What Is the True Teachings of Islam? “Do not become concerned about small things but belive in God’s great love and mercy.”
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An individual life, society, nation, humanity, earth and universe — as a compass that guides everything toward a happy future, we will offer you a Q & A session with World Teacher, Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science.


Ryuho Okawa is the founder and CEO of Happy Science. He was born on July 7, 1956. After graduating from University of Tokyo in the faculty of law, he joined a Tokyo-based trading house. While working at its New York headquarters, he studied international finance at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

On March 23rd, 1981, he achieved Great Enlightenment, and awakened to the hidden part of his consciousness, El Cantare, whose mission is to bring happiness to all humanity. In October 1986, he established Happy Science. Okawa has published over 1,400 books, including The Laws of the Sun and the Declaration of Happiness Realization Party. His books have sold millions of copies worldwide and in 2013 alone he published 106 books, breaking his own Guinness World Record for publishing 52 books a year. He has given over 2,100 lectures worldwide. He has also produced eight feature-length films based on his works. The movies, The Final Judgment and The Mystical Laws were released in 2012. He also established the Happy Realization Party, Happy Science Academy, and the Happy Science Institute of Government and Management.

The Question:

Some branches of Islam believe that Mahdi, the 12th son of Muhammad, will eventually bring utopia on earth. Would you tell us your views on Islam?
(2012.10.14. at The Sydney Convention Center, Sydney, Australia)


Master Okawa’s Answer:

Islam Is a Religion That Upholds Tradition and Fails to Adapt to the Modern Society

I think Islamic society is now facing a very difficult situation with Iran currently seen as a kind of dynamite on the earth. People of the world have become seriously concerned about and sensitive to Iran. The majority of the population in Iran is Shia, while other Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia have large Sunni population. My third son has a connection with Shia in his past life more than 1400 years ago, which will be explained in the near future. (2*)

Now Jesus Christ is a person who lived 2000 years ago, Muhammad over 1400 years ago, and Shakyamuni Buddha over 2500 years ago. Since they lived in different eras and different regions from us, it is quite difficult for modern people to ask them what they would do about various problems as a founder of each religion.

“What should be done now here on earth, in this country, and in this region?” “What do you think of other religions like Christianity, be it Catholic or Protestant?” “What do you think of Judaism?” “What do you think of Japanese Shinto or Buddhism?” I think the followers of each religion want answers to these questions. However, traditionally, religions tend to stick to the original teachings and ways of doing things, rigidly observe the precepts, and won’t change their mindset. It is very difficult for religious people to do this.

For example, a small piece of papyrus was discovered recently, which says that Jesus Christ referred to his wife, saying that she was one of his disciples. (3*)
Of course, the Roman Catholic Church denied the description, because accepting this as a fact would collapse the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic priests and nuns cannot marry, so it is quite difficult for them to understand and accept that Jesus had a wife. For them, it does not matter whether it is a fact or not, but they just want to uphold their tradition. Also, Iranian people or the Muslims want to maintain their traditions.


Accept Other Religions and Feel God’s Love and Mercy

However, the world is changing. So the important thing is to uphold the core teachings of Islam. For example, Muhammad said that Muslims love tolerance and I believe this. But Christians do not believe that Muslims are tolerant. The reason they do not think so is based on the 9.11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. After that, Muslims have been misunderstood because they are different from those in western society, but I think it is a minor problem. So I daresay you should disregard such a minor problem but try to find out the goodness in other religions and their followers and accept these.

Now many people in different countries believe in some religion, which is better than to have more people who do not believe in God or Buddha in this world. Those who believe in religion are those who wish to be good people or help others. Those people are entitled to be loved by God or Buddha. This is how I think. So, please disregard small things and believe in great love and great mercy of God or God-like beings that want to guide and lead you. Muslims are now in a very difficult situation. If they should convert to another religion, they would be killed or their arms and legs would be severed. However, they themselves created the precepts that govern these laws. It is not good in modern society. They think too little of human rights. They just adhere blindly to the words of God. If God should give answers to the problems such as precepts and human right, He would say, “I am Love. I am Mercy. Please think from this standpoint and try to adapt yourself to modern society and to future society. Please abandon hatred and let love surpass the hatred and jealousy from others.” Therefore, I think Muslims should preserve only the core teachings of Islam and amend other minor precepts. This is my take on Islam.

(1*) In 2012, the U.S. and EU decided to impose an economic sanction on Iranian oil export on suspicion of its nuclear development.
(2*) “The Spiritual Message from Muhammad” and “The Spiritual Message from the Fourth Caliph of Islam, Ali” in one of the Master’s book, “What Is Happening in the Middle East?” has revealed that the past life of Yuta Okawa, the third son of Master Okawa, was the Fourth Caliph of Islam, Ali. In Shia, Ali and his descendants can be leaders of Islam.
(3*) The New York Times (the digital edition of September 12th, 2012) carried the story of the discovery of a piece of papyrus containing the description that Jesus Christ referred to his wife.
What Is the True Teachings of Islam? “Do not become concerned about small things but belive in God’s great love and mercy.”
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