The People of Hong Kong Must Become the Leaders of China:
The Fact and the Truth

About the Spirits of Chinese and Taiwanese Politicians


Where did the political figures, who were successful in China and Taiwan, return to in the spirit world? What are they doing now? (from「The Fact and The Truth」Q3)



Sun Yat-sen is one of the Tathagatas of the eighth dimension

It’s a question regarding the history of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Sun Yat-sen was a great man and he is now in the heavenly world. He is one of the Tathagatas, or in our words, an inhabitant of the world of the eighth dimension.
He took a lot of risks and fought against the old regime.

He is now at a high position in the hierarchy of politicians in the spirit world and he is giving light to this world. He is, of course, thinking about Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and other areas of China. China is a great country so it’s very difficult to point it in one direction.

There are of course other politicians who have great missions. I don’t know their exact names in English, but you have a lot of great leaders just like we did in the period of the Meiji Restoration in Japan. You have a lot of great politicians in this country. They are thinking together to lead your country in a happier direction. I can rely on them.

You have a big population these days. It means that you have been successful in this three-dimensional world.

When people get success in this world, they will seek another value. I think it’s a mental value; it’s a divine value or eternal value, something that exceeds the mental value.


Spread Chinese humor around the world

Before I came here, I also read The Importance of Living, written by Lin Yutang.
He was born in the southern part of China. He went to the United States of America and studied at Harvard University. Then he came back to China, and became the professor of Peking University. He died here in Hong Kong.

His book, The Importance of Living, has been read all over the world and he receives a lot of respect from people around the world. He was not only intelligent, but also very humorous; he used a lot of humor in his essays and writings.

I think Chinese people need more and more humor, and it’s their strong point. In terms of humor, you are superior to Japanese people, German people, or people of other countries. Economic growth and humor will make you happier and happier.

In this place, Hong Kong, I will add another teaching. In human life, we need humor. It will make people reconcile with one another and rebuild their lives for the future.

I cannot answer all of your questions correctly, but I’m sure that you have a lot of angels of light in Heaven related to politics. They are thinking and leading you now, so I can rely on them.

In addition to that, I would say that your strongest point is humor. So please add humor in your country’s strategy to expand. Please spread Chinese humor all over the world. I hope so. It will bring more happiness to people of the world.
I think Chinese humor is required now. You are too serious about everything, like the Japanese.

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