather than mutual trust and friendship.

For this reason, he seemed to show a distrust of Chinese President Xi Jingping, who he described as “two-faced”; showing a friendly face to the West, while pursuing military ambitions in Asia.

Calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “dictator”, who possesses thousands of nuclear weapons, Kim Jong-Un’s guardian spirit seemed to show some respect for Mr. Putin’s strengths as a leader. However, when pressed on whether Japan would be able to rely on Russia to deter North Korea, he asserted that with Japan siding with the West over the crisis in Ukraine, Russia was unlikely to come to the aid of Japan.

To that end, his view that Japan was incapable of defending itself against a nuclear North Korea was compounded by his implicit support for the protesters in Okinawa calling for the elimination of U.S. bases. With the U.S. military gone, he mentioned that Japan would not be able to defend itself against North Korea or China. That the protesters, whom he called “idiots”, did not seem to understand this reality was enough for him to show his contempt for their lack of perspective.

After the spiritual interview, Master Okawa pointed out that he had been warning about the dangers of a nuclear-armed North Korea during his Tokyo Dome speech in 1994, after which world leaders sat back and failed to take action.

The endless rounds of diplomacy, sanctions, and saber-rattling has now come full circle to result in a nuclear-armed North Korea, threatening to turn the tide of history back toward darker days.

But Master Okawa had the following to say in his publication “The Imperishable Laws”.

I believe that “the tragedy along the 38th parallel needs to come to an end”. When the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union ended, the world wasn’t thrown into turmoil. The world found peace after “World War III” ended without a single loss of life.

It almost seems like yesterday that media showed people with picks tearing down the Berlin Wall, which separated the former Soviet Union and the free world. But the fall of the Berlin Wall didn’t cause misery for anyone.

People like to make walls between themselves. The 38th parallel is a wall in itself. It not only separates the North and the South, but parents, brothers and sisters, extended family members are unable to see each other.

North Korea has tens of thousands of people trying to escape even if it means risking their own lives.

Even though countless North Koreans are starving to death, there is a small group of crazy leaders who develop nuclear weapons for the sake of self-preservation, and call themselves a “strong nation”.

I think it’s time to end this, and I believe that history will move in the right direction.

20 million North Koreans are suffering under the regime.

If God’s will is to be realized, this regime must not be allowed to continue through the 21st century.

This year, “The Laws of Justice” will be published (expected late January). The time has come to take another look at what God would consider to be just.


What are spiritual messages?

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What is a guardian spirit?

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What Is North Korea Planning With Its Hydrogen Bomb?
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