The People of Hong Kong Must Become the Leaders of China:
The Fact and the Truth

The following is an extract of Q and A session of this lecture.


Hong Kong people must become the leaders of China


How can we share “El Cantare-belief,” which is full of light and charm, with other people? (from「The Fact and The Truth」Q2)



I love Hong Kong people as well as Chinese people

This is the third time for me to come here to Hong Kong. First, I came here in 1996, and next, I came here recently when I came back from India this March. This is my third time.

I love Hong Kong people and I love Chinese people as well because you amount to one fifth of the population of the world. It is a great country and it will determine the direction of the world, the world’s destiny. So, no one can deny you.


Hong Kong people must become the leaders of China

Especially, I rely on Hong Kong people. You have been promised that you can keep your current constitution, the status quo from when Hong Kong was under British rule to maybe around the year 2050 or so.

But almost all the people of the world think that you will be absorbed by great China, and you, Hong Kong people, will become a different type of people who don’t like success and who are inclined to be engaged in agriculture, fishing or something like that.

But I don’t think so. People who experienced prosperity can never forget it. People who experienced a lot of prosperity will be able to teach other people the method of prosperity, or how to prosper in this world.

In that sense, you are the teachers. You are one portion of great China, but you are the teachers of great China, and you can teach all Chinese people. You are the leaders of Chinese people.

So if I put some kind of mission and responsibility on you, accept that responsibility and enlighten all the people in China. You can show the future direction of China. It will be welcomed by all people of the world.

Chinese people should determine their destiny by themselves. You have the right to determine your destiny. But you need some teachers for that. China’s teachers are, I think, the Hong Kong people.

Hong Kong people can teach to more than one billion Chinese people. They will follow you. So you, Hong Kong people, change yourselves first, then the other Chinese regions will change after that.


The world’s peace and prosperity depend on China

What I am anxious about the most is the confliction; the conflict between China and countries such as the United States of America and Japan. We must avoid such kind of future. We must be friends. It depends on our will.

If Hong Kong people can lead a lot of Chinese people into the future, you can remake this country and make the people of this country happier and happier. They need some kind of teacher, and you can be the teachers.

We can assist you from the spiritual standpoint and from the standpoint of scientific thinking.

Everything depends on China’s prosperity and peace. The world’s peace and prosperity depend on whether or not a peaceful China can be realized in the future.

We must be friends with countries all over the world, with all the people of the world. We must forgive each other, and we must nurture each other and we must instruct each other, I hope so. I think we can; yes, we can.

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