The People of Hong Kong Must Become the Leaders of China:
The Fact and the Truth

From 2007, Master Ryuho Okawa began his great missionary tour, energetically lecturing all over the world in both small and large venues, sharing his vision for a new era, encouraging people to take action toward building a Utopia on earth, speaking on themes such as faith, love, and courage.

On his visit to Hong Kong on the 22nd of May 2011, Master Ryuho Okawa strongly stated, “You are one portion of great China, but you are the teachers of great China, and you can teach all of the Chinese people. You are the leaders of the people of China.”

In Hong Kong, July 1st is a commemoration day for the transfer of power from Britain back to China. Several tens of thousands of people gathered together, and demanded democracy for mainland China. Likewise, on September 1st, about 40,000 people also rallied against the plan to make “national education” mandatory. This trend may also have been inspired by Master Ryuho Okawa’s missionary visit to Hong Kong.

To help keep the torch of freedom lit, we are delighted to introduce the following extracts of Master Ryuho Okawa’s lectures from his missionary tours.


Hong Kong’s prosperity is very important for the future prosperity of China

I came here just to declare that the prosperity of Hong Kong is very important for the future prosperity of China.

In these 14 years since Hong Kong was returned from Great Britain to China, you have been changing. The Japanese have been looking at you; how Hong Kong has changed in recent years.


Choose liberty over equality

Today, I dare ask you:

You now have something very precious, a very precious value in you. Its name is “liberty”.

Liberty and equality are sometimes thought to be two conflicting values, but I think it’s a little different. Liberty is the liberty for prosperity, given equally to everybody. It’s a chance for prosperity. It’s a chance to participate in something. It’s a chance to get money and succeed in your life.

If you must choose one value between liberty and equality, you must choose liberty first. In liberty, there is equality of choice. It is the equality of choice to prosper, equality of choice to make efforts. All chances are there in front of you, in the future of your country.

There is no conflict between these two values.
So firstly, you should choose liberty.

In addition to that, I want to say that you human beings are happy because you have freedom of thinking. No one can deprive you of it. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of publication, and freedom to believe in something valuable are very essential for human beings.


Peace is required for great economic growth: the condition for china to develop further

People of China, including Hong Kong and Shanghai, will confront economic difficulties in the near future. It will be called a “bubble economy” as it was in Japan, and sometimes the authorities and mass media will speak loudly on how it is important to give pressure to the bubble economy and to make it a normal economy; they will be inclined to say so. But that’s the same road that Japanese people walked.

At that time, be patient, and stop and think. Make up your mind to direct your mind upward, to the development of your country.

You can be greater and greater. You can be twice as great as you are now, or three times or more than that.

You are a promised country. Your authorities think that in 2016, your Gross Domestic Product must catch up to that of the United States of America. In a sense, it is possible.

However, it requires a condition. The condition is that the economy, especially the world economy, requires peace in the world. Being peaceful is required to make great growth in the economy. So, to be peaceful is first and second is the growth of economy.
If some kind of conflict occurs between large countries, the world economy will decline and cannot widen its size.


China and Japan must be friends

I dare add to that.
China has become one of the great leaders of the world. Be sure about that.
We, Japanese people, do not envy that. Rather, we congratulate that, and we want to become good friends with you and have co-relationship, co-existence and co-growth, both in economy and in politics.
We, Japanese and the United States of America, are friends in a political sense, in a diplomatic sense, and in an economic sense. But I think China and Japan must also be friends from now on and continue to be so.


Be humble in front of heavenly beings

I just ask you.
As you already saw in the movie, The Laws of Eternity, there are different dimensional worlds. It exists beyond this three-dimensional world.
These have been taught in Buddhism and Japanese people were taught Buddhism from ancient China. In return, we Happy Science, as a new Buddhism, shall be teaching you about that.

Other dimensions, such as the 4th dimension, the 5th dimension and above, which are pictured in the movie, are real. It is real, it is truth.

Happy Science is a science, and in front of science, there spreads the unknown worlds. One of the unknown worlds is the spiritual world. The spiritual world is in itself an existence.

From now on, we are seeking for the fact, the real fact in this world, and the real fact from another standpoint in another dimensional world.
It is the spiritual world taught by ancient Chinese people. So, these two eyes are required now.

Only human beings can believe in beings beyond humans. They are called God, Buddha, or angels. Animals cannot think about them, so it’s a scientific attitude.

Do not think that it’s superstition. Do not think that it’s just fiction. It is reality.
I published almost 700 books (at the time of the lecture) and in these books, I wrote a lot about the other world. They have been written in these 25 years.

I am now concerned if this Truth can be understood in Hong Kong, and spread from Hong Kong to all over China. This is required as a condition of human beings.

Be humble in front of heavenly beings. Then it is promised that this country will become greater and greater in the near future. I hope so. I came here as a messenger of peace.
Thank you very much.

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