Conclusion: Choose the Teaching of the God of Love and Cast Aside the Teaching of the God of Vengeance

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said in his 2010 speech, “The Jewish people were building Jerusalem 3,000 years ago, and the Jewish people are building Jerusalem today.”
The Jewish people continue to drive out the Arabs. Behind this lies the Jewish history based on the Old Testament.

However, it should be remembered that not every Jewish person approves of what Israel has become today.
Hannah Arendt, a German-born Jewish political theorist, supported the creation of a state of Israel at first, but later took an opposing stance to the idea. Three years before the foundation of Israel, she warned as follows:
“A homeland for the Jewish people would be nothing but an illusion and become just a slaughterhouse if people in the neighboring countries do not approve of and respect it.”
It sounds as if she predicted the situation as it presents itself today. Is it possible to find the key to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has become so entangled?


The God in Judaism Is Not an Absolute One

Happy Science’s spiritual investigation has revealed the spiritual truth that will help provide some clues to solving the problems in the Middle East.

Firstly, there is more than one god in the Old Testament. The names of several gods such as “Yahweh” and “Elohim” appear in the Old Testament, and all of them are believed to be the same god. According to our spiritual investigation, however, Yahweh is an ethnic god of vengenence of the Jewish people, while Elohim is a god of love who was worshiped widely in the Middle East. In Judaism, there is confusion between the two gods.

Another important truth revealed by our spiritual investigation is the opinion of two prophets who appear in the Old Testament. In May 2014, Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of Happy Science, summoned the spirits of First Isaiah, who warned the Jewish people of the impending danger of Babylonian captivity, and Second Isaiah, who preached the hope to the people in captivity.

In his spiritual message, First Isaiah warned that as the situation exists now, Israel would perish in the wars with Muslim nations. Second Isaiah, who suggests that he once worked for the foundation of Islam and also the foundation of the nation of Japan, says that Israel should move elsewhere. Neither has an attachment to Jerusalem.


The Israelis Should Work to Gain Respect from Their Neighbors

At present, Israel maintains its military supremacy, but if the surrounding Muslim nations with a population of some two billion people should gain nuclear capability and plunge themselves into nuclear war, Israel, with a population of several million people, would have no chance of winning.

Israel should immediately stop all acts that breed hatred such as the airstrikes on the Gaza Strip and make an effort to gain respect from the people in its neighboring countries as Arendt remarked.

However, this does not mean that the Jewish people must abandon their country and history, but that they have to choose the teaching of Elohim, or the God of Love in the Old Testament, and let go of the teaching of Yahweh, the God of Vengeance. That is the only way to bring peace to the Middle East and at the same time let Israel continue.


El Cantare, the God of Earth, Guided Judaism, Christianity, and Islam


Into the Storm of International Politics

By Ryuho Okawa

Published by Happy Science Press

Judaism and Christianity are now in conflict with Islam, but they were originally brother religions. Christianity started in the area where Judaism took root, and Islam arose as a successor to Judaism and Christianity.

In fact, the same being mainly provided guidance from the spirit world to the founders of these world religions and many other prophets. His name is El Cantare, the God of Earth.

As we have said earlier, Elohim, the god in Judaism in the Old Testament, is the god who preaches regarding universal love regardless of ethnicity. This god of love is none other than El Cantare, whom Jesus Christ called “Father in Heaven.” He is also “Allah” himself in Islam.

The path to solving this Middle East problem is to choose the teaching of the God of Love that shines in each religion.

This being called El Cantare has been incarnated in today’s Japan as Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of Happy Science. His teachings go beyond the religious guidance such as the teachings of love and self-reflection to cover the various fields in today’s society such as politics, economy, and management.


Japan Can Mediate the Middle East Conflict

In his book, “Into the Storm of International Politics,” Master Okawa states his views on the Middle East situation as follows:

“I have a feeling that the world will undergo a huge change in religion as well as in politics. When this happens, the national strength will mean a lot. So I hope Japan will further enhance its strength as a nation.”

Since Japan had no conflict with the Middle East in the past, it is in a position to be able to take a fresh look at the Middle East conflict in a neutral manner and serve as an arbitrator. Now that it is appears that the U.S. is declining in its international reach and influence, Japan should pay more attention to what is going on in the international community and consider how much contribution it can make to the world.

Conclusion: Choose the Teaching of the God of Love and Cast Aside the Teaching of the God of Vengeance
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