Will the Kant’s Enlightenment Lead Modern People to the Truth?
Critique of What Is Enlightenment by Kant?

Kant has had a major influence on modern learning. People commonly believe that Kant’s philosophy began the trend to remove spiritual thought from objects of study. Over the years, Master Okawa has published 2 books of Kant’s spiritual messages. (*) Once again on October 25th, he invited Kant to his home for a discussion on the “spirit world” and “God or Buddha”.


Kant Spoke Simply about “Reason”

When Master Okawa asked, “What is enlightenment”, Kant said at the beginning of his spiritual message that all of his books should have gone out of print. He actually considers reading his books on complex philosophy to be a waste of time for modern people.

Kant went on to say that the objective of enlightenment is to discover who you are. He also expressed in detail his own views about various subjects such as ways of thinking that lead people to self-discovery, the old institutions of Catholic Church from his time, and mystical philosophies.

The spirit of Kant revealed that the objective of his philosophy was not to deny spiritual thought, rather it was to separate “the religious teachings that tend to bring people back to the old days” from “the ones that are universal and can be passed down” and “the ones that positively impact future learning and human ways of life.”

Afterwards, he analyzed how the collapse of mystical thought and the belief in a messiah has had an influence on the mass media of today and the ideals of democracy. He stated clearly that the tendency to reject messages from spirits leads people to a denial of all religious traditions, including the Old Testament’s prophetic ministries.

When it came to “Reason”, which was the core of Kantian ethics, he explained that reason predicts what might happen when certain kinds of thoughts prevail. He also talked clearly about the differences between heaven, hell, and supreme good.

(*) Master Ryuho Okawa’s The Complete Works of Spiritual Messages Vol.9, Spirituality and Education (an IRH Press publication)
Will the Kant’s Enlightenment Lead Modern People to the Truth?
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