Mainland Chinese Media Reports “the Hong Kong Protests Have Ended”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has implemented unprecedented media controls in light of the protests in Hong Kong.

In addition, international reporters revealed that Chinese security officials apprehended over 50 intellectuals in mainland China. Those people taken into custody had been publicly accused of supporting the Hong Kong protests through online media. The Sankei Shinbun reported on the 15th that this media crackdown came before the 4th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The Hong Kong demonstrations are a protest against the CCP’s decision not to allow a truly democratic process in the selection of Hong Kong’s next leader. If this information were to spread across the mainland, the news would pose a threat to Chinese Communist Party rule. The CCP, therefore, is pushing the narrative in the domestic media that “the demonstrations are being orchestrated by foreign forces”. The People’s Daily, a mouthpiece for the Communist Party, criticized the United States, in an article dated on the 10th, for supporting the demonstrations from behind the scenes. The US State Department denied any involvement in a statement issued on the 12th.

The intimidation of foreign media correspondents is also increasing. A reporter, who works for the German newspaper Die Zeit, was arrested on the 13th for “committing provocative activities and creating trouble”, and for failing to comply with government regulations. The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated afterwards, “as a Chinese citizen, she must cooperate with the investigations by security officials”

A US citizen, who currently resides in mainland China, had the following to say regarding mainland media reports of the Hong Kong protests:

Television reports showed images of garbage left on the streets where the protests had taken place, barricades being removed, and empty streets, in order to give the impression that the protests had ended.

Moreover, there were images of Hong Kong citizens expressing relief at the conclusion of the protests, together with statements by the student leader of the protests saying they will never participate in a political movement ever again.

The opinions of the mainlanders are the opposite of those in Hong Kong. The mainlanders believe that China has provided significant financial assistance and support to Hong Kong, and that the recent protests show an immaturity and a lack of gratitude by the spoiled Hong Kong natives. In mainland China, the TV news reported that the Hong Kong protests have ended, and that it is unlikely that there will be any further public discussion of this matter.

As a result of the CCP’s control of information, the rights of the mainland Chinese to know what’s happening in Hong Kong is being stifled, and they are being robbed of their ability to form their own opinions and conclusions.

However, Master Okawa, in his book “The Origins of Political Philosophy — Toward the Creation of Freedom” published in March 2014, states that “controlling a population of over a billion people under a centrally controlled ideology is not possible, and results in significant political oppression. In the end, changing their way of thought and their political system will bring them greater happiness.” He further points out that “at the root of prosperity lies the competition between a diverse set of ideas put forth by countless people” and “from that freedom comes prosperity.”

The reaction of the CCP to the current protests in Hong Kong clearly shows its intention of maintaining Communist Party rule by enhancing controls over the flow of information. This fact, in turn, highlights the threat, which the CCP perceives it would face, should the truth about the Hong Kong protests become known to the mainland Chinese citizens.

Many more people need to be shown the extent to which the Chinese government has spread disinformation by twisting the truth. At the same time, as Master Okawa has said during his lecture in Hong Kong, we should pray that Hong Kong’s values will spread to mainland China.


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Mainland Chinese Media Reports “the Hong Kong Protests Have Ended”
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